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Wisher 致命愿望 Episode 4 Recap

Guo Bin, who appeared as a lawyer to the outside world, was a member of Organization X in private, and the so-called Organization X was founded by the national government to fight against extreme terrorist organizations. Liang Ju assigned tasks to Guo Bin and explained to him the tray procedure and conspiracy of the Feeders Association, to understand the method of breaking the game of the “critical butterfly”.

Now the technicians of Institution X are deducing the development trajectory of Wisher. Judging from the current information of the Feeders Association, even if Luteng City uses all the police force, I am afraid that it will not be able to find the specific location of the tray center. So Liang Ju solemnly handed the magnetic storm grenade to Guo Bin and told him to find the special person who can change the development of the situation, that is, the key butterfly in the interpersonal field model. Only he can completely destroy the tray program.

Qiu Wendong led Lu Li to the Phoenix Bay Racecourse, and he gradually opened up his heart after revisiting the old place and told about his past experience. Since his father Qiu Kefan left, the racecourse seemed to have lost its meaning. Because his mother’s condition worsened, the young Qiu Wendong shouldered the responsibility of supporting the family. It was during those most unbearable days that he fully understood Liang Luo’s feelings.

Now, Qiu Wendong gradually understands why his father chose to leave the family and pursue the career he wants to accomplish. Because the vastness of the Milky Way lies in the ignition of countless stars, although each star looks dim, if they are gathered together, they can illuminate the entire night sky and drive away the darkness for people.

At the same time, Naduo sat alone in front of the computer and browsed online comments. Those slanderous texts were intertwined into a network, which firmly covered Qianshan’s false reports and confirmed his indirect crimes of harming Liang’s father and son. Under the feelings of chagrin, pain, and self-blame, Naduo chose to issue an apology, and finally ended the public opinion with the obituary of the death of “Cross Qianshan” and completely cancelled the account.

After one night, I went to the nursing home to pay more, and by the way, I asked Wang Meifen about artificial intelligence issues, and I was curious whether this kind of thing could really control humans. Wang Meifen has long listed Naduo as an important goal, in order to make him a user of Wisher, be as friendly as possible, give confirmation answers with his own knowledge, and at the same time carefully respond to the many temptations.

When Qiu Wendong was chatting with the netizen Luguang, he suddenly received a call from Wang Meifen and learned the importance of the key butterfly through her. Wang Meifen deliberately disclosed to Qiu Wendong the research of scientist Eliot. As early as a hundred years ago, the other party had found a switch mode in human society. This so-called switch will cause the butterfly effect and make the entire society controllable at a very small cost. .

No one knows that the feeding plan has been launched. There are 21 days left before the fall of the green vine. On the other hand, Qiu Wendong in the next investigation, peeling and cautious step by step, every time it seems to have found the answer, only a few steps away. The door is separated, but the result is still futile.

Although from the beginning of Liang Luo’s death, he felt that there was a huge transparent net around him, and he was even facing restraint and manipulation anytime and anywhere, but Qiu Wendong continued to contact the students involved and successfully persuaded them to explain their Wisher. Task.

Combining the clues provided by everyone, Qiu Wendong restored the process of the incident. From the time when Liu Bo made a wish to Wisher, it was recorded and precisely calculated by big data. First, Xu Xin opened the window to reflect light, causing the workers to miss their hands and the brackets to fall; next, Xiaolin moved the trolley. The position, just hit by the bracket, has a counter-effect.

As the trolley slid, it ran into the furniture cart unbiasedly. Because of the fragmentation of the headlights, the worker who installed the furniture did not lock the tightening device as required, which caused hidden dangers. After that, Qiu Wendong and Luli proceeded in an orderly manner in accordance with Wisher’s mission. It was Wisher’s strategy. The driver saw the paint bottle fall and braked urgently. Eventually, the rope tensioner collapsed, the furniture rolled over and got off the car, and Xi Lei tampered with the navigation in advance. , That’s why Liang Luo drove the heavy truck that changed the route and fell down the cliff.

Even though everyone did not intend to kill Liang Luo, everyone made a wish because of their own greed and indirectly fulfilled Liu Bo’s wish. When the facts were in front of them, Xi Lei and others couldn’t accept it. Qiu Wendong found out the weakness of human nature, and his plan was to summon everyone to make the same wishes. Only by fighting against Wisher, can they have a certain degree of initiative, at least. Get out at any time. Lu Li trusted Qiu Wendong and was willing to accompany him in this adventurous experiment.

That many accidentally discovered the trail of Scar Man, so he deliberately pretended to be drunk and contacted him, but the information he obtained was actually forged, but was taunted by the old demon. In order to prove that he was worthy of the labor fee, Na Duo continued to follow Scar Man, even forcibly causing a car accident. I never thought that after realizing that he was exposed, Scar Man actually used a knife to dig out the chip behind his ear in front of the traffic police, and did not hesitate to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

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