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People’s Property 突围 Episode 36 Recap

Lin Manjiang said with certainty that he was abiding by discipline and law and would never criticize stubbornly. Shi Hongxing smiled sarcastically again. When Lin Manjiang received a one million bonus, he gave everyone benefits and bought a TV. Shi Hongxing learned from him. She didn’t want to give her the money below. She got a small treasury to give Tong Gehua and the others benefits, but Lin Manjiang didn’t. Following her practice, Zhang Jiying is now looking for someone to talk to one by one, all of whom are high-level family members whom Shi Hongxing has been wooing. Shi Hongxing said that Lin Manjiang was shameless and that he did not engage in corruption less, but at this time he could cheekily say that he had a cool breeze.

Qi Benan asked Fan Jiahui to contact Qin Xiaochong, and asked him to take over the previous two recordings to see if he was alone. Now that he has stepped down, he can check Qin Xiaochong’s affairs. Qin Xiaochong may have been wronged, after all, if he offends Lin Manjiang, it is not a matter of minutes to deal with him. Qin Xiaochong was on the way to collect debts, and when he received a call from Fan Jiahui, he immediately said that he was free to meet. Qin Xiaochong and Li Shundong brought the people from the court to Changming Insurance and demanded that Huang Qingyuan’s equity be sealed. Qi Ben’an asked Fan Jiahui to look for Shi Hongxing to do work.

Although she was stupid for a lifetime, she was not a bad person. She was not greedy or occupied. She also settled medical expenses for retired employees in the small treasury. Speaking of newspapers, Fan Jiahui has recently been fooling Li to learn to let him incorporate the newspapers, which is also a good thing. Fan Jiahui asked Qi Benan to drive by himself, and Qi Benan was greatly moved.

Lin Manjiang was ruthless and unjust, and Shi Hongxing had to spread the matter out. Shi Hongxing and Lin Manjiang reported on Xiaojinku’s affairs separately. In order to take care of Jin and support Shi Hongxing, he came up with such a method. Lin Manjiang denied that he had no impression. Shi Hongxing talked about the new time again.

This matter was given to Cheng Duanyang’s villa by Fu Changming. Shi Hongxing felt inappropriate, but Lin Manjiang said that people sometimes get confused and told her to leave it alone. Lin Manjiang still denied this, saying that Pi Dan bought the villa from Fu Changming, and Shi Hongxing broke down again and wept bitterly. Lin Manjiang didn’t know that Zhang Jiying had sent someone to Jingzhou to investigate Lin Manjiang secretly.

Shi Hongxing tore her face, Lin Manjiang also threatened her with Wang Ping An. At the beginning, Shi Hongxing helped Wang Ping to find him an official. Shi Hongxing admitted that she had indeed misunderstood Wang Ping An. Shi Hongxing knew that Lin Manjiang had never thought of reusing Qi Ben’an. He let Qi Ben’an come to Jingzhou as a trap.

On the first day Qi Ben’an came to Jingzhou, Lin Manjiang arranged road construction for people to install surveillance probes in his room. Let Qi Ben’an suspect her! Lin Manjiang said that he would not engage in the Lin Family Shop, but actually picked out Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an, and added two newcomers, one unreliable Pi Dan and the other to build a dog-legged road.

Shi Hongxing gradually saw Lin Manjiang’s true face, and now she believed that Lin Manjiang had done all corruption! Changming Insurance established its scale because of the sale of Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine. Both Changming Group and Fu Changming made their fortunes on the shoulders of Zhongfu Group! Lin Manjiang’s protection of the Changming Group in this way is thought-provoking and intriguing. Lin Manjiang’s expression at this time was also very unusual.

He hugged Shi Hongxing and sighed. Qi Benan would not think that it was the surveillance probe he installed, let alone that he and Fu Changming were in the same group. Why did their brothers and sisters reach this point? Woolen cloth. But Shi Hongxing had already given up her heart to him. She was full of guilt when she came, but now she is not guilty at all. The person who should be guilty is Lin Manjiang. He killed Shi Hongxing and Zhongfu Group.

Qi Benan suddenly received an unfamiliar phone call saying he was going to surrender. It sounded mysterious, so Qi Benan asked him to come look for him in the new office. This person was sent to monitor Qi Ben’an, and Qi Ben’an knew him very well. He seemed to know a lot about the situation in Jingzhou Zhongfu. He said that the surveillance probe in Qi Ben’an’s room was installed by Lu Jianshe, and that it was an instruction from the group leader.

Qi Benan did not believe that Lin Manjiang would give Lu Jianshe such instructions, but the other party said that he had told Qi Benan what he knew, and Qi Benan was not a corrupt official as Lu Jianshe said, but an innocent person. Qi Ben’an remembered asking his name, his name is Mi Li, and he was willing to make up for his mistakes. Qi Ben’an asked Mi Li to help him find someone, Wang Jingye. Mi Lei reminded Qi Benan to be careful with them, especially the road construction, and also taught Qi Benan how to distinguish whether there are surveillance probes in the room.

After Shi Hongxing left, Lin Manjiang asked Secretary Zhang to call Niu Junjie to let him pay attention to Shi Hongxing’s emotions. Shi Hongxing took a taxi after she left, aimlessly not knowing where to go, the driver saw her in a bad mood and asked a few words, but Shi Hongxing seemed to be relieved.

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