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People’s Property 突围 Episode 26 Recap

Lu Deguang hopes to have a meeting with Mayor Wu and discuss it again, instead of sitting idly by. Lu Deguang will not complain even if the crime is aggravated. If the shantytown renovation can be started five years ago, everyone can live in a new house without paying any money. But now the house price is so high, everyone still needs some money. Li Xuexue expressed his support and was willing to talk to Mayor Wu and the others. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing reviewed her notebooks. Shi Hongxing and Pi Dan were only executors back then. Lin Manjiang was the one who made the decision. Qi Ben’an was worried that Lin Manjiang would still be able to justify himself.

Shi Hongxing was worried that Qian Rongcheng would really go to Beijing to find Lin Manjiang, and wanted to take the opportunity to have a showdown with him. Qi Benan could only ask her to call, but Lin Manjiang did not answer the phone calls of the two. Shi Hongxing called Pi Dan and said that he was going to get together with Lin Manjiang. Pi Danming said that he was not by Lin Manjiang’s side, and said perfunctorily to help with the conversation. Lin Manjiang decided to see them and let them come over for dinner. Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan received the call and immediately went to the airport.

Because of Zhou Jieling’s conversation with her daughter, Qin Xiaochong must act well, and she has to make a script for him. Qin Xiaochong received a call from Qin Inspection saying that Lu Jianshe was coming, and quickly asked him to leave Lu Jianshe and hurry home. Lu Jianshe thought Niu Junjie was a bad guy, Qin Inspection didn’t think so, and Qin Xiaochong was kicked out.

Qin Xiaochong told Lu Jianshe that he had always suspected that Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie had harmed him. Speaking of deepthroat calls, Lin Manjiang instructed Shi Hongxing, Pi Dan and others to sell high and low to buy state-owned assets, and Lu Jianshe automatically took Lin Manjiang. Go over with Pi Dan just talk about Niu Junjie. Lu Jianshe climbed up, and Niu Junjie wanted to make a strategic shift, so he went to Pi Dan to check the three highs in the hospital. After he left, he handed the matter to Wang Zihe.

Lin Manjiang knew that Qi Benan would not be afraid of himself, so he probably came to a showdown. Speaking of the billion, Fu Changming said that Qian Rongcheng jumped the wall and ransacked indiscriminately. Lin Manjiang believes that Qi Ben’an has lived under his own shadow all his life, and defeating him may be Qi Ben’an’s quickest thing. Qi Benan knew what Lin Manjiang thought of him, but there was one thing Lin Manjiang couldn’t learn from him, that is, he did things meticulously.

Qin Xiaochong continued to talk to Lu Jianshe about the deep-throat report call, saying that Lin Manjiang must be behind it. Lu Jianshe hurriedly interrupted him and asked Qin Xiaochong to focus on Niu Junjie. Qin Xiaochong really had nothing to say to Niu Junjie. He was at most a accomplice who committed the crime. He determined that Shi Hongxing and Pi Dan must have participated in framing themselves in order to cover up their secrets. They were refuted by Lu Jianshe. If it was true, Qin Xiaochong would not be able to get out. .

Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing flew to Beijing to eat at Lin Manjiang’s house, and he deliberately drove Pi Dan and Tong Gehua away. Shi Hongxing was flustered, and Qi Benan had to speak first. Lin Manjiang obviously knew what they were coming for. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing said that they are all good intentions, so they said these words. Qin inspection could see that the road construction was not to vindicate Qin Xiaochong, but to dig holes for Niu Junjie.

Qin Xiaochong didn’t say anything more when the situation was wrong. Lu Jianshe sighed as he listened to Qin Xiaochong’s recording. It seemed that corruption would not work. At this time, he received a call from Pi Dan, saying that Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing had come to Lin Manjiang for a showdown. Lu Jianshe also told Pi Dan what he was investigating today, the cards in Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan’s hands. Pi Dan said that Lin Manjiang had known the cards in their hands for a long time, and he waited for Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing to disarm Lin Manjiang and let him form a team with Lu Jianshe.

Qi Ben’an moved from Zhu Changping’s deeds to the 4.7 billion transaction of Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine. Qian Rongcheng said that this transaction involved Changming Group’s 1 billion bribes. Lin Manjiang vowed to say that this is blackmail, where’s the billions in transaction costs! Qi Benan talked about Jingzhou Energy. He planned to concurrently serve as the chairman. Lin Manjiang simply asked him to give up the annual salary of Zhongfu and go to Jingzhou Energy to get 1,000 yuan a month for living expenses before agreeing to the reorganization plan.

Shi Hongxing reminded Qi Benan not to be arrogant, but Qi Benan still went straight up, saying that he had the right to investigate the transaction, which angered Lin Manjiang. Lin Manjiang called aggrieved for himself, saying that they, as their juniors, did not believe in themselves, and started to cry. Cheng Duanyang went to Chen Yingcheng. She was not here to report Lu Deguang, but to persuade Chen Yingcheng. Chen Yingcheng was not willing to listen to these words, but the nurse said that she was the model worker who was smashed under the dangerous house.

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