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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Qingyou mistakenly thought that Mo Lingze’s current tone was provocative and joking, so he became even angrier, and seriously warned Mo Lingze that whatever happened that night, the things that night would not happen, and between them. Absolutely nothing will happen. Mo Lingze seemed to be a little injured. He reached out and took a pair of scissors at the bar, and cut the rope that tied the two of them to their wrists and let Xu Qingyou leave.

Xu Wei was not assured that Fang Qi was waiting outside the bar. Seeing Fang Qi walking out drunk and hurriedly supporting him pretending to be passing by by chance encounter, Xu Qingyou was relieved to see Fang Qi being taken care of and turned around to find Mo Lingze and warned Mo Ling Ze should not entangle and forget everything, he happily accepted the room fee and completely solved the problem between the two.

Mo Lingze knew that Xu Qingyou had a deep misunderstanding of him, and perhaps regarded him as a guy who took advantage of his emptiness, so Mo Lingze told the truth about the day. He saw that Xu Qingyou was unwilling to go home, nor did he Knowing Xu Qingyou’s address, she had to take her to the hotel. Then, Xu Qingyou, who was drunk, kept telling the story of her being cheated in love with her boyfriend. She was sad, sometimes crying and laughing, and sometimes treating Mo Lingze as her boyfriend.

Fan Yunxi beat and scolded, and sprayed it with a faucet. It’s all water. Mo Lingze was also tossed by this woman. Mo Lingze got his clothes wet and just wanted to blow dry, and was pulled to bed by the woman. He accidentally kissed the other person’s mouth. After tossing in the middle of the night, Xu Qingyou fell asleep. Before leaving, nothing actually happened to the two of them. Xu Qingyou, who knew the real situation, gradually felt relieved.

The next day, in Zhai’s office, Xu Qingyou once again met Mo Lingze from the investor. Zhai hoped that the two could get in touch with each other and learn more, but Xu Qingyou showed disdain for Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou’s ideal project began to be publicized, which made the people of the first group excited.

Fan Yunxi called again and mailed a packet of vitamins to Xu Qingyou, expressing his concern, hoping that Xu Qingyou could forget the mistakes he had committed and that he did not make any mistakes. However, in the eyes of Xu Qingyou and Fang Qi, there are only zero and countless such mistakes made by men. As long as there is one time, there will not be only one. Therefore, Xu Qingyou still resolutely refused the request for reconciliation.

Xu Wei sent Fang Qi home. It was a little heartache to watch Fang Qi fall asleep on the bed drunk. He clearly remembered Fang Qi’s appearance after breaking up with her boyfriend. Fang Qi kept eating with tears in his eyes, hoping for himself Before she was thirty, she found a better man to accompany her on her thirtieth birthday. At that time, Xu Wei made up his mind to accompany Fang Qi on her thirtieth birthday.

When shooting the promo, the actor was unable to be there for some reason. Seeing that the time was about to come, Mengmeng proposed to let Mo Lingze come to shoot. Mo Lingze’s temperament fits the image of the actor very much, and he is still an investor. , I should agree. Xu Qingyou said no, but actually turned his head and called Mo Lingze with a low voice and a smiling face, hoping that Mo Lingze would agree to come to play the male lead. Mo Lingze naturally seized the opportunity and refused to let it go. After a run on Xu Qingyou, he also said that he would not go.

Xu Qingyou screened a few more men, and found that they did not fit the image in his mind. When he was a little upset, Mo Lingze walked in the afterglow of the setting sun. Mo Lingze readily agreed to shoot, which made everyone on the scene smile. Xu Qingyou tidied Mo Lingze’s tie while taking a break while dressing up, and whispered his gratitude, but Mo Lingze suggested that his time counts money in seconds and will not give it in vain. This also made Xu Qing You breathed a sigh of relief, as long as you could talk about money, and she was most afraid of owing favors.

After the filming was over, in order to express his gratitude, Xu Qingyou proposed to invite Mo Lingze to dinner, and Mo Lingze happily went with him. During the meal, Mr. Zhai called and requested that the plan be confirmed that evening, but Mo Lingze took off his coat and put it on Xu Qingyou’s lap at the same time. He acted extremely gentlemanly so as not to wear a short skirt. Xu Qingyou was blown away by the air-conditioning wind, and avoided running out.

Xu Qingyou hung up the phone and looked at Mo Lingze meaningfully. Suddenly, he felt that Mo Lingze was terrifying. Xu Qingyou bluntly said that Mo Lingze was meticulous and not leaking. They weren’t a heavyweight person at all.

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