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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 14 Recap

Sun Lie secret deal He Feng , Xiao Xiao into the game spokesperson

Xiao Ke told He Feng that someone from the technical department came to check the host, but he was not there, so Sun Lie asked them to check it before discussing it with him. Xiao An came to the company early in the morning, and she said that later revisions would be passed to him in the form of emails and conference calls. But she brought all the documents.

He Feng asked him to call Sun Lie over. When Xiao Ke was about to go out, he suddenly came in and told him that he didn’t think Mr. Sun was weird lately. Xiao Ke felt that Mr. Sun was particularly concerned about the bug, and he tried to compile the words of the technical department just now. Xiao Ke suspected that the mistake in the backstage was related to him. Sun Lie came at this time.

He Feng said that in consultation with the technical department, the internal audit will screen directly from the server, so that it will not delay employees’ time, and they will not have to wait for work. They can arrange what they should do.

After coming out of the office, he made a phone call by the way, and he asked the other party if he agreed to help him to get it done in two days. Now some people suspect him, if he said yes, they would have nothing to eat. The other party said that he was a person with no use value and had no meaning to them, and they were not afraid that Sun Lie would find out the identity of the inner ghost. But Sun Lie didn’t even know who the inner ghost was. He was so angry that he dumped the phone. But I am very puzzled, how do they know,

Zhou Xu felt that Lin Jinjin was wearing weird clothes today, he wouldn’t have any moths. Lin Jinjin asked Ye Nan if she felt strange? Ye Nan said it was not strange, she was quite suitable for her. Lin Jinjin is very happy.

Lin Jinjin has posted accounts for the ski shop on several platforms. By then, his ski show video will surely attract a lot of people’s attention. After one year, let alone 50,000, 800,000 will be no problem. But Ye Nan still felt that they should take their time, seek progress while steadily, and don’t choose an impossible goal. Lin Jinjin said if they didn’t even think about it, how could it be realized.

But Ye Nan thanked him very much. Jinjin said that what Xiaoan can do, she can also do, and she wants to be a person who shares difficulties with Ye Nan. Ye Nan was very moved and thanked her for being with her. Lin Jinjin was hungry, so Ye Nan took him to eat together.

After returning home, He Feng saw He Jingxiao lying asleep on the sofa, and he took out the contract. He woke up He Jingxiao. He Jingxiao signed the contract.

He Jingxiao can stay in the company, he is very happy. He Feng said that he had bought a year from his parents. If he hasn’t given up after a year and Sister Ai feels that he still has room for development, they will not interfere with his conditions, but the premise is that his studies must be given to him. After completion, even if you become a star in the future, you have to get your undergraduate diploma and become a literate idol.

He Feng also told Sister Ai not to be merciful this year, and let He Jingxiao feel the hardship of being an actor. He Feng took out their company’s new game contract and hoped that He Jingxiao could become their company’s new game spokesperson. He Jingxiao was surprised. He Feng said that this was the greatest help he could give him. He Jingxiao embraced He Feng excitedly. The nephew was really too sensible.

After He Jingxiao went out, he hugged Wang Xiaoan and went around in circles. He said that he had stayed. He Feng separated the two of them. He said that since He Jingxiao stayed, from now on, this is his life and he needs to face it alone. He Jingxiao acted like a baby to Wang Xiaoan.

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