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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 20 Recap

The teacher clearly noticed that Dora’s emotions were problematic, so he reported the situation to Song Sining, thinking that Song Sining had enrolled too many tutoring classes for the child, which caused too much pressure. Song Sining did not realize her mistake, but vomited bitterness to Tu Yue, but Tu Yue suggested that Song Sining should spend more time with Dora, but in Song Sining’s view, these methods are totally increasing expenses, and she is usually busy at work. , It is difficult to make time for an outing.

Because of Dora’s affairs, Song Sining was distracted during the company’s meeting, and only asked her colleagues to copy the minutes of the meeting to herself after the meeting. Chen Songying saw that Song Sining was thinking and was curious to inquire about her situation, and Song Sining also felt that she and Dora were too strange. After the previous irritation, she didn’t want to work at all, and even wanted to quit her job and take her children home.

Chen Songying hurriedly stopped and dispelled Song Sining’s thoughts. In her opinion, if a woman has no career and is worthless, especially when her relationship with her husband is not equal, she will lose the right to talk and even lead. After all, those women who are willing to return to their families for the sake of their husbands and children will derail from society sooner or later, with only salt, rice, oil and salt in their mouths.

Therefore, Chen Songying said that opportunities wait for no one. If she chooses to resign on impulse, the quality of life of the couple will also be reduced. After listening to Chen Songying’s words, Song Sining felt that what she had said made sense, and she put aside her plan to resign for the time being, hoping to squeeze some time to improve the parent-child relationship in the coming days.

Song Only went to the game company to participate in the planning meeting, and under the introduction of the boss, Kai Ge, met the directors of various departments present. Originally, the only person in Song was full of confidence and talked about his suggestions for the new animation, but his suggestions were too unreasonable, which caused all procedures to be revised and investment increased.

After the company’s internal research and discussion, Kai finally tried his best to ensure that Song was the only one to stay in the company and soon signed the contract. Lu Keying saw that the screenwriting fee on the contract was as high as 200,000, and she was very happy, and she felt that she was finally overwhelmed with pain, waiting for their spring.

As Lao Xie’s ex-wife’s son was returning from abroad, Hao Liangliang, as a stepmother, was going to choose some gifts, so she called Song Sining and Lu Keying to go shopping, and wanted them to help as a reference. Lu Keying fancy a beautiful dress, but was dissuaded because of the price. Afterwards, Hao Liangliang asked Lu Keying whether he regretted getting married, but Lu Keying insisted that she never regretted it and would continue to struggle with Song Youyi to manage her future marriage.

Originally, Chen Songying prepared red wine at home to create a romantic atmosphere and waited for Guan Zheng, but in the middle of the night, Guan Zheng came back drunk and drunk, making her feel uneasy. When Chen Songying turned off the TV and got up to leave, she felt a little distressed when she saw Guan Zheng drunk and unconscious, so she personally clothed him.

After thinking about it, Song Si Ning decided to take a day off to ease her relationship with Dora, so he and Li Junlong went to the kindergarten to pick up Dora first. The family of three walked home and was extremely happy during the period. In the evening, Dora took her parents to play house wine, and the three of them gradually forgot the unhappiness they had had before, and felt sweet now.

Colleagues of the company discussed that the headquarters would make large-scale adjustments to the branch staff, and I am afraid that Wu Zhiguo’s position would be lost. Although there was no clear news, Song Sining still confirmed its reliability through Chen Songying. Just because the company was preparing for a major reshuffle, Song Sining felt that she had no hope of being the deputy general manager, and might be demoted, so she had the idea of ​​resigning. Li Junlong was extremely happy and promised to let her and her children live a good life.

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