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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 33 Recap

Li Changqing didn’t believe that Baoning’s father, Jiang Zhenying, was the man who slaughtered the village in Lijia Village. Gao Miaorong called the Queen Mother Cao’s maidservant Jing’an Master Tai into a confrontation. After listening to what Jing’an Master Tai said, although Li Changqing didn’t want to believe it, she also had doubts in her heart. , Can only arrange for someone to inquire secretly.

Gao Miaorong deliberately encounters Zhao Xiao and informs him that the “Ghost Weapon Picture” is related to Jiang Baoning. Zhao Xiao heard that he had to go to the palace to find the Queen Mother Han. The Queen Mother told Zhao Xiao about the grievances between Jiang Jinying and the Li family. She believed that this matter could confuse Baoning and Li Qian and his wife. Maybe Zhao Xiao could take the opportunity to hug the beauty.

The hatred of taking his wife. Then Zhao Xiao planned to go to Bingzhou secretly, and the Queen Mother Han recommended his secret guard Xie Jianfeng to Zhao Xiao for dispatch. Zhao Xiao knew that this person was the eyeliner arranged by the Queen Mother, and asked his subordinates to guard against this person and find an opportunity to get rid of him.

According to the news from the dark guard, Li Qian confirmed that the person who had a dispute with his mother 20 years ago was the father of Baoning, Jiang Jinying. Zhao Xiao went to Bingzhou in private and met with Jin Haitao secretly. He verbally instigated the relationship between Jin Haitao and the Li family, and asked him to consider teaming up with him to deal with Li Qian. In order to get rid of his surveillance, Zhao Xiao instructed him Xie Jianfeng to stay in Bingzhou to investigate the place where the magic weapon was used.

The lover hesitated for a long time before telling Baoning about the rumors he heard from the maid. It was rumored that Li Qian had not returned home for many days to drink flower wine at Qinfang Pavilion. After Baoning heard this, he went out angrily. Jin Xiao was transferred back to Bingzhou, unbearable that his father forced a blind date to marry a noble lady, and had a drink and talk with Li Qian in Qinfang Pavilion. Li Qian was depressed and unresolved, confiding his inner entanglement. Baoning is a treasure in his heart, but now because of his mother’s vengeance, he can’t bear it, can’t let it go, and can’t leave it.

Baoning hurried to see Li Qian and Qinfangge singing girl tangling, Baoning left angrily, seeing Li Qian not chasing it out, and was even more disappointed. Baoning ran into Zhao Xiao on the street. The two were chatting in a teahouse. Zhao Xiao took the opportunity to inquire about the weapon of the magic weapon on the grounds of fighting the bandits. Baoning did not know the intention of the other party and concealed the news of the weapon of the magic weapon, and then asked for an excuse. Goodbye.

Baoning noticed that Li Qian was avoiding him, and asked Li Qian why. At this time, Li Changqing returned to the house and asked both of them to meet in the study. Li Changqing pointedly pointed out that Baoning’s father Jiang Zhenying killed the Li family’s death, and Baoning has no answer. I can’t believe that just because of the few words between a piece of jade pendant and a nun, the Li family and his son thought Jiang Zhenying was the murderer. Li Qian’s attitude disappointed Baoning, who left angrily. Li Changqing asked Li Qianxiu to abandon Baoning. Li Qian did not want the separation of his husband and wife, and he did not want to believe that Jiang Zhenying was a murderer of his mother and enemy, and Li Changqing scolded him for being unfilial.

Regardless of Li Qian’s obstruction, Baoning wants to pack his luggage and prepare to return to Beijing. Li Qian is unwilling to let go, so he has to send additional staff to take care of the door and prevent Baoning from leaving. Hearing about it in the winter solstice, he hurried back to his hometown, and he thought that with a few words from the nun, he should not believe in Baoning, which made Li Changqing angry.

Jin Haitao reminded Jin Xiao not to go too close with Li Qian, Jin Xiao did not agree with what his father said, and the two quarreled. Jin Xiao went out to borrow wine to dissipate his sorrows, and ran into Dong Shanhu. They had not seen each other for the first time in five years. Jin Xiao ridiculed that Dong Shanhu did not go to Beijing to find himself, but he did not know that Dong Shanhu specifically searched for Jin Xiao back then, but the two missed the chance to meet by mistake. Jin Xiao ridiculed Dong Shanhu in words, but he didn’t expect that Dong Shanhu directly admitted that he liked Jin Xiao. These words caught Jin Xiao by surprise, and he bluntly regarded Dong Shanhu as his brother, which made Dong Shanhu frustrated and found an excuse to leave.

Boring was locked up in the room and refused to eat in anger. Li Qian worried about his body and persuaded him to eat. Baoning asked Li Qian if he didn’t believe him. He was detained to torture and kill the daughter of his mother and enemy. The two quarreled again and broke up. The next day, Baoning was blocked from going out, so the housekeeper had to go out to find the singer and enter the house to relieve his boredom. Then Baoning pretended to leave the house with the identity of a singer, and quickly left with Liu Xiaoman and his lover. The housekeeper then found that the princess was missing, and notified Li Qian who was going to the banquet. Li Qian quickly ordered the city gates to be sealed off and lined up to find out the identities of the city personnel.

Jin Xiao was forced to go on a blind date, but the other party’s noble girl really disgusted him. At the same place, Dong Shanhu was also on a blind date. Jin Xiao came here to say hello. Dong Shanhu pretended not to know him. Unexpectedly, Jin Xiao publicly announced that Dong Shanhu liked him and regarded Dong Shanhu as his fiancée. Then the two ran out during the quarrel between the blind date and the lady. Dong Shanhu was angry that Jin Xiao used himself as a shield and blamed him for ruining his good marriage. Jin Xiao obviously liked Dong Shanhu, but he was stupid and didn’t know how to explain, so Dong Shanhu finally left with anger.

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