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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 3 Recap

Ren Xuetang slept next to Zeng Baoqin and watched her fall asleep, while Shen Cuixi was lying alone on the cold bed. She hated to throw the pillow off the bed. She really couldn’t sleep, and got up to do the tapestry embroidery. Ren Xuetang came back. He said that Zeng Baoqin was about to give birth, so she had to give her an explanation. He had already planned to take Zeng Baoqin as a concubine on the 25th, and Shen Cuixi said that he would follow suit. The rest of the Ren family began to prepare for concubines. Zeng Baoqin felt that the color of Xifu was not dignified and steady, so she wanted to change it. Shen Cuixi was not that easy to talk, so naturally he didn’t change her, and asked Qiao’er and Shu Fang to send Xifu back to Shantang Street again.

Qiao’er was eloquent and satirized Zeng Baoqin as a concubine outside the house. If she didn’t give her some color, it would be Shen Cuixi who would be difficult to be a man. Shu Fang was kind and kind and took Qiao’er away, but what she said just now was like a knife, piercing Zeng Baoqin’s heart fiercely. Ruyi means Zeng Baoqin fights the injustice, but Zeng Baoqin says to stop him. She also saw it clearly that Qiao’er and Shu Fang were the two most powerful maids around Shen Cuixi. When she married into Ren’s family, Ruyi had to call them her sister. Later, Zeng Baoqin wanted to use Ren Xuetang to let Shen Cuixi change his Xi suit into a bright red color.

Shen Cuixi still refused to agree. She had reason and evidence, leaving Ren Xuetang speechless. Shen Cuixi went to check Zeng Baoqin’s yard. She originally intended to let Zeng Baoqin stay safe, but did not want people to seal off the door of her yard, leaving only a hole for food delivery. Outside the canal, Shen Cuixi asked people to open a door here. Ren Xuetang had seen all of this. He began to change Shen Cuixi’s view, and finally took the happy dress back. He let Zeng Baoqin learn to obey the rules of being a concubine. Zeng Baoqin was heartbroken. She thought she was different to Ren Xuetang, but Ren Xuetang still chose to make her wronged.

Ren Xuetang was also uncomfortable and entangled. He didn’t know how to balance the relationship between Zeng Baoqin and Shen Cuixi. He was not a human being inside and outside. Zeng Baoqin could not accept this fact, but she understood that it was meaningless for her to fight with Shen Cuixi like this, and it would only make Ren Xuetang embarrassed, but she could not control herself. While taking a boat tour of the lake, Ren Xuetang asked Ruyi’s identity.

Even though Shuyan knew Ruyi’s identity was a bit embarrassing, he still wanted to be with Ruyi. Shen Cuixi sent someone to quickly retrieve Ren Xuetang, saying that Zhang Biao showed his trace. Ren Xuetang rushed back to Ren’s house, hoping that Shen Cuixi could take good care of Zeng Baoqin. He didn’t know when he would come back after he left, so Shen Cuixi agreed.

Before leaving, Ren Xuetang asked Shuyan to say goodbye to Ruyi. Shuyan hurried to let Ruyi wait for her to marry her. Soon, Ren Xuetang led people to track Zhang Biao, but was ambushed. He fell into the lake with an arrow, and his life and death were uncertain. The incense in Zeng Baoqin’s yard extinguished herself. She was uneasy and wanted to go to Shen Cuixi to ask if Ren Xuetang was back. She saw the Shuyan was carried back. She had a fetal gas and was about to give birth. Shen Cuixi hurried to ask people to find Steady mother. After Shuyan woke up, she asked and learned that they had encountered water bandits in Dantu. If Shuyan brought back to Ren Xuetang, the person behind Zhang Biao was an official.

After a long period of production, Zeng Baoqin finally gave birth to a fat son. On the other side, Shen Cuixi asked Shu Fang to send someone to find Ren Xuetang’s whereabouts, and at the same time asked her to remind Ren Rufeng to take care of his own mouth, so as not to anger his upper body.

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