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People’s Property 突围 Episode 30 Recap

Huang Qingyuan threatened to never repay the money even if he sat in prison, so Fu Changming asked his wife to find Li Shundong’s account. Back then, the three of them started out with coal, but now only Fu Changming is still standing. Zhang Jiying called Qi Ben’an. His judgment was correct. Lin Manjiang was already alert. She would go to Jingzhou for a face-to-face interview.

Lin Manjiang said that Shi Hongxing and Fan Jiahui signed a contract with Niu Shiyan before entering the newspaper. It is said that now they have signed another contract with the condition that Niu Shiyan be promoted to editor-in-chief, to make way for construction and investigation, and to make this matter an iron case. Lin Manjiang hates betrayal, so he won’t let Qi Ben’an continue to investigate. However, Zhang Jiying is Qi Benan’s backstage. Zhang Jiying went to visit the secretary and talked about the original history.

At that time, Dong Wanjun’s Jinglong Mine was occupied and he was also branded as a traitor. Zhu Changping asked Li George to help him exercise, but it was of no use. Zhu Changping thought for a while and found it difficult to recover the mine in the name of Dong Wanjun. If he believed that he could entrust the mine to Fu Ji, Commander Qian knew Fu. If you remember the background, Commander Qian may give in.

Therefore, George Li took Zhu Changping to see Commander Qian and said that Jinglong Mine was actually the property of Fu Ji, but Commander Qian didn’t buy it. He said that the Anti-Japanese War was won and the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party had ended. He wanted to draw a clear line between them. Zhu Changping threatened to report their business and Shangfeng, Commander Qian was still not afraid.

At this time, a Tian boss in Shanghai also took a fancy to Jinglong Mine, and the relationship with the Executive Yuan Dong Wanjun really had no choice but to prepare to buy it again. Seeing that the benefits did not fall to him, Commander Qian decided to dispose of Jinglong Mine under the name of Fu Ji, and let him arrest Boss Tian. However, Commander Qian had the conditions, and he ordered Zhu Changping to ask for 50 million French currency. Zhu Changping discussed with Li George and Dong Wanjun and asked for the mine to return. Chiang Kai-shek retreated to Taiwan within three years, and Jinglong Mine also returned to Zhao.

After recalling this period of history, Zhang Jiying told the secretary that Lin Manjiang was ready to withdraw Qi Ben’an, and Qi Ben’an had already involved Lin Manjiang’s interests, and Zhang Jiying should hurry up and deploy. Niu Shiyan filmed and interviewed Lu Xiaoliang, and then went to dinner with the helping old classmate Budou, only to find that Budou also brought two female colleagues to kill him, and Lu Xiaoliang could not hide. The newspaper suddenly sent a truckload of chickens, saying that they were delivered by Niu Shiyan’s chicken farm owner. Fan Jiahui was puzzled when he saw it, and quickly called Niu Shiyan.

Niu Shiyan was also at a loss when she received the call, but Li Shundong was the only one to think about it. Sure enough, Li Shundong sent the chicken. He said it was Huang Qingyuan’s repossessed chicken. He didn’t know how to deal with it, so he sent it. Niu Shiyan repeatedly warned Li Shundong to take the chicken back, and the two of them were completely finished.

After eating, I heard that Lu Xiaoliang was paid more than 3,000 yuan a month, and he ate more than 400 for this meal today. He really feels distressed. Niu Shiyan heard that he had such a small salary and that it was very difficult to live in Jingzhou, so she quickly took the money and said that today’s meal counted her, but Lu Xiaoliang didn’t ask for it. Niu Shiyan thought that Lv Xiaoliang was a good and positive comrade, and planned to write an in-depth report. Fan Jiahui quickly agreed.

Fu Changming helped Qian Rongcheng repay 80 million loan sharks, Qian Rongcheng felt that he was afraid of himself, and ignited the hope of life. Cheng Duanyang has recovered and is almost ready to be discharged. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing helped her find an employee dormitory in the hotel, and Duanyang still has to go back to the Miner’s New Village. Shi Hongxing explored whether Cheng Duanyang knew the villa. Cheng Duanyang knew nothing about it.

He was shocked to hear that Changming Group had sent a villa for fear that Pi Dan and Lin Manjiang would make a mistake. Shi Hongxing confessed the truth, and Lin Manjiang used her trust to do a lot of violations of rules and disciplines. When Niu Junjie heard that Lin Manjiang had taken back all the violating notes he had approved over the years, he became anxious on the spot. He turned around and scolded Shi Hongxing as stupid. They all knew Shi Hongxing’s temperament. She was willing to give everything for Lin Manjiang. Qi Ben’an also wrote a love letter to Lin Manjiang for Shi Hongxing.

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