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People’s Property 突围 Episode 33 Recap

Lin Manjiang said high-sounding words at the meeting, and then the meeting broke up, letting Qi Ben’an stay. Only Lin Manjiang and Qi Benan were left in the meeting room. The two competed in it. Lin Manjiang stood up as a winner and asked Qi Benan what else he could do next, and the group would always leave him a bowl of rice. Qi Ben’an is also not polite, saying that he will be the chairman of the Zhongfu Group, Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe can both be the party secretary of the chairman, and he should be the chairman of the board. Shi Hongxing, Pi Dan, Lu Jianshe and others outside the door were terrified, but they did not dare to go in and persuade them.

Qi Ben’an then satirized Lin Manjiang for setting up the Lin family store, but Lin Manjiang satirized him for not listening to his superiors and organization. Qi Benan was so angry that he fell the table. Lin Manjiang also patted the table and turned over the old accounts, saying that he was greedy for tens of thousands of yuan in Shanghai. He had to be sent to the judicial authority, and the project was aborted. Zhongfu Group lost billions, but Qi Benan didn’t want to understand.

Could it be possible to pay bribes for the project? Lin Manjiang scolded Qi Ben’an for being stupid, and even more disagreed with what corruption said he should take advantage of the trend. Qi Ben’an emotionally scolded him for being dangerous and must bear the responsibility of fighting corruption and promoting integrity. The two sides were impassioned and quarrelsome. In the past, Lin Manjiang repeatedly told Qi Ben’an that they were comrades and brothers. Now he wants Qi Ben’an to stay in Jingzhou and take charge of the shantytown reconstruction.

Starting today, neither the chairman nor the secretary of the party committee, or the vice-chairman of the labor union, should not interfere with Pi Dan and The work of road construction was obviously decided by Lin Manjiang himself. Lu Jianshe and Pi Dan watched the jokes outside, and Shi Hongxing leisurely reminded them not to get too far. Qi Benan fell on the table again inside, and threw the records of Jingzhou Zhongfu Small Treasury on the table to show Lin Manjiang. Shi Hongxing was dumbfounded when he heard that. Qi Benan took out these and completely tore Lin Manjiang’s face, and her back was also ruined. NS.

Secretary Xu believes that Qi Ben’an will not be so easy to get rid of. As for Lin Manjiang, the sky net is restored, without omission. Lin Manjiang now wants to go further, but Secretary Xu feels that he does not have such a reason. After Zhang Jiying had talked with Secretary Xu, he received a call from Lin Manjiang. He was going to hold a teleconference of the Zhongfu Group on anti-corruption and integrity promotion. The time was at 7 o’clock this evening.

Zhang Jiying hurriedly arranged, and Secretary Xu felt a little puzzled. Lin Manjiang drove out Qi Ben’an and called in Shi Hongxing, Pi Dan, and Lu Jianshe in a desperate manner. Qi Ben’an’s information involved many cadres in the Zhongfu Group, including Tong Gehua. Lin Manjiang transferred all the responsibilities to Shi Hongxinghe. Tong Gehua, she also asked Pi Dan to call Tong Gehua to let her vomit out the four hundred thousand that she had eaten. She also asked Shi Hongxing to go back and reflect, and think about how to explain to everyone tonight, without letting Shi Hongxing a word. Say it again.

Wu Sitai said that Shi Hongxing was not quite right. He seemed to have just cried. He ignored no one when he saw it. Qi Benan didn’t say anything. He carried his bag and looked for Shi Hongxing. After knocking on the door for a long time, Shi Hongxing was willing to open it. Qi Ben’an said that this account had nothing to do with Shi Hongxing, but how could it be possible that she had been working for six years? This time she was really harmed by Lin Manjiang. Lin Manjiang called in front of everyone to denounce Tong Gehua’s greed, saying that she and Shi Hongxing were treacherous. Tong Gehua carefully recalled that it would not exceed 200,000 yuan, but Lin Manjiang ordered an immediate refund.

Fan Jiahui broke his heart for Qi Ben’an. Today it is Shi Hongxing, and tomorrow it may be someone else, but he must stand firm in the face of major disputes. Qi Ben’an couldn’t bear Lin Manjiang, but there was nothing he could do. Shi Hongxing had to take all the responsibilities this time. Qi Benan couldn’t accept Lin Manjiang’s arrogance. He has been pursuing rights. Lin Manjiang and Qi Ben’an felt that the Zhongfu Group is a private store a long time ago.

The set behind his stage is to set up a private store and treat the people’s property as himself. the property of. Qi Ben’an believes that Lin Manjiang is not a normal corruption. The Changming Group must have something to do with Lin Manjiang, and there are even more problems in it. Lin Manjiang convened an anti-corruption meeting and asked Shi Hongxing to explain the truth. Shi Hongxing told her the truth, but Lin Manjiang kept throwing dirty water on her. To investigate this matter, she stopped Shi Hongxing’s job. In cooperation with the investigation, Shi Hongxing fainted on the spot with excitement.

Niu Shiyan was puzzled to see that Shi Hongxing had not come back. Lin Manjiang was going to have a meeting, and Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie had lost their souls. Niu Junjie remembered Li Shundong. Although Shi Hongxing didn’t like him, Niu Junjie thought he was pretty good. Shi Hongxing was sent to the hospital and fainted because of low blood sugar. Lin Manjiang and Pi Dan asked about the situation and asked him to send Shi Hongxing home. Pi Dan came back with Shi Hongxing, and Niu Junjie and Niu Shiyan were frightened when she saw her look unlovable.

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