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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 36 Recap

Rong Jing showed weakness in front of Ye Tianyi, expressing that he was willing to be Ye Tianyi’s military adviser, only to get Ye Tianyi to let go of Mo Pavilion, Ye Tianyi worried that Rong Jing betrayed him, Rong Jing bluntly said that he has no soldiers and no generals. Tian Yi left Rong Jing in his barracks.

Ye Qingran yearned for a free life when she was alive, and Tuoba Yeqian decided to travel the world with Ye Qingran’s knife. When Yun Qianyue saw her off, Tuoba Yeqian informed Yun Qianyue of Ling’er’s whereabouts, and she loved Tuoba. Although Ye Qian’s Nan Lingrui refused to let her leave, she couldn’t say it.

Cang Ting found Ling’er and monitored it for many days. When he broke into the house, he saw only the village woman lying on the ground. He didn’t see Ling’er. Ye Tianyi was very worried after learning about it. After all, Ling’er was the first heir to the throne. , He did not die, Ye Tianyi could not justify becoming the new emperor.

Yun Qianyue decided to personally escort Ye Qingran’s coffin to leave Pingcheng and return to the capital. Ye Tianyi decided to attack Yun Qianyue and others to disrupt the military’s mind, in one fell swoop to break Pingcheng and command the capital. Rong Jing’s people told Rong Jing about this. Ye Tianyi arranged for his most trusted Lan Yi to find Ling’er, and told Lan Yi to cut the grass and get rid of the roots.

Before Yun Qianyue started to draw, she learned that the enemy was approaching, so she asked Chen Liu to send coffins to each other, while she went to delay the enemy’s footsteps. Yun Qianyue meets Cang Ting, who came to stop the coffin from returning to Beijing. Rong Jing appears to understand and save Yun Qianyue. Cang Ting questioned Rong Jing and asked Rong Jing to escort Yun Qianyue back to camp. Rong Jing said frankly that she had love for Yun Qianyue. In addition to herself, there is Ye Tianyi. Yun Qianyue hates Rong Jing but begs to die. Rong Jing uses Yun Qianyue to be useful to stop Cang Ting.

Nan Lingrui searched for the address given by Tuoba Ye Qian, but found that someone had gone to the building. The Lan family’s subordinates persuaded Lan Yi, who had been observing in secret, to catch Nan Lingrui. He believed that as long as Nan Lingrui was tortured, he would get it. With Ling’er’s whereabouts, the persuaded Lan Yi wanted to catch Nan Lingrui, but he didn’t want to be caught alive by Nan Lingrui, who is highly skilled in martial arts. Nan Lingrui saw Lan Yi’s feelings for Ye Tianyi. Nan Lingrui, who understood people’s hearts, decided to let Lan Yi go and asked her to lie to Ye Tianyi that she had killed Ling’er. Nan Lingrui told Lan Yi if she said Ye Tianyi will definitely be disappointed in her failure to complete the task.

Lan Yi, who didn’t want to lose Ye Tianyi’s trust, lied to Ye Tianyi. Ye Tianyi was very happy with the result. Lan Yi was thankful that she didn’t tell the truth. Rong Jing takes Yun Qianyue to see Ye Tianyi, and Ye Tianyi mocks Yun Qianyue for not knowing good or bad, Yun Qianyue is unmoved, and accuses Ye Tianyi and Rong Jing of embarrassment. Ye Tianyi didn’t know what to do with Yun Qianyue, Rong Jing didn’t help Yun Qianyue intercede, and Ye Tianyi decided to let Yun Qianyue do hard labor in the army. Ye Tianyi made Yun Qianyue understand the reality. Yun Qianyue said that Ye Tianyi could never get the most sincere feelings she had ever had. Ye Tianyi emphasized that Ye Qingran was dead, and Yun Qianyue tried to anger Ye Tianyi.

Yun Qianyue was harassed by the soldiers while she was working, and she silently cared about her Rong Jing and protected her secretly. Xian Ge taught the soldiers and warned them not to move people who shouldn’t move. Lan Yi asked Yun Qianyue to wash the clothes the soldiers had changed and made a mockery. Yun Qianyue said that if Lan Yi was so aggressive again, she would seduce Ye Tianyi. The enraged Lan Yi lied that Ling’er was dead and told herself that Ling’er was dead. The person who has fallen is Rong Jing. The heartbroken Yun Qianyue wanted to kill Rong Jing, and the sleepy and alert Rong Jing subdued Yun Qianyue. The guard asked if Rong Jing was abnormal, and Rong Jing covered it for Yun Qianyue.

Yu Luoyao saw Yun Qianyue’s experience. Shangguan Mingyu asked her to think about whether the Qi country’s women would end up with Yun Qianyue if Tiansheng encounters a war. Yuluoyao’s mouth is hard, Shangguan Mingyue Seeing her intolerance, she said that if Yu Luoyao insisted on resuming the country, it would be no different from Ye Tianyi who provoked the war.

Leng Zhaozhuo begged to see Ye Tianyi and brought a list of ministers who supported Ye Tianyi. Ye Tianyi looked down on Leng Zhaozhuo who clung to him but accepted him as a surrender. Leng Zhaozhuo persuaded Ye Tianyi to gather the 200,000 troops stationed in Yueqi to attack Kyoto. Rong Jing analyzed the pros and cons and expressed different opinions. For this reason, he also specially made a marching road map. Ye Tianyi listened to Rong Jing’s opinion. Lan Yi looked at the route map and sighed for Rong Jing’s wisdom. Ye Tianyi knew that Rong Jing could not stay. Yun Qianyue overheard several people talking, she wanted to steal the road map.

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