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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 10 Recap

Ding Rong took Qiao’er and his children back to Ren’s house to visit Shen Cuixi. Ren Rufeng was unhappy, and stopped them outside the door. Shu Fang came out and invited Ding Rong and the others in a few words. Ren Rufeng asked the reason. Shu Fang only said that the person behind Ding Rong was Li Zhao, and the Ren family couldn’t afford to offend him.

Ding Rong came this time because he wanted Ren Jia to take on the responsibility of brocade, because Ren Jia’s double-sided tapestry brocade has superb skills and has been passed to the ears of dignitaries in the palace. This year, he must let Ren Jia The new style of double-sided tapestry brocade was tribute to the palace in advance. When Shu Fang talked about Qiao’er being pregnant again, Shen Cuixi was surprised and couldn’t help but think of the fact that he hadn’t given birth to him for many years since he married Ren Xuetang.

But Ren Xuetang never blamed her, and Shen Cuixi didn’t know whether it was because he only had Zeng Baoqin in his heart, or because he was a kind gentleman. Shu Fang comforted her, Suzhou people know that Ren Xuetang is a kind gentleman. Shen Cuixi saw the picture of mandarin ducks playing in the water in her hand, and remembered Zeng Baoqin’s words, she cut the embroidery directly.

Wei Lianggong taught Ren Xiushan in Renfu. He taught very well, Shen Cuixi saw it in his eyes. In order to let Xiushan eat, Wei Lianggong sang for him. Seeing Shen Cuixi’s departure, Wei Lianggong walked out to stop her and said, Ren Xiushan is a good boy, and in time he will understand Shen Cuixi’s good intentions. This comforted Shen Cuixi, and she also hoped that this day would come.

Wei Lianggong is a talented person. Shu Fang told Shen Cuixi what the outsider said. Shen Cuixi specially asked Wei Lianggong to clean up a few clean rooms to prepare for the spring season. Wei Lianggong said that he had no intention of scientific research. Shen Cuixi expressed his understanding and did not force it. Wei Lianggong realized that she and Zeng Baoqin were the same person. Li Zhao came to Zeng Baoqin to play chess, Wei Lianggong returned, and Li Zhao left soon.

Wei Lianggong reminded Zeng Baoqin that although Li Zhao is full of moral essays, she is still indifferent and indifferent. She should not have too much contact with Li Zhao. He asked Zeng Baoqin and Li Zhao about the reason for their relationship, and if he could, he wanted to help her. Chen Xiaohong was worried about Ren Rufeng’s marriage. Ren Rufeng looked at the roster of women of the right age and said that none of them was inappropriate.

Ren Rufeng had someone he loved for a long time, and all the conditions he prescribed were matched according to Shu Fang, and Chen Xiaohong suddenly thought that Shu Fang met these conditions. Ren Rufeng naturally did not object, and Chen Xiaohong went to Shen Cuixi to ask Shen Cuixi whether he agreed. Shen Cuixi didn’t object, but she also had to ask Shu Fang’s opinion.

When Shen Cuixi and Shu Fang talked about this matter, Chen Xiaohong took Ren Rufeng to eavesdrop not far away. Who ever thought that Shu Fang did not like Ren Rufeng, she felt that Ren Rufeng was a fool, and used to often go to gambling shops and courtyards. . If she was asked to choose someone to marry, she would rather marry Wei Lianggong. Hearing this, Ren Rufeng was disappointed and turned and left.

Shen Cuixi confirmed that Shu Fang liked Wei Lianggong, she went to ask Wei Lianggong’s thoughts, but Wei Lianggong had already loved him, and he asked Shen Cuixi not to marry him anymore. Wei Lianggong’s words were so passionate that Shen Cuixi had a first-hand experience, and couldn’t help but burst into tears. After consciously being rude, she hurriedly left here.

She also liked Ren Xuetang very much back then, but Ren Xuetang cared about Zeng Baoqin wholeheartedly and turned a blind eye to Shen Cuixi’s affectionate expression. She was unwilling to force her, but the old lady begged her to marry Ren Xuetang and broke the relationship between him and Zeng Baoqin. Shen Cuixi could not refuse, but after so many years, she trapped herself in a cage. Ren Xuetang was always right. She stays away from the wife she is marrying.

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