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People’s Property 突围 Episode 27 Recap

Lin Manjiang cried. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing were very sincere. They were really worried about Lin Manjiang and hoped that he could solve their confusion. Lin Manjiang looked sad and disappointed, and Qi Benan refused to sign the handover audit sheet until today, because in Qi Benan’s opinion, there are many things that have not been cleared out and there are doubts.

Lin Manjiang sighed, if this is the case, Qi Benan will come back. Qi Ben’an didn’t agree, and went back to the deal. Lin Manjiang expressed that he would give them a chance to solve their doubts. Jingzhou Energy’s transfer of Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine is a market act, and no one is responsible for the transfer of 1.5 billion yuan to Changming Group. Zhongfu Group will be held accountable if it recovers the non-market behavior. . Qi Benan felt that this could not be done.

The losses of the small and medium-sized shareholders were also the people’s property, and they would not agree to it. Lin Manjiang doesn’t care, what can you do to them if you don’t agree? Qi Ben’an said that Zhongfu Group, as a state-owned enterprise, cannot destroy its image. He hopes that the transfer of 1.5 billion yuan to Changming Group can be considered. Lin Manjiang loosened his mouth, Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing finally breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Manjiang’s high-ranking authority could not hear the true opinions, and they were loyal to their ears.

Cheng Duanyang said that he understood Chen Yingcheng. He was ousted by Lu Deguang because of his lazy politics. But did Chen Yingcheng not feel any guilt in the March 28th accident? Chen Yingcheng said that he still felt guilty, but it was too late now. But Cheng Duanyang said that Chen Yingcheng can help everyone. Lu Deguang recently visited the shanty town’s microservices. He said that even if he steps down, he must abolish Document No. 24 before he leaves. Even if he leaves, he will go to the shanty town for demolition Yes, she hoped that Chen Yingcheng would not tell Lu Deguang again. The shantytown residents hope that the demolition and relocation is true, and Chen Yingcheng also hopes that everyone will have a good life. Chen Yingcheng let go, as long as Lu Deguang did good things for the people in the shanty towns, he would not report.

Shi Hongxing wanted Lin Manjiang to take down the road construction, but Lin Manjiang disagreed, and Qi Benan did not cooperate with her. Qi Ben’an told Shi Hongxing that Lin Manjiang just wanted to take Lu Jianshe and watch him and Niu Junjie, where they could easily be taken down. Qi Benan said that Lin Manjiang would never let Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie divorce again, because Lin Manjiang no longer regarded her as his own, and now Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan have almost the same status. Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an are very close to Lin Manjiang, but Lin Manjiang doesn’t think so, in his eyes they are here to force the palace. After they left, Lin Manjiang asked Pi Dan to find Fu Changming and tell him the situation. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing were thinking about 1.5 billion to get it back. Qian Rongcheng’s trouble must be dealt with.

Qin Xiaochong received the news that Huang Qingyuan was coming back, and Li Shundong took him to Luzhou without saying a word, and wanted the Executive Bureau to execute him immediately. Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie heard that Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine still has an equipment replacement cost, which is why Changming Group is eyeing it again. Niu Junjie cursed Lin Manjiang, but Qi Benan told him that Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine might not be a burden, but might make a comeback. Niu Junjie specially sent a sign of acting secretary to Lu Jianshe, and Wu Sitai hung it up at the risk of being dismissed. Lu Jianshe went to the hospital to see Niu Junjie. As expected, he was not hospitalized, but went to the mine with Qi Ben’an.

When Huang Qingyuan got off the plane, he ran into the Executive Bureau of the Court and the Angel Company, and quickly called Fu Changming for help. Fu Changming ignored him. Since he is rich, he should go to prison. Huang Qingyuan’s equity in Changming Insurance was worth more than two billion yuan. After bankruptcy, he immediately transferred the equity to his sister, which is really rascal. Fu Changming can rescue him, but the condition is the equity of Changming Insurance.

But Huang Qingyuan would rather go to prison than sell equity, that is his coffin. Huang Qingyuan thought it over, and after a while, it would last a lifetime. After leaving the customs, Huang Qingyuan was taken away by the police and detained. Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong also found out his equity in Changming Insurance. He clearly had money.

Lu Jianshe found that the door of his office had been replaced by the acting secretary’s sign, and he was so angry that he went to Pidan to file a complaint. Pi Dan blows the air in front of Lin Manjiang, saying that Niu Junjie has been going down the mine with Qi Ben’an in order to retreat. Lin Manjiang unexpectedly said that he admires Qi Ben’an. He is indeed very powerful. Qin Xiaochong tried hard to persuade Huang Qingyuan’s wife, but the couple seemed to have made up their minds. Lin Manjiang got on Fu Changming’s special plane. He was worried that Qian Rongcheng would do something bad. Fu Changming only said that he had skipped his feet, so he went to blackmail him everywhere.

Lin Manjiang told him not to entangle this kind of people with no bottom line, but Fu Changming was worried that Qian Rongcheng would get worse. He also said that he would compromise his authority by giving Qi Benan back. Niu Shiyan went to interview Qian Rongcheng, and Qian Rongcheng could only be interviewed at a scrap steel factory because of debt collection. Qian Rongcheng desperately wanted to ask Niu Shiyan to help report it, but in fact Qian Rongcheng replaced the legal representative of Rongcheng Iron and Steel Group with his old mother, so angry that the bank and the court could not do anything.

Jingzhou Energy ran out of money again, and Shi Hongxing knew that he had faulted Niu Junjie and wanted to help them secure their loans.

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