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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 22 Recap

After this time of company, the relationship between Dora and Song Sining began to slowly ease. The mother and daughter took advantage of the weekend to practice golf at home and had a great time. In fact, Song Sining has long learned that golf is one of Du Mui’s favorite leisure activities, so in order to do what he likes, after just a few days of extra training, not only has his skills improved a lot, but also won Du Mui’s praise.

Lu Keying went home and found that Song Only was recording a short video, which made her feel very depressed. She had already put the pros and cons before her eyes, but Song Only seemed to be fascinated. He had to do something unrealistic and thought My own live broadcast is relatively bright, and the novel’s popularity in disguise has been started.

Because of Song’s only unpragmatism, Lu Keying remembered Zhao Yunshen again, only feeling that people were really different. I lay in bed at night and recalled Zhao Yunshen’s words. I thought that the other party had said that love is not the main thing in marriage. If there is no material, this marriage will not go long. Now Lu Keying is a little entangled in her heart. I don’t know if we should continue to invest in this relationship or in time. Stop loss.

Guan Zheng thought that his wife was ill, and rushed to go home to care about her health, until Chen Songying revealed that the purpose of going to the hospital was to get pregnant. Although it was only Chen Songying’s preliminary idea, it was enough to make Guan Zheng happy and even began to imagine the future. On the contrary, Chen Songying believes that she is not young anymore and that the process from pregnancy to delivery is a dangerous process, and needs to be considered seriously, accusing Guan Zheng of patronizing her children and never considering his wife.

In the end, the topic ended with the unhappiness between the two. Guan Zheng threatened to go out and adopt a child in a rage, but he was drinking in the private room. At this time, a woman came in from outside the door. In the following days, Guan Zheng did not go home for a long time. Chen Songying called to ask Xiaojin, but she didn’t know that Guan Zheng was next to Xiaojin.

After work, Chen Songying couldn’t help complaining to Song Sining about Guan Zheng, annoyed that her husband would rather stay in a hotel than go home. Song Sining felt that Chen Songying really cared about Guan Zheng, otherwise he would not always pay attention to the other party’s movements, but Chen Songying refused to admit it. At the same time, when Lu Keying went to work, he saw the rose at the front desk and mistakenly thought it was sent by Zhao Yunshen, only to realize that it was given to a colleague by someone else, which was extremely embarrassing.

When Hao Liangliang was shopping in the mall, she inadvertently saw Tu Yue carrying a man upstairs, so she hurriedly chased it, but she was ashamed. Tu Yue received a call from Hao Liangliang and repeatedly denied that there were men and falsely claimed that he was in school. Hao Liangliang believed that there must be something tricky in this.

Song Sining took Li Junlong to see Du Mei and her husband. The family sat down for dinner. Li Junlong remembered that Ma Chaoqun liked Zeng Guofan, so he chatted with him. The process was quite enjoyable. After the dinner was over, Du Mei took the initiative to invite Song Siming and his wife to wait for a weekend party at home, and Ma Chaoqun and Li Junlong added contact information to each other and were willing to communicate further.

On the day of the weekend party, Mr. Ma introduced his partners to Li Junlong and talked about the financing of the project. The two parties had gotten along very well, but it happened that Dora and Du Mei’s son had a fight. Li Junlong defended his daughter and responded in public. The unscrupulous boy grandmother, the cooperation that is about to be negotiated is also completely hopeless.

After this incident, Song Siming was furious, and the relationship he had built for a long time was so damaged, he immediately had a big quarrel with Li Junlong, and finally decided to run away from home. Li Junlong realized the seriousness of the matter and chased it out with Dora in his arms. He even knelt to keep his wife. Song mother happened to come to visit her daughter, so he reconciled between the couple.

Dora talked about her parents quarreling in front of her grandmother, and her father kneeling her mother. Li’s mother was so angry that she couldn’t sleep all night. As long as she thought of her beloved son being bullied by Song Siming, she burst into tears and decided to find Song Siming to settle accounts. The next day Li’s mother went to find Song Siming, yin and yang sarcastically sarcastically that she was good at managing her husband. Song Siming knew that Li’s mother didn’t understand things, so she would definitely have a bit of misunderstanding, so she could only silently endure Li’s reprimand, until the other party left, she finally broke down and cried. .

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