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People’s Property 突围 Episode 35 Recap

Qi Ben’an came to the hospital to pick up Cheng Duanyang and was discharged, as well as Pi Dan’s wife. Cheng Duanyang insisted on returning to the simple house arranged in the shanty town, Qi Benan would also move here to work, very close to Cheng Duanyang. After Pi Dan’s wife left, Cheng Duanyang asked Qi Ben’an what was going on. Qi Ben’an confessed that Lin Manjiang might have been corrupt, and Pi Dan was also involved.

This was really not groundless. Lin Manjiang made a fire at Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe. Shi Hongxing will definitely be dismissed in the next step. As for Lu Jianshe and Pi Dan, they will stop the annual salary and only take living expenses. They must be more beautiful than Qi Ben’an. They learned Qi Ben’an’s way of life and work. Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine will continue to trade to Changming Group, but the transaction price is not 1.5 billion, but 4.5 billion. This price makes Pidan a little difficult to handle.

Shi Hongxing and Wu Sitai talked about Lin Manjiang forcing her to go to school. If it weren’t for Lin Manjiang, she wouldn’t be what she is today. As for the construction of Pi Dan and Road, Lin Manjiang would definitely have a set of ideas. Shi Hongxing kept calling Lin Manjiang, but no one answered. Lu Deguang’s itinerary was very full, and finally found time, Lin Manjiang also notified Qi Ben’an to join him. Shi Hongxing finally got through to Secretary Zhang and said that he wanted to report to Lin Manjiang, but Lin Manjiang meant that he would not see her. Shi Hongxing was disappointed with Lin Manjiang, and even more disappointed with herself.

Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe were also worried about the transfer of the mine, worrying that Lin Manjiang was making a fake shot. Qi Ben’an and Lin Manjiang pinched each other as soon as they met. Lin Manjiang also said that the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine would be sold for 4.5 billion yuan. Qi Benan was surprised and speechless. Who would sell the 4.5 billion yuan to? In front of Lu Deguang, Lin Manjiang said that Qi Benan took the initiative to ask himself to pay off the debts of the shanty towns.

Wu Linglong was arrested, and the myth of wealth became clear. Fortunately, there was no loss of 500 million yuan of cooperative reform funds. However, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have not yet completed the reunification. Document No. 24 is an obstacle. Qi Benan also needs to cooperate in solving the problem of nail households. Qi Ben’an put forward his idea, which was approved by Lu Deguang.

Pi Dan received a call from Fu Changming as soon as he arrived at the office, so he asked about the situation of Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine by the way. Obviously Fu Changming knew about it, and Pi Dan found it strange. Shi Hongxing couldn’t get through Lin Manjiang’s phone, so she went to the VIP building of the hotel to see him alone.

The waiter said that she seemed to be irritated, and she was a little abnormal. Lin Manjiang still didn’t bother to pay attention, but stayed to have dinner with Lu Deguang alone. Lin Manjiang wants Lin Xiaowei and Lu Jiajia to go abroad for development, but Lu Deguang actually disagrees. At the same time, Lu Deguang was also afraid of Lin Manjiang’s economic mistakes, and asked him if he had a company and industry overseas. Lin Manjiang denied it, saying he did not dare.

Qi Ben’an received a call from Fan Jiahui in the taxi, saying that someone had reported the Zhongfu Group to her and asked him to come over and discuss it. Shi Hongxing waited for a long time and finally waited until Lin Manjiang came back. She cried and apologized that she didn’t mean it, but she was too timid. Lin Manjiang said that he was upright with two sleeves, and what he hated most was corruption. Shi Hongxing was a little funny, but Lin Manjiang was still able to accuse her cheekily, stating that he hadn’t approved any notes.

Fan Jiahui told Qi Benan that someone called and reported to her that Lin Manjiang had taken Fu Changming’s one billion rebate, which should be the same as Qin Xiaochong’s. Although Fan Jiahui forgot to record, Fan Jiahui felt that he would call again. He was very persistent. The whistleblower said yes, and Qian Rongcheng also said yes, but there was no evidence.

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