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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 6 Recap

Mo Lingze is the kind of person who doesn’t want to be misunderstood and insists on pulling Xu Qingyou to explain. When Xu Qingyou was struggling, Mo Lingze took off his suit and put it on for her, taking this opportunity to explain Because my mother liked to make hairy crabs the most when she was alive, but since her mother died, Mo Lingze has never eaten hairy crabs again. Xu Qingyou apologized for her lack of understanding, and she accidentally evoked the sadness of Mo Lingze.

Fan Yunxi came to Shangge where Mo Lingze was to talk about the DDS acquisition plan. It was a big project, but Xu Qingyou easily rejected it and asked for an additional agreement. If DDS could not be completed within the specified time, it would be automatically transferred. debt. This made Fan Yunxi very faceless, and the leaders of the company in question also supported Mo Lingze’s proposal. After the meeting, Mo Lingze and Fan Yunxi walked out of the office one after another. Xu Qingyou returned to Mo Lingze with a suit, which caused Fan Yunxi’s jealousy, but Fan Yunze calmly pulled his girlfriend away from beginning to end. He didn’t ask a question, but showed tenderness everywhere.

As soon as Fan Yunxi drove away, Mo Lingze drove up to Xu Qingyou, thinking that Xu Qingyou’s expression just now seemed to be troublesome, and Xu Qingyou also expressed that he did not want to cause more trouble between her and Fan Yunxi. But Mo Lingze said that he was destined to become a big trouble.

Xu Qingyou was very angry when he learned that Fan Yunxi was about to sue the company, but Fan Yunxi explained that he just wanted to sue and put pressure on the company, not really. Fan Yunxi found that Xu Qingyou’s feelings for him were not like before. They were always separated by a distance. Fan Yunxi hoped that Xu Qingyou could come out as soon as possible. He didn’t want their feelings to remain stagnant. Xu Qingyou subconsciously pulled out of being caught. Fan Yunxi shook his hand and lied that he had left for work in a hurry.

Xu Qingyou’s colleagues all surrounded the promotional photos taken by Mo Lingze in admiration and praised Mo Lingze for his handsomeness. Xu Qingyou remembered that Mo Lingze had said that he would be a big trouble. This sentence also made Xu Qingyou’s heartbeat inexplicable. At this time, looking at the photo, Xu Qingyou quickly denied that Mo Lingze was handsome in order to deny her own heart.

After meeting the ideal propaganda film, the time when Mo Lingze appeared according to the data analysis turned out to be the audience’s favorite. Therefore, Xu Qingyou took the initiative to come to the swimming pool to show good wishes to Mo Lingze who was swimming, and hoped that Mo Lingze could help them. . Mo Lingze pressed harder step by step and asked how much Xu Qingyou could sacrifice to express his sincerity, scared Xu Qingyou stepped back and fell into the swimming pool, Mo Lingze hurriedly dived to rescue Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou said frankly that he had already made a military order with Zhai. This success is very important to all of them. He hoped that Mo Lingze could help, but Mo Lingze did not agree at the time.

Fang Qi went on a blind date, which disturbed Xu Wei’s heart. According to his friend’s instructions, Xu Wei planned to destroy Fang Qi’s blind date. Fang Qi’s blind dates are also in various situations, and the people he meets are all kinds, and everyone is so weird. Finally came a normal point, but Xu Wei suddenly smiled and sat next to Fang Qi, and the blind date naturally retreated.

Suddenly, Xu Wei saw that a handsome guy was the next blind date, and hurried Xu Wei to sit down at the next table. Xu Wei watched Fang Qi leave the cafe with the blind date, and hurriedly followed. The blind date did not expect to be a respectable hypocrite. For the first blind date, he would have to hug Qi and hug each other. An angry Xu Wei went up with a punch, and Xu Wei’s forehead was also hung up in the fight between the two.

Xu Wei believes that regardless of Fang Qi’s beauty, work and conditions, there is really no need to go to such a blind date place for a blind date. Fang Qi actually doesn’t care if she has a boyfriend. It’s just that she recently heard that her ex-husband Qu Kai is getting married. She can’t even have a boyfriend. How to attend the wedding.

Xu Qingyou went to check the advertising platform to check, but unexpectedly there was a sudden power outage, and his feet slipped in fright. At this time, Fan Yunxi called and learned that Xu Qingyou went to the platform to check the advertising, but he hadn’t It was too late to say that Xu Qingyou’s phone was hung up because there was no electricity. Mo Lingze, who saw the sudden power failure, was worried that Xu Qingyou on the platform hurried up with a flashlight and massaged Xu Qingyou’s injured foot. Xu Qingyou was moved by watching Mo Lingze, who was seriously lowering her head and massaging, and there was also a warm feeling in her heart.

Fan Yunxi came to her office building to look for Xu Qingyou when he could not find her. He kept calling Xu Qingyou but couldn’t get through. He happened to see Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze coming out together, which made Fan Yunxi look at Xu. The expressions in Qing You’s eyes have added meaning.

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