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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 31 Recap

The new emperor ascended the throne to worship, Jiang Baoning was named Princess Jianan for his merits in defending the country, and Li Qian escorted him as the king of Lintong and was in charge of the Jinxi Army; the other ministers who defended the country were rewarded, and the government of Zhen Guo also received good news. Yongqing country has been completely repulsed. Jinghai Hou Zhao Kuan’s private adjustment of grain and grass caused Nanmin’s loss of death and serious injuries. Zhao Xiao left Yunlin Pass to save his father without permission.

He should be exiled according to the law. However, Baoning felt that Mu Anguo ruled the world with filial piety, and Zhao Xiao was in love. Originally, Li Qian also pleaded for it and felt that Jing Haihou’s sacrifice for Nanmin was regarded as a feat, and it would be better to give up on the merits and demerits. However, Zhao Xiao wanted to bear all his sins, and Li Qian advised him to keep a decent face for his father even if he didn’t do it for himself. Li Qian asked his majesty to judge, and the little emperor agreed with Li Qian’s ideas. The empress dowager said that Zhao Xiao’s crime of exile could avoid the suffering of flesh and blood, but he could not escape.

After the court, Bao Ning chased after Li Qian, but Li Qian ignored her. Jin Xiao persuaded Li Qian not to fold himself in for the purpose of Zhen Fu Gang, and Li Qian got rid of Jin Xiao angrily. Li Dongzhi brought Qing’an to the shantang to heal his injuries. The shantang victim Qin Yu came to send tea to Qing’an but kept staring at her. During the winter solstice, they introduced the two to each other. Dongzhi brought Qing’an to help in the Shantang, and Dongzhi told Qin Yu about Qing’an.

Baoning quietly came to Li Qian’s door, but Li Qian wanted to drive her out. Baoning refused to leave and kept showing courtesy in front of him. Baoning apologized to him and said that he had gone to the wall and thought about it. When Li Qian saw her facing the wall, he was not honest in thinking, so Baoning took the opportunity to explain to him, Li Qian took the opportunity to kiss her mouth and said that he was not angry but worried about her too much.

Baoning explained that at the beginning, she didn’t want to involve the Li family with the first emperor. The early death of her parents made her only face the difficulties and learn to be independent. Li Qian said that Baoning was his wife and hoped that she could rely on herself in the future. Siqin quietly followed the winter solstice and was discovered. The winter solstice brought him to Qing’an.

He scolded Qingtai for viciously hurting his half-brother. Qingtai’s reign made the people unhappy. Only Qing’an in Yongqing can save the country. But in the winter solstice, he feels that Qing’an can save the people. It’s a blessing to survive. Siqin said that Wu Man of Yongqing Kingdom is good at witchcraft, and if he finds him, he may heal Qing’an, but Wu Man’s scheming and treacherous trespassing with Qingtai will not be able to heal Qing’an.

Dong Shanhu was very surprised to see Qing’an not knowing him. During the winter solstice, he explained the situation to her, and Dong Shanhu promised to help her introduce a famous doctor. Dong Shan secretly inquired about Jin Xiao’s news. During the winter solstice, Jin Xiao joked that Jin Xiao was appointed as the deputy guard of the capital city.

Li Qian took Bao Ning to Jinghai Hou’s Mansion and asked her to visit Zhao Xiao. Bao Ning took the Jinchuang medicine Li Qian gave her to comfort Zhao Xiao and cheer him up. Zhao Xiao asked Baoning if he had thought about Li Qian marrying her for promotion. Baoning replied that he married Li Qian voluntarily. Dong Shan came to a newly opened shop, but the shopkeeper looked down on her.

Jin Xiao ran forward to teach the shopkeeper and said that he wanted to buy those fabrics. Dong Shan took Jin Xiao and ran out of the shop. Jin Xiao said that she had followed Dong Shanhu all the way, but she didn’t notice it. Dong Shanhu asked her not to take office. Jin Xiao said that she had come to say goodbye to her and gave her an abacus as a gift by the way, but Dong Shanhu said that Dong’s family was here. There are also properties in the capital. You can go to the capital by yourself. Jin Xiao was very happy to hear that.

Baoning told He Cuihua that it was time to return to Bingzhou. He Cuihua wondered why the first emperor asked her to assist the young emperor to go back, but Baoning said that although he was a royal princess, he was already married to the Wang Yeqiang of Bingzhou to stay in the capital. People to handle. He Cuihua wanted Baoning to help transfer Li Dongzhi to the capital, but Li Changqing dismantled the stage next to him and said that she wanted Dongzhi to marry the capital dignitaries, and the two quarreled when they disagreed. The lover was packing his baggage back to Bingzhou.

Baoning found in his luggage the letter that Master Xiong had reserved for him. It turned out that he told Baoning about the map of the ghost weapon under investigation. The letter said that the image of the ghost weapon was from a weapon. Master Zhang Zeshi’s hand, but this person has disappeared from the countryside.

Baoning remembered the strange weapon he had used in Bingzhou and showed it to Li Qian, but the weapon was not yet ready for use. Li Qian persuaded Baoning Piff to be innocent and pleaded guilty. Once people know the power of this weapon, it will provoke endless troubles. Although Baoning was about to return to Bingzhou, she couldn’t let go of the Queen Mother, so in the last few days, he went to the palace to accompany the Queen Mother. Baoning played cards with the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother looked forward to Baoning giving birth to a grandson for herself. Boring is very shy.

The Queen Mother Han wanted to control the affairs of the DPRK, but she did not expect that the Empress Dowager sent a decree at this time. In the name of babysitting, the Empress Dowager sent eight babysitters to attend the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother Han had no choice but to accept the order, and after returning home, she became furious. Gao Miaorong persuaded the Queen Mother Han to stay calm and rely on the prince in her stomach in the future.

The Queen Mother Han asked Gao Miaorong if she could let go of what she did in the Li Mansion. Gao Miaorong said that she had let go, and the Queen Mother threatened her with Li Lin and her maidservant. It turned out that when Gao Miaorong and Li Lin were bullied, the Queen Mother Han suddenly appeared to rescue them and found Guanju. Gao Miaorong had to agree to follow her. Queen Mother Han said that Gao Miaorong had experienced pain and knew how to cherish opportunities and asked her to do something for herself.

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