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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 4 Recap

Xu Qingyou hopes that there will be no more accidents with Mo Lingze in the future. The previous accident has passed. The implication is that he does not want to have too much communication. However, Mo Lingze believes that life consists of many accidents, and Xu Qingyou has no words to refute this sentence. At this time, Lin Siyu outside the restaurant saw Xu Qingyou who was eating with Mo Lingze and quickly took a photo.

Lin Siyu called and found Wang Ji who was catching the doll. He heard about Xu Qingyou’s situation from Wang Ji, but Wang Ji who was obsessed with catching the doll did not want to leave. Lin Siyu simply helped Wang Ji catch the doll, but he did not expect to catch a lot of it. Wawa, Lin Siyu proudly told Wang Ji that this requires brainstorming, and Wang Ji had the intention to help Lin Siyu see who the woman in the photo was.

Xu Qingyou’s parents came suddenly, and Xu Wei was shocked. Instead of enrolling in the college according to his father’s wishes, he chose the art school he liked, for fear of his parents losing their temper. Unexpectedly, the topic of parents’ concern this time shifted to Xu Qingyou’s marriage, and his father thought Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi were the most suitable couple. But Xu Qingyou believes that feelings are the most important. From his father’s perspective, feelings were discussed when they were in their twenties. When they were in their 30s, it was naive to talk about love. What’s more, Fan Yunxi was considerate of Xu Qingyou in every way. Xu Qingyou shouldn’t be obsessed with love and ignore the fit in marriage.

Xu Qingyou’s heart was extremely contradictory. Fan Yunxi suddenly made an appointment with Xu Qingyou for dinner and bought her her favorite thing. Fan Yunxi has never forgotten anything Xu Qingyou said over the years. Fan Yunxi said that although he was not willing to accept Xu Qingyou, he could not bear to force Xu Qingyou, so Fan Yunxi agreed to break up. Xu Qingyou was moved to tears in the bathroom. When he was moved, it was also a time of conflict and entanglement. Since the derailment incident, Fan Yunxi has been chasing after him, showing all kinds of concerns from his source. Ten years of feelings are not easy to let go.

Knowing that Xu Qingyou was shaken, Fang Qi was very angry and warned Xu Qingyou to regret sooner or later, and he also thought she was an expression of disappointment. Xu Qingyou met Mo Lingze when he was at work. Fan Yunxi thoughtfully delivered the things before saying a few words, and declared his sovereignty on the spot, saying that Xu Qingyou was his fiancée. Mo Lingze’s heart turned out to be inexplicably sad.

After Fan Yunxi left, Mo Lingze satirized Xu Qingyou’s “accidents” too much. Xu Qingyou borrowed Mo Lingze’s words and life was composed of countless accidents, which left Mo Lingze speechless.

Lin Siyu angrily came to the place where Xu Qingyou worked and formally swore his sovereignty, warned Xu Qingyou to stay away from Mo Lingze, not to pester Mo Lingze, and even accused Xu Qingyou of doing Mo Lingze’s money. Xu Qingyou didn’t want the influence of Lin Siyu’s yelling to be bad, and she went to the bathroom to explain. Xu Qingyou thought that Mo Lingze’s cold face would not be liked by anyone, and persuaded Lin Siyu to choose not to make the wrong choice. Lin Siyu warned Xu Qingyou not to say bad things about Mo Lingze. In her opinion, Mo Lingze’s cold face was the most handsome.

Xu Qingyou’s feet were accidentally crippled in the bathroom. Mo Lingze saw Xu Qingyou, who was limping to deliver the documents, took the initiative to send them to the hospital. He also thoughtfully bought Xu Qingyou a pair of flat shoes to put on. At the same time, he also apologized to Lin Siyu for coming to her, and promised that there would be no such things happening again.

At this time, Fan Yunxi called and learned that Xu Qingyou was at the hospital and immediately indicated that he would come to pick her up. Xu Qingyou asked Mo Lingze to leave first. Mo Lingze was already jealous when she heard Fan Yunxi’s name. But Mo Lingze, who was still uneasy, was still waiting outside the hospital. Fan Yunxi did not come in time because of something. Mo Lingze picked up Xu Qingyou and forcibly sent Xu Qingyou back.

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