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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 4 Recap

The three elder uncles, five uncles, and seven uncles came to Ren’s house, and Chen Xiaohong hurriedly asked her son to meet them. She dreamed that her son would have a better life. Shen Cuixi didn’t expect the news to spread so quickly, she wanted to see what these people wanted to do. Chen Xiaohong persuaded Shen Cuixi to give up the position of head of the house.

In case Ren Xuetang had any accident, the person in charge would still be Ren Rufeng, and Shen Cuixi immediately rejected this possibility. Sure enough, as soon as they sat down in the hall, the three clan elders got straight to the point and asked Shen Cuixi to surrender his identity as the head of the Shen family and let Ren Rufeng take charge of the Ren family. Shen Cuixi took the token to be the Patriarch, but she felt that Ren Rufeng might not be able to do it, which made Ren Rufeng sound uncomfortable.

The reason these three clan elders made Shen Cuixi give up her position was that Ren Xuetang’s whereabouts were unknown and she had no children. However, Shen Cuixi said that Zeng Baoqin gave birth to a son, she is the main family, and this child should be remembered in her name. She can give up her position, but can Ren Rufeng guarantee the business of the 63 shops in the north and south of the Ren family, and the livelihoods of nearly a thousand weaving households?

Hearing this, Ren Rufeng was silent, standing up and down, and the head of the Ren family was still Shen Cuixi. After that, she went to Zeng Baoqin, and she agreed to let Ren Xuetang’s son Ren Xiushan recognize his ancestor and return to the clan, and Ren Xiushan would take over as the head of the family. Zeng Baoqin thought she was willing to accept her into the house, so she knelt down willingly to offer her tea, but Shen Cuixi said that she was here to pick up the child, not Zeng Baoqin.

The meaning of what she said was very clear, she wanted to stay with her mother. Zeng Baoqin threw the tea cup angrily. She said that if it weren’t for Shen Cuixi, she would have married Ren Xuetang a long time ago. Shen Cuixi didn’t want to explain. Instead, she had to reckon with her back then. Back then, she was an official lady who offered to elope.

If people knew, Ren Xuetang’s future career would be ruined. Zeng Baoqin only cared about herself, but from Never thought of what Ren Xuetang would do. Nowadays, Zeng Baoqin has been a musician. If Ren Xiushan followed her, he would not be able to participate in the imperial examinations in the future, and he would bear the strange eyes of the world. Zeng Baoqin was still stiff, but she finally decided to give the child to Shen Cuixi. Zeng Baoqin hated Shen Cuixi through this hatred of the son.

On the way back, Shu Fang was very puzzled. It’s not that the Ren family can’t afford a Zeng Baoqin. Why should Shen Cuixi take the name of a jealous woman. Shen Cuixi told her that Ren’s family is now in troubled times, so she shouldn’t let her come back. Moreover, she is indeed jealous of Zeng Baoqin. She is worried that she will not be able to control herself to deal with her concubine.

Ruyi saw the book inkstone on the street and happily went up to say hello, but the book inkstone embarrassed them as not knowing them in the future, which made Ruyi very sad. Shuyan also had difficulties in doing this. Zeng Baoqin was Li Zhao’s fellow junior and Ruyi was from Zeng Baoqin. If the person who killed Ren Xuetang was Li Zhao, how should he deal with himself in the future.

Zeng Baoqin went to ask Li Zhao for help. If she wanted to get back her child, she had to destroy Ren’s business first, making Shen Cuixi a target of public criticism. Li Zhao helped Zeng Baoqin who was kneeling and agreed to her request. Qiao’er was about to marry. Shen Cuixi was worried that she would not be able to live well after she left the Ren family, so she let her stay in the house to complete her ten thousand years as she intended to grind her temper. Ren Rufeng was drinking outside, saying that he was useless. Others’ mouths were broken. When talking about Ren’s things, the speaker had no intention to listen to it. Zeng Baoqin was very worried that his child would be persecuted by Shen Cuixi.

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