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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 2 Recap

They were all shocked when they heard that Zhang Biao was a water bandit. The emperor had previously ordered that anyone related to the water bandit should be beheaded. In order to protect Ren’s family, Shen Cuixi said that only by inviting Qi Shugong to remove Ren Rufeng from Ren’s family, can the Ren family be kept.

When Chen Xiaohong heard crying, she knelt down and begged Shen Cuixi, but fainted with emotion. Later, after the doctor was diagnosed and treated, he said that his aunt seemed to have a stroke, but it did not seem to be. Ren Rufeng had already known his mistake. He was decocting medicine for his mother in the kitchen, his face was full of frustration. Ren Xuetang said about him, but he still didn’t deal with him.

Shen Cuixi had long seen that Chen Xiaohong was pretending to be sick, and after waiting for no one else, she woke up Chen Xiaohong. Chen Xiaohong and Ren Rufeng told her that she was worried that after Zeng Baoqin came to Ren’s family, the Ren family would be in chaos, so she and Ren Rufeng thought about secretly saving private money.

Shen Cuixi didn’t blame her, but instead took out the property and money that her parents-in-law gave Chen Xiaohong back then and gave the money to Chen Xiaohong. Shen Cuixi had no other demands on her and Ren Rufeng. She only asked Chen Xiaohong and Ren Rufeng to absolutely not help her even after Zeng Baoqin entered the door. Ruyi came to Ren Xuetang with tearful eyes for money, and Ren Xuetang gave her all his private money.

Then Ren Xuetang wanted to go out with Ruyi to find Zeng Baoqin, but she was stopped by Shen Cuixi who had heard the news. She forced to stay with Ren Xuetang and let Shu Fang drive Ruyi out. Shen Cuixi showed Ren Xuetang a book of expenses on Shantang Street over the years. The huge amount is incredible. The Zeng family was so beautiful that everyone died, but Zeng Baoqin survived. Shen Cuixi reminded Ren Xuetang that perhaps Zeng Baoqin had changed. Her words touched Ren Xuetang. After kneeling in the ancestral hall for a long time, he finally decided to act in a play. He went to Shantang Street and lied to Zeng Baoqin that the Ren family was about to end. That night, Ren Xuetang stayed in Shantang Street, but Zeng Baoqin wanted to run away at night. Ren Xuetang was discouraged when he found out.

It turns out that in Zeng Baoqin’s heart, he can’t compare to those gold, silver and pearl jewelry. Zeng Baoqin knelt down and confessed her mistakes and told about the torture and pain she suffered in prison. She also said that she was pregnant and that she chose to leave because of her baby. Ren Xuetang could understand her and knew that her affection for herself was true, but Zeng Baoqin’s behavior still hurt his heart. Before he left Shantang Street, he asked Shuyan to lock the courtyard gate, not allowing Zeng Baoqin to leave here for half a step. The next day, Ren Xuetang went to the Weaving Mansion to see Master Li. Master Li mentioned that Ren Rufeng and Zhang Biao had come close.

Ren Xuetang pretended not to know, he said that Ren Rufeng did not have the guts to do business with water bandits. Lord Li didn’t have any evidence, so he exposed the topic. Ren Xuetang came back and told Shen Cuixi about Li’s temptation. She felt that she could no longer sit and wait for death. They must catch Zhang Biao first in front of the government.

Time passed quickly. Zeng Baoqin was locked up in Shantang Street for more than 100 days. In order to be able to see Ren Xuetang, she asked Ruyi to take the magnolia flower to Shuyan, and asked him to give the magnolia flower to Che Ren Xuetang. Sure enough, Ren Xuetang saw things and thought about people, and immediately called a sedan chair to Shantang Street.

Shen Cuixi could see clearly behind her, but she didn’t stop it. She knew that Ren Xuetang’s heart was not with her, and it would be useless to force her to stay. After more than a hundred days of absence, Ren Xuetang’s miss for Zeng Baoqin did not decrease by half, and even worse, he forgave Zeng Baoqin for what he had done before.

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