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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 6 Recap

As time passed bit by bit, various workshops completed their works. Cao Wenbin and Li Zhao appreciated these competition works respectively. Cao Wenbin praised Shen Cuixi’s works. At this time, Zeng Baoqin completed Qingyue Xiaofang’s works. Huatu, she used a unique and rare color technique in her technique. Li Zhao was biased towards her, praised her without hesitation, and made Qingyue Xiaofang the new leader. Shen Cuixi remembered that back then, she and Ren Xuetang had also thought about using tapestry silk. They asked the old lady, but the old lady said there was no such technique. As a leader, Zeng Baoqin wants to see Shen Cuixi. Shen Cuixi knows that she has no reason to refuse.

Zeng Baoqin was at the lake, holding the letter written by Ren Xuetang to himself, and fell into deep memories. Ren Xuetang was not bad to her. Even if she fell into the courtyard and became a happy household, Ren Xuetang did not dislike her and still brought her back to Suzhou. When Shen Cuixi came to the lake, Zeng Baoqin bluntly said that the old lady still kept a hand to Shen Cuixi. She did not teach Shen Cuixi the law of sex, but taught Ren Xuetang, and Ren Xuetang taught her the law of sex. These words made Shen Cuixi very sad, but she couldn’t help but wanted to turn around and leave. Zeng Baoqin added that although Mrs. Ren taught her silk and embroidery, she never taught her how to fall in love with a man.

She persuaded Shen Cuixi to give up Ren Xuetang, and Ren Xuetang left her a letter before leaving, but Shen Cuixi was empty. What if she controls Ren Jia’s family business, this collar weave still falls into Zeng Baoqin’s hands. She said cruelly that she wanted Shen Cuixi to return Shen Xiushan to him. On the other hand, the elders of the Ren family wanted Ren Rufeng to be in charge, and Shen Cuixi came back at this time. Qi Shugong wants her to move to the small yard and hand over the Ren family to Ren Rufeng. Shen Cuixi did not refute, she will take care of everything in the next few days. Soon, she handed over the token of the head of the Ren family to Ren Rufeng, packed her things and prepared to move into the small yard.

She gave Wannian Ruin to Qiao’er. This was her dowry for Qiao’er. Another person who had been serving her for many years sent her daughter Xiaolan to Xiaolan to take care of Shen Cuixi. In this way, Shen Cuixi was imprisoned in the small courtyard, leaving only one opening for food delivery. The Weaving House asked all weavers to use the interlacing machine. Ren Rufeng did not dare to offend Li Zhao and almost emptied the Ren family. Qi Shugong said something to him, but Ren Rufeng didn’t care. Soon, Qiao’er will marry into Ding’s family. That day happened to be the opening day of Qingyue Xiaofang. Very few guests came to Ding’s house. If Mrs. Ding knew that Shen Cuixi had offended Li Zhao, she would not agree to let her son Ding Rong. Marry Qiaoer in.

After that, in that small yard, Shen Cuixi took the tapes day and night. After the servant’s persuasion, she put down the tapes and went to eat. The Ren family is stumbling down on rallies. The food delivered in the past few days has become more and more crude. Shen Cuixi doesn’t care. She only hopes that the food given to Ren Xiushan by the Ren family will be slightly better. After all, he is just when he grows his body. One day, Li Zhao brought Zeng Baoqin to the door and said that he would take Ren Xiushan as an apprentice from Shen Cuixi. Shu Fang grabbed Ren Rufeng and told him not to let Li Zhao take Ren Xiushan away. Ren Rufeng didn’t dare to offend Li Zhao, but Shu Fang had his own way.

Ren Rufeng then told Li Zhao and Zeng Baoqin that Shen Cuixi regarded Ren Xiushan as a treasure and did not take the child out. Zeng Baoqin asked him what he meant by this.

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