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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 1 Recap

Kesi, also known as engraved silk, is the essence of traditional Chinese silk art. It is the most traditional Chinese silk weaving industry for picking warp and weft. It is highly admirable and decorative. It is also the most precious of our Chinese civilization. Cultural property. This story took place during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. A woman from the Kesi family, through her own efforts, walked out of the feudal shackles of the family and independently founded the Kesi school, showing the origin, development, and prosperity of the technology of Kesi.

Shen Cuixi, the big grandmother of the Ren family, the largest silk manufacturer in Jiangnan, is a well-known figure in Gusu. With her own efforts, she has broken out a bloody way of doing business. Ren Jiajia’s director Xuetang used the excuse to make friends, but he was actually Zeng Baoqin who was born in a private club.

After hearing the wind, Shen Cuixi ran to catch the rape and slapped Zeng Baoqin severely. Zeng Baoqin wanted to prove his affection for Ren Xuetang with his death. He picked up the scissors and wanted to commit suicide. Zeng Baoqin’s humble life is not a pity, but if he dies in Ren’s family, then Ren Xuetang will be sent to Heilongjiang to be a slave in armor.

After Shen Cuixi took Ren Xuetang away, Zeng Baoqin told the maid Ruyi that Shen Cuixi was just a beggar in the Ren family, and she was the one who played with Ren Xuetang since she was a child, and the love between them is stronger than gold. Ren Rufeng, the second master of the Ren family, lost money in the casino. He sneaked back home and saw that the book inkstone was tied back. He burst into curiosity and ran outside Ren Xuetang and Shen Cuixi’s house to eavesdrop on the conversation between them. Ren Xuetang said that he would not ignore Zeng Baoqin, and Shen Cuixi believed that Zeng Baoqin was a musician, and Ren Xuetang was a dignified person. Zeng Baoqin would only harm Ren Xuetang.

Ren Xuetang didn’t care, he asked Shen Cuixi to take care of his affection, and don’t put the word Lehu on his lips anymore, after all, he had already redeemed Zeng Baoqin. Shen Cuixi was very angry. After being ill for two days, the maid Qiao’er said a few words that made her unpleasant, and Shen Cuixi let her go out and kneel. The last time Zhang Biao in Guangzhou, who lent money to Ren Rufeng in the casino, came to his door. He wanted to buy raw silk at a high price. Ren Rufeng was very excited and promised to help him ask if anyone sells raw silk in Suzhou. According to Shen Cuixi’s instructions, Shu Fang sent a lot of books to Ren Xuetang, just as Ren Rufeng was there, Ren Xuetang asked him to learn to read the books.

Ren Rufeng inadvertently saw from the ledger that Ren Xuetang had spent a lot of money on Zeng Baoqin over the years. Mother Chen Xiaohong said with emotion that Ren Xuetang’s heart rests on Zeng Baoqin, and Shen Cuixi cannot match Zeng Baoqin no matter how capable she is. Chen Xiaohong believed that Rufeng really took money to do business, so she gave all of her belongings to Ren Rufeng.

Suzhou Weaving Master Li ordered a large number of tapestry brocades with Ren Jia, but Ren Jia didn’t stock much, so they could only buy them at high prices from outside, and they would lose money. Ren Xuetang didn’t do much business after all, so he decided to lose money and buy the raw silk that Master Li wanted.

He didn’t have enough stock, so he went to shopkeeper Lu to buy, only to learn that Ren Rufeng had just bought a lot of raw silk. Ren Xuetang ran to question Ren Rufeng. In order to delay the time, Ren Rufeng lied that Shen Cuixi asked him to buy it in order to trip Ren Xuetang at home so that he had no time to find Zeng Baoqin.

When Ren Xuetang returned to Ren’s house, she and Shen Cuixi were torn apart. Shen Cuixi suppressed the pain in his heart and asked Shu Fang to take someone to follow Ren Rufeng, who was away from home all day, and caught him trading with the water bandits. After the water bandits fled quickly, Shu Fang took Ren Rufeng back to Ren’s house, and Ren Rufeng who had done something wrong knelt in the Ren family’s ancestral hall.

Ren Xuetang came to hear the news, and Ren Rufeng confessed honestly, but he still believed that he had committed a small mistake, until Shen Cuixi told him that Zhang Biao, who was doing business with him, was not a merchant from Guangzhou at all, but a man in Southeast Asia. Water bandit.

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