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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 35 Recap

After Zhao Xiao sent Baoning back to the palace, he summoned Jin Haitao and others to discuss the matter. He wanted to take advantage of the day of the Great Court meeting tomorrow to bring down Li Qian on the basis of the crime of Li Qian entering the palace without imperial court. Eighty percent came to support the move of the capital.

At this time, Li Qian was also afraid that Jinghai Hou Zhao Xiao would take the emperor to make the princes and threaten Mu Anguo’s stability at this time. Li Qian also guessed through a series of actions by Zhao Xiao in recent days that he would reduce the royal family’s dependence on Jinxi and him by moving the capital. Cao Xuan suggested that Li Qian seek help from the Queen Mother, but Li Qian was worried about the Queen Mother’s body and did not want her elderly to be involved in this matter, let alone Baoning worry about it.

Master Zuo learned that Zhao Xiao and Li Qian contacted the officials to discuss the transfer of the capital, went to the palace overnight to beg to see Princess Jianan, and informed Baoning about the matter, hoping that Baoning would be able to protect Mu’s peace and stability tomorrow. In the morning of the next day, Jin Haitao went out to play Li Qian’s imperial court, and Wang Jidao believed that Li Qian’s behavior was complicit, and Zhao Xiao’s party was aggressive and was about to make Li Qian plead guilty.

Fortunately, Li Qian had been prepared long ago, and he presented the memorial to the emperor before entering the palace to let the matter uncovered. But then Jin Haitao submitted a joint book by Jinxi squire and officials, and participated in the performance of Li Qian’s fear of the enemy for many years, which undermined the prestige of the country. Li Qian explained that Jinxi suffered heavy casualties in the battle against Yongqing. The reason why he was unwilling to fight these years was to allow the people to rebuild their homes and recharge their energy in preparation for the next battle.

Zhao Xiao’s party is about to convict Li Qian, and officials on both sides argue in every possible way. Seeing this, Li Qian simply untied his clothes and used numerous scars on his body to prove his patriotism to the enemy and protect the country as his home. Seeing this, the emperor personally dressed Li Qian and helped Li Qian, who was kneeling to worship. He even threatened to believe in Li Qian’s patriotism.

Later, ministers participated in the severe disaster in the south, which caused food prices to rise. Many people moved north or south, and refugees were everywhere. Moreover, the capital is exhausted, the treasury is stretched, and the people are miserable. For this reason, it is recommended that the emperor move the capital to Pingchuan. The ministers on both sides spoke with each other, and both raised objections to the transfer of the capital.

The emperor couldn’t make up his mind and was embarrassed in every possible way. At this time, Baoning took the queen dowager to the palace, and the queen dowager asked the emperor to recognize today which ministers were seeking personal gain in the name of the country. Baoning even stated that Mu Anguo is currently unstable, recuperation is more important, and the capital cannot be moved. The empress dowager and the emperor were unwilling to move their capitals. Seeing that Zhao Xiao was still aggressive, Li Qian said that he would hand over military power to Jin Haitao. Although the emperor was surprised, he was allowed to play what he asked.

The Queen Mother Han heard that Zhao Xiao had not overthrown Li Qian, and was very angry. Li Qian went to the palace to see Baoning and thanked Baoning for his help today. Although he knew that Baoning had asked Dong Shanhu to send grain to the capital to stabilize food prices, he also knew that the move to the capital was originally Zhao Xiao’s reason to bring him down. At this time, the empress dowager rushed to tell Baoning that she would never let Mu Anguo move the capital. Although Baoning and Li Qian did not want the empress dowager to work hard, the empress dowager only wished their husband and wife to be well, and she would definitely protect Mu. Yasukuni.

Afterwards, the Queen Mother took Li Qian and his wife to the Tomb of the Imperial Mausoleum for the purpose of moving the capital, which attracted the people to follow. And the Empress Dowager, Princess Jianan, Li Qian and even Zuo Daren all went to cry tomb, but did not bring the emperor. They were all to protect the emperor and fight a war without gunpowder for the emperor, so that the emperor could be better. Good takes over the world. The emperor understood their painstaking efforts and vowed to study hard and be a good emperor in the future.

When the Queen Mother Han heard of this, she had no reason to persuade her to return to the Queen Mother. Later, the emperor came to the imperial tomb and cried out about the relocation of the treacherous officials, denounced the chaotic officials and bandits for disturbing the people’s mind, and cried for the first emperor to call the shots.

This made the people talk a lot, and it also made Zhao Xiao unable to intervene in this matter. Empress Dowager Han lowered her face and asked the empress dowager to return to the palace. Li Qian and Baoning were worried about the Queen Mother’s body and begged her to take care of her body. The officials and the people also echoed afterwards, and the move to the capital was only then stopped.

Baoning felt sorry for the empress dowager and worried about her body, but the empress dowager busily dispelled Zhao Xiao and Empress Han’s idea of ​​moving the capital, and felt it was worth it. Because Li Qian wanted to return to Jinxi to hand over military power, he bid farewell to the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother asked Li Qian to pay attention to safety and asked Baoning to see Li Qian farewell. As soon as the Li Qians and his wife left, the Queen Mother couldn’t hold her back.

She ordered someone to hang herself with Shengsheng Decoction, but it was violent, and long-term use would hurt the roots. But in order to be able to accompany Baoning for a few more days, the empress dowager is willing to do so. At this time, Gao Miaorong came to the pharmacy to catch the medicine and accidentally discovered that the Queen Mother was taking Shengsheng Decoction. He concluded that the Queen Mother was running out of time.

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