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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 15 Recap

Feng Yi a framed Wang Xiaoan , Wang Xiaoan to prove innocence

After receiving a call, Wang Xiaoan ran out immediately. Sister Qiao told Feng Yiyi that when she came today, she would like to know what your company said about Xiaoan’s breach of contract. As far as she knows, Xiaoan has submitted the notebook on time and as required. After learning that the internal personnel of your company leaked the plan, they are also actively cooperating with the rectification. However, the amendment cannot be made in a day or two. If the contract is terminated peacefully, they will have no problem.

But the breach of contract will inevitably hurt the peace of the two companies. Feng Yiyi said that if the leak is related to Wang Xiaoan… Xiaoan interrupted. She said that the employees of her company had leaked the secret, and the investor could not explain it, so she shouldn’t push it on others.

Feng Yiyi said that the release time of the imitation game is the 28th. Wang Xiaoan’s final submission of the plan was on the 27th, and it would take 2 to 3 days for the platform to review all games, so the game should have been completed at least before the 26th.

Wang Xiaoan said that if there is no real evidence, anyone can be a detective. She asked Feng Yi to convict her privately as soon as she didn’t imagine it in a vacuum, and asked her to show evidence. If she had no evidence and insisted on terminating the contract, they would also ask a lawyer to discuss the follow-up matters of the breach of contract.

Wang Xiaoan told Sister Qiao that she should go to the lawyer with her. Even if she didn’t spread rumors anywhere, everyone would guess that there would really be no projects willing to cooperate with her. Sister Qiao told Wang Xiaoan not to worry, she would take care of it. Wang Xiaoan represented the company, so they should never be allowed to label them randomly.

Wang Xiaoan said that he still had to go back and study the imitation game. As long as you can find out the discrepancy between the game and the plan, you can prove your innocence. Sister Qiao said that she is a film and television screenwriter after all, so she should focus on her main business.

He Feng came to Wang Xiaoan and wanted to chat with her. Wang Xiaoan said that he didn’t recite the secret leak. Let her tell Mr. Feng that she is just a small employee in the company and can’t bear it. Feng Yi, a president, personally planted and framed her.

He Feng went to ask Feng Yiyi. They had already said that they had asked Xiao An to leave because she was afraid that she would be used by those people. It was also an explanation to investors, but the premise was that Xiao An could not be hurt.

Peaceful termination of the contract is already his greatest tolerance. How can leaks say that Clinique is related to Wang Xiaoan? Feng Yi said that it was not that he wanted to wrong her, but that she was really doubtful from the time point. He Feng said that even if it is doubtful, it does not mean that she leaked the secret.

He Feng told her not to confuse work with personal relationships. If the crisis is not handled well and investors withdraw, their capital chain will be broken. Feng Yiyi said that she put all her hard work in the company and absolutely can’t watch it ruin it in the hands of others.

After Wang Xiaoan came home, he has been working, looking at the computer screen, not eating, drinking or sleeping. She told Wang Xiaoan to rest quickly and stop working. Then Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin that she would take a rest immediately. Lin Jinjin knew her virtues, so she turned off the switch with her hand, and then told her that the downstairs maintenance would let her rest quickly. Nothing is more important than her body. But Wang Xiaoan is still working on the computer.

Zou Yue kept calling Wang Xiaoan in the morning, but she was too tired last night and only received the call after a long time. After she arrived at the company, she told them that the mobile phone was out of power last night, the power went out at home, and the alarm clock did not ring, so she didn’t hear it. Sister Qiao said that Mr. Yao is waiting for her report plan.

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