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People’s Property 突围 Episode 31 Recap

Cheng Duanyang knew that Qi Benan was honest, but Lin Manjiang had never been bold, but he didn’t expect him to do this. Cheng Duanyang didn’t know about the villa from beginning to end, so he almost cried, and quickly asked Pi Dan to ask him to return the villa. Shi Hongxing was also very anxious in her heart. She would never harm Lin Manjiang, and Lin Manjiang shouldn’t do this to herself. After doing so many violations of rules and regulations, she left herself so clean. Shi Hongxing really didn’t know what to do. .

Qi Benan asked Niu Junjie to talk. He could have not said these things, but he was afraid that Shi Hongxing would be delayed in the future. Many problems in this audit may be counted on Shi Hongxing’s head. After all, she has been working in Jingzhou for six years. Although the problem lies with Lin Manjiang, the problem is that Shi Hongxing, Pi Dan and even Cheng Duanyang are in front of Lin Manjiang. Qi Ben’an didn’t want to be anyone’s opponent, especially Lin Manjiang, but he couldn’t ignore such violations. Niu Junjie suggested that Qi Ben’an give way to construction to investigate and see what he did. Qi Ben’an told him to be Shi Hongxing. Her work allows her to stand firm.

Pi Dan was having dinner with Lu Jianshe, when she received a call from Cheng Duanyang, asking her to return the villa to Fu Changming and not to hurt others. She is a model worker trained by the party. There is no room for sand in her eyes, and she can’t stand by her side. Human corruption and crime, whether it is Pi Dan or Lin Manjiang. Pi Dan didn’t care about the villa, only if Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing told her. Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe combined, one went to Lin Manjiang to make a small report, and the other went to investigate Qi Ben’an’s corruption.

When Lu Jianshe returned to Jingzhou, he blatantly wanted to investigate Niu Junjie, Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing, and said that Lin Manjiang didn’t count this matter. Instead, Lu Jianshe went to Chapitan to find out his villa. Lu Jianshe was naturally unwilling, and began to pretend to be confused for Pidan. Lin Manjiang scolded Pi Dan as a bastard. He had asked Pi Dan to put the villa under Cheng Duanyang’s name, but now the Secretary of the Party Committee of Jingzhou Zhongfu is Lu Jianshe, and the matter is still in his grasp.

Lin Manjiang told Cheng Duanyang that it was Qi Ben’an, Shi Hongxing, and Niu Junjie that were doing nothing wrong, saying that he didn’t want to watch Cheng Duanyang live in the broken house. Cheng Duanyang never expected that Pi Dan and Lin Manjiang would use her as a shield. This is not because Qi Benan and the others are doing nothing. It is clearly a crime of taking bribes.

Lu Jianshe and Qi Benan had a quarrel, and then called Lin Manjiang on the spot, saying that Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing disagreed with him to check Niu Junjie and wanted to check Pidan. Qi Benan and the road construction broke up unhappy, Shi Hongxing persuaded him not to be arrogant, she believed that Lin Manjiang would not act on Benan because of this incident.

But Qi Benan knew very well in his heart that Lin Manjiang dared to use a knife when he turned his face. Not only he, but Shi Hongxing also couldn’t escape. Qi Benan guessed that Lin Manjiang would definitely take him down, maybe he would send Pi Dan. Lin Manjiang hung up the phone in a hurry and immediately held a meeting to study the adjustment of the cadres in Jingzhou Zhongfu, and asked Pi Dan to go back to replace Qi Ben’an.

Jin Yixian left tonight, Lin Manjiang personally talked to him to change the schedule to stay for the meeting, and also asked Qin from Shanghai to fly over. Gao Dong insisted on attending the meeting because of his poor health, and asked Zhang Jiying to inform President Qin that he must come over, so that the three of them would have at least three votes. Lin Manjiang refused to let Jin Yuxiang go, saying that the handover audit of Jingzhou Zhongfu failed, and Jin Yuxiang was impatient now. Lu Jianshe ran Qi Benan’s army to show off with Pi Dan, and Pi Dan also praised him for doing well.

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