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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Jinjin helped Ye Nan raise money, Ye Nan’s ex-girlfriend appeared

until the end of the year, the landlord came to Ye Nan to talk about rent renewal, he said Ye Nan would add 8 ten thousand. Ye Nan hopes to be less, the snow season has just started, and all his money has been invested. Now there are only daily travel expenses in the store, and the landlord said that it can’t be reduced. The landlord next door paid this price last year. He said that it is difficult to consider the rent money. If it is not possible, please tell him in advance, and both of them will make preparations early.

Lin Jinjin was very worried about Ye Nan, and asked him if he wanted to increase the rent? Ye Nan said he can handle it, but don’t tell Xiaoan, because Wang Xiaoan is celebrating his birthday today, and he doesn’t want to affect Wang Xiaoan’s mood.

They went to celebrate Wang Xiaoan’s birthday and sang her birthday song. Ye Nan gave Wang Xiaoan a gift, and He Feng hugged Wang Xiaoan directly. He said that Wang Xiaoan was now his girlfriend, and he asked Ye Nan to greet his love with peace of mind. Ye Nan said that Wang Xiaoan is his apprentice, and he hopes He Feng can treat Wang Xiaoan sincerely.

Lin Jinjin said that Wang Xiaoan was finally able to have a good birthday. In the past few years, her birthday was either on the crew or rushing for the draft. She felt very sorry for her, but fortunately, she managed to get out of her head. Lin Jinjin is envious, she also wants to get ahead. Wang Xiaoan said that there will be this day, love will come, and work will come.

He Feng went to bring breakfast to Wang Xiaoan. Lin Jinjin skipped breakfast and went out without wanting to eat their dog food.

When Lin Jinjin went to the ski shop, Zhou Xu was preparing discounted merchandise. Lin Jinjin asked him whether the discount on the new model was due to the increase in rent? Why is this situation so bad? Zhou Xu said he was an outsider, so why did he tell her so much? Lin Jinjin asked where Ye Nan was again? He asked Ye Nan to ski. Zhou Xu said that Ye Nan was negotiating with their landlord to keep Lin Jinjin okay and not to come to the shop all the time, which would not only add chaos, but also affect their business. Lin Jinjin told him not to be yin and yang, isn’t it just money? She will fix it.

Lin Jinjin called Sister Ai. She said that she hadn’t worked for a long time and she was a motivated entertainer. Then she called Manager Wang and said that he had a car to sell, and she wanted to sell bags.

He Feng sent Wang Xiaoan home. When he wanted to kiss her, Lin Jinjin suddenly appeared and told them not to sprinkle dog food if nothing was wrong.

Wang Xiaoan asked him if he had brought in Erha next door. Lin Jinjin said, where did she put the jewelry and diamond necklace she gave to Shiyan? Wang Xiaoli said that he couldn’t even afford a credit card and wanted to help others tide over the economic crisis. Lin Jinjin said she has no money, but she has goods. It took them all online and sold them all into cash. Wang Xiaoan asked her friend what exactly did it do. Lin Jinjin said that she was not a fool, and helped him through the economic crisis at this time, and see the truth in adversity.

Lin Jinjin collected 100,000 yuan and gave it to Ye Nan. She said that she could only give him so much now, and she would think of a way later. Ye Nan said that he didn’t need to worry about funds, he would borrow it himself. Lin Jinjin said that if Ye Nan can solve it, why should he deal with all the new snow suits at a loss? He asked Ye Nan not to have a psychological burden, and he treated it as an investment. Anyway, the artists now have side jobs. Ye Nan said her work has stalled now, and she should keep some money by her side. Lin Jinjin said that it was enough to have him.

At this time Xu Minghan appeared and took him out for dinner. Lin Jinjin pulled the clothes and told him that she was waiting for him in the store.

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