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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 21 Recap

Chen Songying helped Song Sining to introduce contacts and asked her to take part in a book club as an excuse to get in touch with those wealthy businessmen’s wives. As the main creator of the book club, Du Mei, her husband Ma Chaoqun is not only a well-known big entrepreneur, but also a partner and friend of Guan Zheng. It stands to reason that Guan Zheng can invest in Li Junlong with just one sentence, but Guan Zheng chooses Let Chen Songying go around in such a circle, it is nothing more than to examine Li Junlong’s strength. If his project is really reliable, there is no need to worry about no financing.

At the next day’s book meeting, Song Sining, at Du Mei’s invitation, shared her recent literary books in public, and her generosity was also appreciated by everyone, and she quickly integrated into the circle. Chen Songying informed Guan Zheng of this matter, indicating that Song Sining’s performance was good, and Li Junlong still needs to grasp it.

When Song Only went to the company for a meeting, he found that many creditors had come to the door, and colleagues in various departments of the company were struggling to deal with it. From their conversations, it was not difficult to guess the general situation. It wasn’t until Song Soi found Brother Kai and confirmed that the company was facing capital withdrawal from the capital and was about to declare bankruptcy soon.

At the beginning, Kai Ge and his partners started the company based on the popularity of an anime, but because of his youth and vigor, he directly signed a gambling agreement with other people. Because of this, Song Youyi was also forced to lose his job. At the same time, he spent 800 yuan to buy brother Kai for dinner and gave the other party the plan.

Lu Keying was very angry when she learned about it, and blamed Song Youyou for keeping face, and next month’s rent will be a problem. However, Song Youyi is still dreaming that Brother Kai will make a comeback, and sooner or later he will come to him again, but he does not know that bankruptcy is not a trivial matter, especially when Brother Kai who owes a huge debt will be pulled into the Lao Lai blacklist, even if a comeback will take a long time. time.

At the same time, Song Sining used his own advantages to assist Du Mei with all kinds of trivial matters in the book club. Du Mei was very impressed with Song Siming and admired it very much. She asked about her family members and suggested that the two families had dinner together for two days. Lu Keying learned about the bankruptcy of the animation company through Song Sining, and hoped that Song Youyi could follow the arrangements of her brother-in-law and find a safe shift work. Instead of letting others pull herself, it is better to take the initiative, at least for the time being to solve their survival problems. .

At Monday’s regular meeting, Wu Zhiguo began to care about every employee, which made Chen Songying and Song Sining feel uncomfortable and somewhat ridiculous. Zhao Yunshen took the initiative to call Lu Keying and said that he missed her very much, so he asked her to have dinner at night. Lu Keying believed that some words should be stated clearly in person, and simply agreed to go to the appointment. As a result, Zhao Yunshen analyzed the distinction between marriage and love for her throughout the whole process, which made her have to face her own situation squarely.

Back at home, Lu Keying found that Song Yuyi was planning other ways, such as shooting a short video to promote the novel, claiming that he could wait for a large number of bosses to find him as long as he had enough contacts. Although Song Youyi’s words were in a mess, Lu Keying always disagreed with this matter, and once again mentioned the expenses for next month, and asked the two to share it equally.

For a period of time afterwards, Zhao Yunshen often sent flowers to the front desk of the company, and at the same time, he found a business car for her to take her to and from get off work. At first, Lu Keying reluctantly accepted, but then she couldn’t stand it. She took the initiative to ask him to meet and make it clear, regardless of whether the other party viewed the marriage from the perspective of an investor, but indicated that he was married.

Because Lu Keying disclosed the fact that he was married, Zhao Yunshen realized that he was too impulsive some time ago, so he sincerely apologized and hoped to continue to be friends. Lu Keying readily agreed. On the other side, Chen Songying went to the hospital alone for pre-pregnancy check-ups, but he was seen by the driver Xiaojin, and then told Guan Zheng about the matter, which was actually out of good intentions.

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