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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 5 Recap

Shen Cuixi and Shu Fang brought two boxes of account books to the shopkeepers. In recent years, the price of raw silk has soared. She suspects that someone is hoarding goods deliberately to drive up prices. She has a countermeasure. The Ren family, Zhao family, Zhang family and Lu family in Suzhou are the four major weavers in Suzhou. They can unite and negotiate a reasonable price for raw silk. These shopkeepers agreed, and Shen Cuixi finally breathed a sigh of relief shortly after the general ledger was established. Zeng Baoqin said that if the four masters continue to grow like this, the errands of the Weaving Mansion and the price of the imperial brocade will go up or down, or whether it is more or less may not be controlled by the Weaving Mansion.

What she said made Li Zhao worried, so he acquiesced in helping her bring Shen Cuixi down. Zeng Baoqin is also willing to help Li Zhao destroy the general ledger, but she also asks for something, only hope that Li Zhao can accept Ren Xiushan as a disciple. Li Zhao agreed, and regardless of whether this happened or not, he would accept Ren Xiushan as his disciple. Zeng Baoqin called Ren Rufeng. She wanted to open a silk spinning company, but she was a womanly family, so she wanted to borrow Ren’s name Qingyue. As soon as Ren Rufeng heard that she wanted to fight with Shen Cuixi, she was very embarrassed for a while, but in the end she agreed to Zeng Baoqin.

Cao Wenbin personally went to Renjia Qingyuefang, and Shen Cuixi went to receive him. Cao Wenbin said that recently there was news from the Weaving Mansion that a competition will be held in Suzhou in a few days, and the leader of the competition will become the new leader of Suzhou. Although it is not written, it is not groundless. Shen Cuixi had never heard of it, and Cao Wenbin reminded her that she had been a collar weaver for several years.

If this collar was thrown away in Shen Cuixi’s hands, she would become a sinner of the Ren family. Shen Cuixi said immediately that he would do his best. Qiao’er finally finished knitting ten thousand years as intended, day and night, but the knitting was not very good, so Shen Cuixi asked her to go back and re-knit.

The competitive competition is very important, and Ding Rong will come at that time. Shen Cuixi told Shu Fang to release Qiao’er quietly, so Qiao’er thought that Shen Cuixi didn’t know anything. Through Ren Rufeng, Zeng Baoqin opened a Qingyue Xiaofang. She plans to take Song painting as an entry point to participate in this competition. Shu Fang released Qiao’er. She said that Ding Rong would also come by then, Qiao’er was very happy. At the competition, Qiaoer hurriedly met Ding Rong, and was dragged away by Shu Fang, who was holding back the time. Ren Rufeng took Zeng Baoqin to the scene of the competition, which surprised everyone.

After seeing them coming out with the flag of Qingyue Xiaofang, Shen Cuixi knew that Zeng Baoqin was competing with him through Ren Rufeng. Cao Wenbin and Li Zhao whispered to each other, and the Ren family was fighting internally, but today there was a good show. Several uncles called Ren Rufeng in the middle, reminding him not to let people all over Suzhou watch their Ren’s jokes. When taking Kesi, Zeng Baoqin couldn’t help but think of some memories with Ren Xuetang.

Ren Xuetang asked her to make a dress for her mother Kesi. She did it for a whole year, but the old lady did not appreciate it and refused on the grounds of inappropriateness. Wearing this tapestry dress, she also asked Shen Cuixi to take out the clothes she made and put it on in front of Zeng Baoqin.

At the time, the old lady was fond of Shen Cuixi, and she had no affection for Zeng Baoqin. She can be said to be the biggest obstacle between Ren Xuetang and Zeng Baoqin. Nowadays, things are not people. Zeng Baoqin and Shen Cuixi are already old. These memories are covered with dust, which makes Zeng Baoqin remember not really.

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