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Wisher 致命愿望 Episode 6 Recap

Liang Ju knew that Guo Bin was tracking the old demon secretly, so he retrieved Qiu Kefan’s files for him, and confirmed that he had joined the Feeders Association for 14 years after his disappearance. It was only in the past year that he suddenly rebelled. Guo Bin was surprised to find that Duo had a higher value in the database, second only to Qiu Wendong of Luteng University, but Liang Ju was not able to make a final conclusion immediately, but told Guo Bin to stay on the sidelines first.

Qiu Wendong and Lu Guang have known each other for a long time on the Internet. They have neither met each other nor revealed their identities to each other. More often, they are like confidantes who say nothing, or they are the objects of confession. Until Lu Guang suddenly sent a message to Qiu Wendong, uncharacteristically persuading him not to investigate Wisher again. Because of this, Qiu Wendong believed that Lu Guang must know the inside story, but no matter how he asked, the other party always responded to this sentence.

Accompanied by Lu Li, Xi Lei went to attend Luo Yiduo’s birthday party. Luo Yiduo was in a good mood, but because Xi Lei always mentioned Luli, she was a little upset. Taking advantage of Xi Lei’s absence, Luo Yiduo deliberately went to get close to Lu Li, only to be seen through by the other party, and the two broke up unhappy.

After returning to the nursing home, Lu Li took the initiative to reveal his heart to the mother and signed the operation agreement, intending to inform the truth of the illness before her surgery, and how she was not affected by the process of seeing her. As everyone knows, Naduo is hurriedly heading to Haigang Film and Television City at this time, and there is no time to meet Lu Li at all.

The center of the movie studio was crowded with people, so I looked around for the old demon until the old demon called and asked him to obey the command. Despite the unknown reasons, he still followed the instructions, walking and stopping along the way, without noticing the “tail” behind him.

The old demon witnessed the whole process from the top of the building, first took pictures with a camera, and then told him to go to the Cathay Theater. Just as the two were about to meet, Wang Meifen called out the surveillance in time and ordered Adai and others who were guarding nearby to arrest them. However, the old demon had long been looking for someone to pretend to be confused by the other party’s sight, and teamed up with Naduo to kill the members of the association, causing this arrest mission to fail again.

After successfully getting out of danger, the old demon confessed to Naduo that he was the creator of Wisher. At first, it was for the benefit of mankind and the sharing of resources. It was definitely not a political conspiracy to destroy him as he imagined. But the couple didn’t want to believe in the old demon anymore. The thing he cares most about now is whether there will be any danger after using the software on the road.

Facing the many questions, the old demon didn’t respond directly, and the two parted ways. Instead, they hid in the corner of the road and recognized Qiu Wendong’s father. In addition, he felt very heavy when he heard the conversation between them. Lu Li came to the horse farm alone to look for Qiu Wendong, but he did not tell him about the old demon. I was afraid that once the truth was revealed, Qiu Wendong’s impression of his father’s greatness would instantly collapse.

That night, the entire Luteng City was shrouded in clouds and thunderstorms continued. I stayed in the library to study books on computer intelligence, hoping to find a way to crack it. On the other side, under the leadership of Qiu Wendong and Luli, a few classmates sneaked into the warehouse of the instrument factory, just to complete the task. , The result was arrested on the spot by security.

After Na Duo received the news, he could only trouble Guo Bin to go to the police station to find the crowd, and his impression of Qiu Wendong was even worse. Guo Bin reminded him to be careful of Qiu Wendong, because he accidentally learned that Qiu Wendong had led the way to Pupzhou, not only that, but even appeared at the scene of Liang Luo’s death.

When Guo Bin and other classmates left one after another, Naduo finally couldn’t hold back his temper, and reprimanded Lu Li for breaking into the warehouse in the middle of the night and concealing himself from going to Piaozhou. Since Lu Li always speaks for Qiu Wendong, the more he thinks about it, the more angry he gets, and he quarrels with Qiu Wendong at the door of the police station.

Originally, Qiu Wendong apologized to Naduo for what happened before, but he didn’t know how to say that he did not hesitate to say anything, and he brought his parents along with him while scolding him. After all, his parents are Qiu Wendong’s real weakness. He does not allow anyone to be humiliated, even his brother in the road. In order to prevent the two from doing anything, Lu Li hurried forward to stop the quarrel, Qiu Wendong left angrily.

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