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People’s Property 突围 Episode 32 Recap

Qi Ben’an knew that Lin Manjiang would definitely take him down and send Pi Dan over. Shi Hongxing was a little anxious. Let’s not say what Pi Dan’s ability is. This is always because of him. If Lin Manjiang is really such a person, They really got it wrong. Qi Benan asked Shi Hongxing to carefully recall the events of these years, lest they frame Shi Hongxing, as long as he threatens Lin Manjiang’s beautiful future, he will definitely kick you away. Jin Xianyu decided to stay at the meeting, saying that Qi Ben’an was self-righteous. Lin Manjiang also expressed disappointment and insisted on taking Qi Ben’an down. Jin Xianyu agreed with this, but questioned Pi Dan’s ability. Lin Manjiang confessed that no one is available, and Jin support can only support it.

Lu Jianshe asked Pi Dan to handle the villa affairs well, don’t let Qi Ben’an make a fuss, but Pi Dan didn’t care about Lin Manjiang at all. Zhang Jiying reported to Secretary Xu that Lin Manjiang wanted to win Qi Ben’an. The specific situation was unclear. Secretary Xu asked Zhang Jiying to call Dong Gao. No matter how to attend the meeting, President Qin must also participate in the meeting.

Shi Hongxing reminded Niu Junjie that Lin Manjiang was going to attack him, but Niu Junjie had been discharged from the hospital, Shi Hongxing asked him to resign, and Qi Benan would now step down and leave Jingzhou. Qi Benan doesn’t want Niu Junjie to resign. Zhongfu Group is not Lin Manjiang’s personal domain. Niu Junjie has to stand it up, and he will not leave it alone. Niu Junjie hesitated, he needed to think about it.

Li Shundong wanted to implement Huang Qingyuan’s equity in Changming Insurance, so that all the shortfalls were made up. Pi Dan went to Fu Changming because of the villa. Fu Changming told him to rest assured that as long as he dealt with it on the account, there would be no problem. He also said that Pi Dan went to Jingzhou Zhongfu as the chairman of the board, and Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine would have a chance.

Speaking of the 80 million for Qian Rongcheng, Fu Changming said that although there was no one billion deal, he wanted to make Qian Rongcheng not bite people everywhere for Lin Manjiang. He said that the last thing he regretted was that he was stained with Huang Qingyuan and Qian Rongcheng. . Qian Rong had already come, and he wanted to beg Fu Changming to make a comeback. Fu Changming ignored him. Rongcheng Group was already in his pocket.

President Qin’s flight alternated to Tianjin. Gao Dong suddenly fell into a coma and was trying to rescue him. Lin Manjiang did not wait for them to meet directly. Lin Manjiang wanted to take Qi Ben’an and send Pi Dan as chairman, Lu Jianshe also officially became party secretary. Zhang Jiying objected. Qi Ben’an has only been in Jingzhou for two months. It is even more inappropriate to let Pi Dan replace Qi Ben’an. Let such a cadre preside over.

The work is not convincing. Jin Xianyuan said that Qi Ben’an did not talk about discipline against the wind and violated discipline, and he also put Qi Ben’an and Wu Sitai’s tour of the mountains and rivers to the meeting. Zhang Jiying hurriedly explained that Lin Manjiang still insisted on his changes, and even changed the order of Pi Dan, Lu Jianshe, and Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang’s proposal passed, but he didn’t explain what Qi Benan should do next. Lin Manjiang began to panic and even jumped over the wall in a hurry. What Zhang Jiying had to do was to report to his superiors and wait for the right time to wipe out the small group of Lin Manjiang’s interests.

Jin Xianyuan suggested that Lin Manjiang bring Qi Ben’an back to continue his propaganda work, but Lin Manjiang disagreed. Qi Benan did not believe that Lin Manjiang’s proposal would be passed at the meeting, and Fan Jiahui said that he was speechless to persuade him to stay sober. At this time, Zhang Jiying called to explain the situation of the meeting. Qi Ben’an violated Lin Manjiang’s core interests, and he caught Zhang Jiying by surprise. Zhang Jiying believes that Lin Manjiang’s emphasis on Jingzhou Zhongfu is extraordinary and intriguing. She hopes that Qi Benan will bear the humiliation and stick to Jingzhou. Lin Manjiang intends to personally send Pi Dan to take office, and also to talk with Qi Ben’an.

Qi Benan didn’t sleep all night, and Fan Jiahui got up early in the morning to see him squinting on the sofa. Qi Ben’an has firmly grasped Lin Manjiang’s tail, insisting on uncovering his painted skin. Fan Jiahui was a little skeptical instead, worried that he would be fooled by Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang and Pi Dan came to Zhongfu, Jingzhou. Qi Ben’an arranged the venue and sat down wittyly. Lin Manjiang insisted that he sit on the stage. Gao Dong disagreed with Lin Manjiang’s decision. Lin Manjiang forgot his original intention. Both he and Qi Benan came from the grassroots level, but they took two different paths. Qi Ben’an is rare and valuable, guarding the people’s property, but Lin Manjiang has one set on stage and off stage.

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