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People’s Property 突围 Episode 28 Recap

Qian Rongcheng and Niu Shiyan talked about their family history. He found Niu Shiyan when he was desperate. Please report on them, but Niu Shiyan will not just listen to him. Li Shundong is Niu Shiyan’s ex-boyfriend, and Qin Xiaochong is her colleague, so Qian Rongcheng asked Niu Shiyan to come here in the hope that she would let them let them go, and also gave a card. Naturally, Niu Shiyan did not dare to accept it, and she would not help Qian Rongcheng to host peace.

Negotiations, not to mention that the whole city knows about fire prevention, theft prevention and Rongcheng, why should she pull Li Shundong to do such an unreliable thing. The subordinates asked Qian Rongcheng to leave. Niu Shiyan would definitely know this place as soon as Li Shundong came, but Qian Rongcheng did not leave.

Pi Dan left, Niu Junjie ran away, Shi Hongxing asked Jingzhou Energy what to do with this mess. Only when the problem fell in his hands did he know how difficult it was. Shi Hongxing felt that he was wrong to blame Niu Junjie. Qi Ben’an knew that Lin Manjiang would not give them money, and Jingzhou Energy’s billion-dollar group should not count on the group, and the difficulties have to be resolved on their own. Shi Hongxing quickly took out her notebook and began to record Qi Ben’an’s words.

Qi Ben’an raised two points. Shi Hongxing agreed and quickly notified Lu Jianshe to meet. Lu Jianshe came to Qi Ben’an’s office with his head held high. He had a lot of grievances and put the party secretary on his lips. Shi Hongxing couldn’t help reminding the three of them that there are priorities and Qi Ben’s arrangement was the first. Qi Ben’an was impatient too, and he wished to drive Lu Jian out immediately. The road construction stopped, Qi Ben’an could explain the work and act separately.

Niu Shiyan told Fan Jiahui as soon as she returned from Qian Rongcheng, and Fan Jiahui urged her to report in depth in the shanty town. When Niu Junjie hid in the hospital, everything fell on Shi Hongxing’s head, and she felt very painful. Shi Hongxing told Niu Junjie not to be nosy, especially Lu Jianshe, he almost hated Niu Junjie.

Shi Hongxing told Niu Junjie that Qi Benan said in front of Lin Manjiang that he wanted to be the chairman of Jingzhou Energy. Lin Manjiang wanted him to pay 1,000 yuan a month for living expenses like Niu Junjie, but Shi Hongxing quickly blocked it. Fan Jiahui’s newspaper office is also very difficult. The children go to Beijing International School and rely on Qi Ben’an to support them. Fan Jiahui complained that Qi Ben’an was not in a good position because Qi Ben’an went back and disrupted the newspaper’s plan.

Moreover, Lu Jianshe was looking at Shi Hongxing to investigate her, including how Niu Shiyan entered the newspaper. The road construction is here to make trouble. Lin Manjiang can only start the trouble in Jingzhou Zhongfu. Qi Benan has seen it through early on, but Lin Manjiang has bad intentions. Qi Ben’an and Fan Jiahui discussed going to Jingzhou Energy and chairman of the board to get 1,000 yuan a month for living expenses. Fan Jiahui was impatient on the spot. Let alone money or money, can Qi Benan solve the big mess of Jingzhou Energy?

Lin Manjiang guessed that Pi Dan had talked to Fu Changming about Jingzhou Zhongfu again, but if Pi Dan really went to Jingzhou Zhongfu as chairman, he would not do better than Qi Benan. Pi Dan quickly showed his loyalty, he didn’t need any ability, he just had to be sincere to Lin Manjiang, just like Shi Hongxing before. But Pidan can handle it by himself. Lin Manjiang didn’t expect Pi Dan to be very capable and ambitious. Even if he was dissatisfied with Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing, he would not dare to hand over Jingzhou Zhongfu to Pi Dan. He had to look for a new chairman.

Qi Benan went to Jingzhou Energy and became the chairman of the board, and met many old acquaintances during the meeting. Qi Ben’an’s father died in the underground, and Cheng Duanyang’s husband also died in the underground. Many, many people died in the underground, but under such circumstances, everyone still did not lose the pride of the working class. Qi Benan knows that the market is not good and everyone is living a hard life. He came to serve as the chairman of Jingzhou Energy. Like Niu Junjie, he only earns 1,000 yuan a month for living expenses. Jingzhou Energy does not solve the problem. He doesn’t get a point for his annual salary!

Lu Deguang, Lu Jiajia, and Lin Xiaowei went to the shanty town again. There are many hidden dangers in safety, and the residents are not living well. The main opponents of demolition are small merchants in shanty towns, and almost none of these small shops are legally operated. But if they don’t just open their eyes and let these old, weak, sick and disabled open their doors for business, how can they live their lives? Lu Deguang felt deeply that we owed too much debt to the shanty towns.

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