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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 5 Recap

Mo Lingze sent her back to the company to work overtime according to Xu Qingyou’s request. When Xu Qingyou got out of the car, she coldly told Mo Lingze that the two had cleared up and hoped that there would be no more social interactions. Mo Lingze, who watched Xu Qingyou leave coldly and decisively, cried inwardly, and then drove to the bar to drink. In the bar, Mo Lingze looked at the orchestra’s drum set, thinking about how he and Xu Qingyou were embracing and playing the guitar, Mo Lingze got up and left.

As soon as Xu Qingyou went to work, he learned that the company was going to lay off three employees in the First Division. Xu Qingyou hurried to discuss with Chief Zhai, and she brought out the people in the first division. Everyone was a good soldier. Zhai said that both the first and second departments will be merged, and the manager’s candidates will also be re-selected in the future. Optimization is an imperative thing for the company. Mo Lingze stood up and reminded Xu Qingyou not to use his emotions at work. In the middle, Xu Qingyou thought that personnel optimization was what Mo Lingze meant, and became even more angry with Mo Lingze.

Xu Qingyou comforted his employees that there is no reason to lay off employees when their performance is good. They must calm down and show the spirit of daring to work hard. Everyone is very grateful to Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou was very upset because of the layoffs. Fan Yunxi called Xu Qingyou after learning about the situation, hoping that Xu Qingyou would take the opportunity to resign and they would also prepare for the wedding, but Xu Qingyou objected. Afterwards, Fan Yunxi called Fang Tong again, asking her to collect evidence of layoffs, and to sue Le Mi in the name of Xu Qingyou, and told Fang Tong not to tell Xu Qingyou to upset her.

Xu Qingyou took out company performance and other data to find Mo Lingze, hoping to avoid layoffs for everyone’s hard work, but Mo Lingze ignored him. Xu Qingyou even believed that Mo Lingze was an indifferent and ruthless person.

Xu Qingyou went to Mr. Zhai again and admitted that his employees may not be as capable as the second department, but promised to increase everyone’s performance by 30%. Mr. Zhai was persuaded by Xu Qingyou and promised to give her three. It took a few months to prove the ability of one, which already made Xu Qingyou very satisfied.

When Xu Qingyou came to work, I heard from colleagues that they saw Mo Lingze approach Zhai to talk about personnel issues, and praised Mo Lingze for being very human at the critical moment, not as cold and ruthless on the surface. Xu Qingyou felt that he had spoken too much at the time. Seeing Mo Lingze came and offered to invite Mo Lingze to dinner, Mo Lingze was angry on the surface, but he still proposed a place to eat.

Xu Wei started a painting class, but the appearance of the male model really made it difficult for the students to enter the play. Xu Wei simply dressed up by himself. Unexpectedly, Fang Qi drove past here. He came up to see Xu Wei on a whim. Xu Wei was so scared that he blocked himself with the drawing board. But Fang Qi couldn’t help laughing, and Xu Wei felt very embarrassed. Xu Wei offered to invite Fang Qi to dinner. Fang Qi looked at Xu Wei’s sleeves a bit dirty and wiped it off easily, and asked Xu Wei to order. Xu Wei had no love experience, and obtained the wrong information from his friends, thinking that Fang Qi’s actions were interesting to him, and couldn’t help but smile from the bottom of his heart.

During the meal, Mo Lingze still couldn’t help asking why Xu Qingyou suddenly reconciled with her boyfriend. Xu Qingyou didn’t want to explain too much, but said indifferently that he could do whatever he wanted. On the way back, Mo Lingze was sleeping in the car. Xu Qingyou was unconsciously watching when he drove. He remembered all the past encounters with Mo Lingze. He didn’t come back to his senses until someone honked the horn. Mo Lingze’s eyes were all Without opening, she turned her head to face Xu Qingyou, let Xu Qingyou take a closer look, Xu Qingyou flushed and Xiafei denied it.

Fan Yunxi ordered a lot of hairy crabs and sent them to Xu Qingyou’s company, and he also thoughtfully gave the shares to his colleagues. This made customers praise Fan Yunxi very much, and he did not forget to send hairy crabs to his girlfriend when he was busy at work. However, Fan Yunxi said that everything he does is not tolerate surprises. Feelings and customers need to be maintained. At this time, it is only a way of maintaining. Fan Yunxi is tough and confident in the case of acquiring DDS, regardless of whether it is a person. Or as long as the case is determined by him, he will not run away.

Xu Qingyou looked at the hairy crabs on the table and suddenly thought of Mo Lingze. He took these and gave them to Mo Lingze, but never thought that Mo Lingze would not accept the U-turn and leave. This made Lin Siyu very happy, but it made Xu Qing. You lost face and was ridiculed by Lin Siyu.

Mo Lingze deliberately found Xu Qingyou to explain when he was off work, but Xu Qingyou didn’t listen to turn around and left. Mo Lingze was unwilling to be misunderstood and pulled Xu Qingyou into a grocery room.

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