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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 32 Recap

Gao Miaorong gave Li Lin the silver dollars he had saved so that he could do business with it. Li Lin wanted Miao Rong to leave the palace and become a biological son with him outside the palace. Gao Miaorong could not leave the palace for the time being, so Li Lin asked Li Lin. Wait for a while, and after she leaves the palace, she will marry Li Lin and grow old together. It turned out that Gao Miaorong was unwilling to drag Li Lin to be used by the Queen Mother because of Li Lin’s deep love. She was willing to follow the Queen Mother into the palace in order to protect Li Lin and Guan Ju, but she did not want the Queen Mother to be more and more vicious.

Gao Miaorong met Zhao Xiao on the street, and Zhao Xiao unexpectedly committed Gao Miaorong’s heinous crime and could still survive, so she couldn’t help admiring her scheming. Gao Miaorong took the opportunity to win over Zhao Xiao for the Queen Mother. He frankly said that Zhao Xiao was born in a famous and young man, but did not want to suffer this catastrophe one day. Li Qian helped to keep his title and title now. Don’t you want people who humiliated him to kneel down and beg for mercy, Zhao Xiao Feeling in his heart, but calmly on the surface, he left.

Li Qian will set off for Bingzhou the next day, where he will meet with Li Changqing and his son at night. Li Changqing is very proud of Li Qian’s achievements, but he also reminds his son to learn to be self-reliant. The father and son talked about the slaughter of Lijiacun many years ago and the murder of Li Qian’s mother so far there is no clue. Li Qian assured his father that he would find a murderer and avenge his mother.

Early the next morning, Li Qian and Baoning couple went to the palace to pay respects to the Queen Mother. Baoning refused to leave his grandmother, and the grandparents said goodbye to them. Finally, they left the palace only after the Queen and Mother’s persuasion. Outside the palace, Li Changqing and his wife Cao Xuan came to see off Li Qian and Baoning. He Cuihua instructed Li Qian to return to Bingzhou to take care of the winter solstice marriage, and Xuxu also asked Baoning to come back often to have a look. Ning returned to Bingzhou.

Five years later, Zhao An, the prince born to the Queen, was already five years old. Zhao An was wise and sensible. Knowing the story of Kong Rong letting pears, he divided the big tribute to the Queen Mother and Emperor Zhao Xi. This made the Queen Mother very gratified. But the queen mother Han Tongxin was dissatisfied. For this reason, he refused to show the emperor Zhao Xi, and did not want the second prince to have more contact with the emperor. Back then, Gao Miaorong wooed Zhao Xiao for the use of Han Tongxin. For many years, Han Tongxin had been waiting for Zhao Xiaobing to become strong enough to fight against Li Qian.

The empress dowager privately asked Zhao Xi whether she was dissatisfied with her attitude towards her. Zhao Xi inherited her responsibility as a son of man and a brother. Although she knew that when the emperor had to endure loneliness and give up love, she still remembered that when she was young, Aunt Baoning ruled out everything to protect herself. Ascended to the throne, and his dignified man will not shrink from it. Hearing the emperor’s words, the empress dowager was very pleased.

On the occasion of Li Qian’s birthday, the court came to give Li Qian a reward. After receiving the decree, Li Qian and his wife guessed that the matter must be the decree of the Empress Dowager. Hearing about this in the winter solstice, Li Qian took the opportunity to let the winter solstice get married quickly. Fortunately, Baoning maintained the winter solstice and believed that it was not natural for a woman to marry. The man looks for a husband-in-law.

During the winter solstice, I have been seeking a doctor to treat Qing’an for many years, but it has not been effective. Although I regret that Qing’an can’t recover as before, I feel that it’s good for Qing’an to live so carefree all his life now. But what Dongzhi didn’t know was that Qing’an had already sobered up, but he didn’t want to leave the winter solstice, so he didn’t confess.

Qingtai has been more tyrannical over the years, and can’t help beheading the dancing girls at will. Regardless of the plague of the people, he only wants to raise soldiers and hoard horses, and later capture Mu’anguo. Jinghai Hou Zhao Xiao accidentally learned that in Jinxi, the Jianan County lord had a magical weapon with great power, so he found someone to inquire about this matter. Afterwards, Zhao Xiao guessed that this must be developed by Baoning based on the “Ghost Weapon Diagram”.

On the day of Li Qian’s birthday, Baoning specially prepared a birthday gift for Li Qian, but the birthday gift was in the lock of the box, and Li Qian did not open it. Li Qian pretended to be unable to open it and teased that the box was broken. Baoning checked the box and almost was locked in the box. Finally, he had to say that he was the birthday present for Li Qian, and Li Qian was very happy. Originally, Baoning wanted to give Li Qian a new sword, but the scabbard was accidentally damaged. Baoning took out the jade pendant his father gave to his mother and gave it to Li Qian. Li Qian was shocked when he saw Yu Pei, remembering the scene he saw when he was young, and had to leave in a hurry on the grounds of official business.

Zhao Xiao returned to Beijing to report on his duties, rode his horse into the palace, and did not pay attention to Wang Jidao and others, which made him regret that he had not been able to take advantage of his situation to remove him from the roots. Zhao Xiao paid respects to the Queen Mother, who deliberately asked Zhao Xiao to take care of the second prince Zhao An. In order to find the “Ghost Weapon Picture”, Zhao Xiao requested to go to the Palace Treasure Pavilion.

Although the Queen Mother gave her full answer, she also ordered someone to follow Zhao Xiao secretly. Zhao Xiao entered the Treasure Pavilion alone to find a circle. Although he found the box of “True Ghost Weapon Diagram”, he found that there was no real book inside. The Queen Mother knew Zhao Xiao’s intentions from the population she followed. Gao Miaorong confessed that she learned from the Li family when she was a child that he could make magic weapons with the help of the “Ghost Weapon Picture”. The family is also struggling to find this picture.

The Queen Mother learned from Cao’s maidservant that “The Picture of God and Ghost Weapon” was the work of the weapon master Zhang Zeshi. In order to win the holy favorite, the queen mother sent Jiang Zhenying, the father of Princess Jianan, to secretly obtain this picture and dedicated it to the holy queen. Just stand firm in the harem. Han Tongxin speculated that Jiang Zhenying might be related to the death of Li Qian’s biological mother, and instigated Gao Miaorong to inform the Li family. Then Gao Miaorong found Li Changqing in private and told him that the true identity of the man who killed Lijia Village was Jiang Zhenying, the father of Princess Jianan.

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