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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 34 Recap

The officials headed by Lord Jin and others have touched the interests of many businessmen because Li Qian allowed the soldiers to work on the ground when they were free from war, so they met with Li Qian to discuss with him. Unexpectedly, Li Qian turned back as soon as he arrived at the door, the Guardian said. It was the princess who had disappeared, and Xin Wang went looking for his wife. The officials were very angry when they heard that Li Qian had let off the pigeons. On the other side, Li Qian chased a carriage on the street.

He turned around and blocked Jiang Baoning’s carriage and said that he would give her an explanation. When he opened the carriage, he found that Baoning was not in the carriage. Li Qian immediately decided to leave the military affairs and the affairs of the house to others to pursue Baoning. Jin Xiao met Dong Shan on the street and wanted to make an appointment with her, but she couldn’t find an excuse and was tragically rejected. Li Qian led a troupe to chase after him. Unexpectedly, there was no Baoning in it.

It turned out that Baoning left Bingzhou with Zhao Xiao’s help. Li Qian controls the entire Bingzhou. Baoning wants to leave and can only let a singer and lover, Xiaoman come together to attract Li Qian’s attention, but he did not leave the city but went back, which made Li Qian I have not been able to catch up with myself. It’s just that what Baoning didn’t expect was that the singer was Zhao Xiao’s person. It seems that the scene in Qinfangge was done by Zhao Xiao deliberately. Zhao Xiao just wanted to explain Baoning but said it’s not important.

Between her and Li Qian The problem was not the singer but because of the grievances of the previous generation, Li Qian no longer trusted her to leave her out, so Baoning felt that there was no need to go on. Zhao Xiao comforted Baoning and said that Father Jiang could not be the evil person who would slaughter the village. Li Qian could ignore Baoning because of this. It seemed that Li Qian did not love her much. Baoning changed the subject to ask his lover and Xiaoman. Zhao Xiao had already sent someone to respond. Baoning thanked Zhao Xiao for his help, and the two went on the road.

Li Qian learned from the singer that Baoning had asked her to lead her away, and Li Qian realized that everything was too late. Baoning must have been on the way back to the capital. During the winter solstice, Li Qian sent a letter to Li Qian that Li Changqing would also arrive in the capital. Li Qian had to rush to the capital. It should not be too arrogant to enter the capital. Li Qian decided to enter the city alone, and asked the Wei family to present a memorial to the emperor.

Guan Ju told Gao Miaorong the news of Li Qian’s entry into the city, and Gao Miaorong knew that he couldn’t escape the news. A thief on the street deliberately snatched Li Qian’s wallet and introduced him into a house. Gao Miaorong waited for him in the courtyard. Gao Miaorong said that he was deeply trusted by the queen mother in the palace and would help if Li Qian was willing. He, but Li Qian didn’t want to turn around with Hu Miaopi. In fact, Gao Miaorong was forced by the Queen Mother to find Li Qian.

On the way back to the city, Baoning Zhao Xiao mentioned the past and said that he would not give up even if he was not reconciled. The empress dowager was seriously ill in the palace but didn’t want to inform Baoning that she was worried. She didn’t expect Baoning to come back. The empress dowager was very happy and willing to drink the medicine no matter how bitter it was. The empress dowager asked about Li Qian, Baoning was at a loss as to how to answer, but Li Qian also rushed to the palace, Baoning was very surprised.

The empress dowager asked Li Qian to take Baoning away. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Li Qian took Baoning away. The two quarreled as soon as they left the palace. Li Qian wanted to take Bao Ning home to Bao Ning but did not want to follow him. As the two dragged him, Bao Ning slapped Li Qian on the face. Bao Ning said that they could not go back. Li Qian wanted to wait until Baoning’s anger subsided before coming to see her. The quarrel between Li Qian and Bao Ning made Xie Xie hit the spot.

In the middle of the night, the servant came to report that the shantang had an accident. It turned out that the shantang accidentally caught fire, but Qin Yu was panicked and kept shouting not to kill himself. Queen Mother Han’s secret guard has been hiding in the dark of the shantang looking at Qin Yu. It turns out that Qin Yu was the one who had survived the village by chance. Boring returned to Jiang Mansion, watching the plants and trees in Jiang Mansion, remembering the happy time with his family, and crying. Boring secretly vowed that he would not let his father suffer injustice, so Boring wrote a pen.

Write to the uncle to verify. Li Qian went back to the house to see Li Changqing. Li Changqing heard that Baoning would go to the palace to sue Jiang’s family when he returned to the capital, but Li Qian stopped Li Changqing and didn’t want him to hurt Baoning anymore. He Cuihua was by the side but understood the reason. She didn’t allow Li Changqing to sue Jiang’s family for his dead ex-wife, nor did he let him sue Jiang Baoning against the feelings of Li Qian’s young couple.

However, Li Changqing did not hesitate to scold He Cuihua, saying that she was reluctant to be prosperous and wealthy. She was not the one who died. He Cuihua was very sad when she heard that if she died that year, if her children could be healthy and happy, she would not let her live. People who want to avenge themselves. Li Changqing knew that he had made a mistake and turned around and gave the jade pendant to Li Qian and left.

In Kangshou Palace, the Empress Dowager was very happy because Baoning was there. At this time, Li Qian sent Changbai Scrophulariacea to replenish her body. Li Qian saw that Baoning ignored him and got up and left. The empress dowager noticed that the young couple was awkward, and told Baoning that people would be wronged if they couldn’t do everything in their lives. Baoning nodded obediently. Susu told Baoning that he had seen her arguing with Li Qian, and asked her why, Baoning had to tell Susu, Susu felt that Li Qian did something wrong, but he went to the capital to explain that he was in the mood She cared about her, she went back to the mansion and told Cao Xuan about Baoning and his wife and wanted to help them.

The Queen Mother Han summoned Zhao Xiao and wanted him to find a way to get him to get Li Qian. Zhao Xiao said that it was a serious crime for Li Qian to enter the palace without imperial court. He also got a book of impeachment by various officials in Bingzhou. The Queen Mother said that she would wait. Good news. Li Qian made an appointment with Cao Xuan and wanted Cao Xuan to help himself introduce the officials of the capital.

At this time, Zhao Xiao was also drawing in the officials to prepare to impeach Li Qian. Cao Xuan invited Li Qian into the mansion for a drink. Bao Ning was also in the Cao Mansion. It turned out that the Cao Xuan and his wife wanted to reconcile the two. Li Qian wanted to reconcile with Baoning, but he didn’t want to take this set and left Cao Mansion. Just after leaving Cao Mansion Baoning, he met Zhao Xiao and got into his carriage.

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