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People’s Property 突围 Episode 29 Recap

Everyone put forward their opinions with Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie. Everyone has heard of the fact that Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine has no idea that there is something tricky in it. Everyone has heard about it. Qi Ben’an stated that in the future, all decisions concerning the interests of workers will be passed through the workers. I hope everyone believes in them and in themselves. Lin Manjiang asked Lu Jianshe to report again. Lu Jianshe calculated that he wanted Qi Ben’an to get out, and immediately went to tidy up the materials for Ben’an.

In Lin Manjiang’s eyes, Niu Junjie has never been a good thing. Pi Dan fanned the flames next to Lin Manjiang and pulled Qi Ben’an down, but Lin Manjiang’s candidate was by no means Pi Dan. If he is not good at Jingzhou Energy, can he do well in Jingzhou Zhongfu. Lin Manjiang approached Zhang Jiying and said that he wanted Qi Ben’an to come back to help her, saying that he would not give way to the construction of the speech, and the impact was extremely bad. Li Xuexue went to the secretary of Guofu to talk about Lu Deguang’s situation. He came to intercede for Lu Deguang. Lu Deguang could criticize and deal with it, but he could not withdraw.

There must be someone in Jingzhou. Prior to this, Li Xuexue insisted on taking down Lu Deguang. He did not accept any supervision until this democratic life meeting. The secretary of Guofu heard about Mayor Wu and Lu Deguang, and asked Li to study it with himself. Li Xuexue can see that Lu Deguang is a cadre who lives for work, which is really rare. Someone told Lu Deguang to create public opinion, but in fact the people supported Lu Deguang, and Li Xuexue repeatedly begged the Secretary of the Wealth of China not to let Lu Deguang go.

Lu Jianshe went to Beijing to file a complaint, and before he left, he clamored for a car. Qi Ben’an was stubborn and refused to buy it for him. The materials of Jingzhou Zhongfu in recent years are incomplete, and Lin Manjiang’s instructions and meeting materials have also disappeared. Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an confessed that these were taken away by Lin Manjiang. How smart he is to let him keep the handle of violations of rules and disciplines in others.

In his hands, she and Pidan are the ones who violate the rules and disciplines. Shi Hongxing thought that Lin Manjiang would not deliberately harm her, but that is not always the case now. Qi Ben’an asked if Shi Hongxing had accepted a villa of the Changming Group. Five years ago, the meeting minutes showed that Shi Hongxing accepted the villa according to Lin Manjiang’s instructions. The price and time are available. Shi Hongxing was dumbfounded.

Shi Hongxing remembered that Fu Changming had proposed to give it to Cheng Duanyang. Shi Hongxing specifically asked Lin Manjiang for instructions, and Lin Manjiang let her accept it, but he took Lin Manjiang’s instructions. Shi Hongxing had only one mouth to speak and speak. She doesn’t know who owns this villa, but Pidan did it.

Qi Benan didn’t have to guess that it was in Pi Dan’s hands. Shi Hongxing remembered that the Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine was in the hands of Pi Dan for the whole process. In fact, it was Lin Manjiang, Fu Changming and Pi Dan who managed it, Shi Hongxing and Shi Hongxing. Jin Xianyou is a cover. Qi Benan asked Shi Hongxing to keep quiet, and took the time to ask Cheng Duanyang if he knew the existence of this villa and whose name it belonged to. If it were just Pi Dan, a villa would be no big deal, but Lin Manjiang’s figure gradually appeared, he was the leader behind everything, and Fu Changming should be his white glove.

Zhang Jiying does not advocate activating Qi Ben’an. This is just a trivial matter among colleagues. What’s more, the quality of the road construction is poor and the masses are not ideal, and the report is not necessarily the truth. Zhang Jiying wanted to go to Jingzhou, otherwise, he would invite the three of them to talk, but Lin Manjiang disagreed and said that he had to think about it again.

The children came to the hospital to visit Chen Yingcheng, hoping that he would be discharged soon and go back to teach everyone. Chen Yingcheng decided to leave the hospital immediately. Cheng Duanyang’s goal was achieved. In fact, Chen Yingcheng was not a bad person, but a reasonable person. Qin checked that they had sent the petition.

The Secretary of the Handong Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Pingfan, also wanted to open up to Lu Deguang. The Secretary of National Wealth did not want him to leave. Shi Hongxing is still unwilling to believe that Lin Manjiang is such a person, worrying that Qi Ben’an is too worried, but there are also problems with Changming Insurance. Changming Insurance is actually able to sell Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine, which laid the foundation today.

It is no coincidence that the market is calling for trouble. Without Jingzhou Zhongfu, there would be no Changming Insurance. The monthly premium of Changming Insurance is 70 to 80 billion yuan, and Fu Changming has also taken down several listed companies. Lin Manjiang is worried about this. As soon as Lu Jianshe came in, he was full of fat and began to cry. Lin Manjiang was very dissatisfied, but he had no one to use except Lu Jianshe. Lin Manjiang clung to Niu Junjie, and even gave way to the construction of Qibenan and Shi Hongxing for corruption.

When Fu Changming received the news, Qian Rongcheng estimated that he would not be able to hold it, and Xinxin Company asked him to pay off the 80 million usury principal within 24 hours. Fu Changming arranged for someone to bring an 80 million cash draft to Qian Rongcheng, asking him to do it for himself, and never help him again.

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