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People’s Property 突围 Episode 34 Recap

Pi Dan sent Shi Hongxing back and left. Shi Hongxing didn’t say a word as if she had lost her soul. Niu Junjie and Niu Shiyan didn’t know what to do. Shi Hongxing said that Lin Manjiang wanted to oppose her corruption. , It’s really funny. Shi Hongxing was just a move in Lin Manjiang’s hand. From then on, they were completely finished and everything was over. Niu Junjie was also a little panicked for a while, saying that Shi Hongxing was clever but was mistaken by cleverness. He knew that this small treasury was used by Shi Hongxing to please.

Under the leadership, Tong Gehua and the wife supported by Jin spent the most money, but Shi Hongxing himself is really not greedy. Lin Xiaowei heard that Lin Manjiang came to Jingzhou and came to visit. Lin Manjiang wanted to have a good talk with him. The two talked about Zhongfu Group. Lin Manjiang was the 17th head of Zhongfu Group. Lin Manjiang talked to Lin Xiaowei about his family background. He was born in the 1960s and the family conditions were not good. Lin Xiaowei grew up in the 1990s and did not know what poverty was.

Niu Junjie asked Niu Shiyan to go back to write the manuscript, and he had a good chat with Shi Hongxing. Shi Hongxing felt aggrieved and couldn’t even mention the name Lin Manjiang. Niu Junjie heard that she was suspended and even scolded Lin Manjiang as a bastard, so he decided to discuss with Qi Ben’an. Unlike Lin Manjiang, Lin Xiaowei is a thoughtful child. Although he is a father and son, Lin Xiaowei does not have his secularity. Lin Xiaowei also said that he really admires Lu Deguang. He and Lu Jiajia are now Lu Deguang’s assistants.

They want to provide accurate data for the reconstruction of shanty towns. They now have a unique sense of mission, fulfillment and happiness. Lin Manjiang thinks that responsibility is not so easy, but Lu Deguang’s reward for doing so many things is minimal. Lin Manjiang said that the mission is not so easy to undertake, and Lin Xiaowei has no need to undertake any mission. He hopes that Lin Xiaowei and Lu Jiajia will go abroad together to the United States or Canada, and not be involved in the fate of the previous generation. Lin Xiaowei didn’t understand what Lin Manjiang meant. He really admired Lu Deguang and Lin Manjiang. He wanted to be a meaningful person to this society.

Shi Hongxing squinted on the sofa for a while, remembering that Lin Manjiang and Qi Ben’an had both gone up, and Cheng Duanyang asked Lin Manjiang to help Shi Hongxing. Shi Hongxing only then went to school, and felt very sad. Shi Hongxing went back to the room to find out what she had done before. Seeing the graduation certificate, she remembered that she had told Lin Manjiang that she didn’t want to study, but Lin Manjiang asked her to go back to class to get a diploma. Shi Hongxing then turned out the original work clothes and put it on, remembering that Lin Manjiang personally received a 1 million bonus, so she bought a TV set for the people in the factory, and she took the TV set well.

Qi Benan apologized to Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie for this incident. Lin Manjiang has not criticized Shi Hongxing like this in the public, and Qi Benan is also afraid that she can’t think about it. When Lin Manjiang did this, Zhang Jiying could at least follow the vines to check it out. Lin Manjiang would never do everything tightly. Qi Ben’an repeatedly prevented Niu Junjie from resigning. With him, Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe still had at least some scruples. The clues provided by Qian Rongcheng cannot be ignored, and the transaction cost of one billion yuan cannot be said in vain. Cheng Duanyang knew that Pi Dan was not the material, and asked him again and again what was going on in the villa, and asked Pi Dan if he had taken bribes.

Pi Dan said that he would take her to the large villa for retirement. Cheng Duanyang would naturally not live there, so he called Lin Manjiang said that Pidan could not be reused, but Lin Manjiang asked her to leave it alone and asked her to move to a villa. Cheng Duanyang retorted that he just hung up the phone without saying anything. Lin Xiaowei still wants to stay in China, at least he can take care of Lin Manjiang. Lin Manjiang asked him to tell Lu Deguang that he wanted to talk with him face to face.

It’s incredible that Cheng Duanyang was hung up by Lin Manjiang. Shi Hongxing’s phone was turned off, and she called Qi Ben’an and said that she would be discharged from the hospital and return to Miner’s New Village. Pi Dan kept saying that Lin Manjiang knew about this, but Lin Manjiang was not a god, let alone lawless. Cheng Duanyang is not confused about major issues, Niu Junjie thinks Cheng Duanyang may know something.

Lin Manjiang never answered Cheng Duanyang’s call again, and asked to make an appointment to meet with Lu Deguang. Niu Junjie returned home and saw Shi Hongxing wearing work clothes and staring at the TV for a night. In fact, he didn’t think this was a bad thing. At least Shi Hongxing could see who Lin Manjiang was. Shi Hongxing was about to throw the TV set, and Niu Junjie quickly threw it downstairs. Shi Hongxing asked Wu Sitai to pack his notebook and send it home, and Qi Benan went to pick up Cheng Duanyang and leave the hospital.

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