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People’s Property 突围 Episode 24 Recap

Shi Hongxing said that Qi Ben’an was too much today, even if he pretended it, he had to pretend, but Qi Ben’an couldn’t get used to the look of the villain in the road construction, and he couldn’t learn to pretend. Niu Junjie clamored to resign, Qi Benan asked Shi Hongxing the reason. Shi Hongxing confessed that Niu Junjie was afraid of road construction’s retaliation, and Qi Benan firmly disagreed with Niu Junjie’s resignation, and he had to arrange road construction to do Niu Junjie’s work in return.

Shi Hongxing persuaded Qi Benan to keep a low profile. Today, let alone Lin Manjiang, other leaders will not be satisfied with his approach. Qi Ben’an was very stubborn and was unwilling to call Lin Manjiang to explain.

Lu Jianshe had already called Pi Dan to make a small report, saying that Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an despised Lin Manjiang, and Pi Dan was fighting over there. Lu Deguang was deeply aware of his responsibilities in the March 28th accident, and then talked about the female reporter Niu Shiyan, and talked about this report.

In a sense, Lu Deguang regretted that their work had neglected their duties. If they could be more resolute five years ago, perhaps the March 28 incident would never happen. Lu Deguang proposed that in addition to speeding up the transformation of shantytowns, it is also necessary to arrange life for laid-off workers in shantytowns. When Lu Deguang finished speaking, Mayor Wu criticized him instead of being self-criticizing, but making use of the topic. Mayor Wu said that Lu Deguang’s main purpose was to abolish Document 24, which was a mess.

In this regard, some people raised objections. Comrade Zixing believes that this document No. 24 from a few years ago can be completely revoked, but there needs to be a procedure. Mayor Wu also said that he would not give the green light for anything, and no one can cover the sky with one hand. Lu Deguang, who had never spoken, asked Mayor Wu if he would implement the abolition of Document 24 if the Standing Committee passed it. Li Xuexue reminds everyone that today is a democratic life meeting, don’t digress. Mayor Wu got up and left at lunch time

Niu Shiyan ran aggressively to find Li Shundong, and Li Shundong quickly took Qin Xiaochong with him with two karaokes. Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong sang and made peace, Niu Shiyan couldn’t bear it. Li Shundong gave Niu Shiyan a card with 200,000 in it, and returned Shi Hongxing with the profit. Niu Shiyan asked him to pay it back.

How could he buy back the things he sold. Niu Shiyan didn’t appreciate it, and Qin Xiaochong was there to help, saying how sad and lonely Li Shundong was. Niu Shiyan couldn’t hear a word, and left without saying a few words. Li Shundong did not give up, threatening to remove all obstacles.

Lu Jianshe was clamoring to have offices of the same standard as Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing, but Qi Benan asked Lu Jianshe to say that he had given up his office to Lu Jianshe, to see if he had that face occupied. Lu Jianshe is looking for Niu Junjie to talk to, and Niu Junjie is very angry with Lu Jianjie. Only Zixing dared to support Lu Deguang publicly. Zixing hoped that he would not be pessimistic.

The people in the shanty towns also said that only Lu Deguang is still thinking about the transformation of the shanty towns. Lu Deguang and Mayor Wu were in a head-on conflict, and everyone was unable to express their views, but I believe that most people support Lu Deguang, including Li Xuexue. Mayor Wu and another market ventilated and said that this could not be continued, and that they would give Lu Deguang a heavy hammer. Studying Li didn’t expect Lu Deguang to be so tough. At this time, he had to have a good relationship with Lu Deguang.

As soon as Shi Hongxing went home, she received a call from Pi Dan saying that they were bullying. Lin Manjiang answered the call and said that they did not worry about herself and asked her to divorce Niu Junjie. Shi Hongxing is not happy anymore. The public has a voice in how Pi Dan has been the chairman of the board for so many years.

Instead, Lin Manjiang dragged him to Beijing without distinction. Lin Manjiang was quite awe-inspiring to raise the volume. Shi Hongxing was a little wronged. The deputy secretary of Lu Jianshe failed to do a good job and became a secretary. Pi Dan was an official bastard and got Lin Manjiang’s importance instead. Lin Manjiang hung up the phone in desperation. He didn’t know the virtue of road construction.

Lu Jianshe said that he wanted Niu Junjie to be the chairman of Jingzhou Energy, but Niu Junjie didn’t have the road to build, there is no official addiction, wherever such conditions can keep him. When it came time for Qin Xiaochong and Weiwei to make a video call once a week, Qin Xiaochong was very excited when he talked with his daughter again. Qin Xiaochong was excited and said that he would be back two days later, and was warned by Zhou Jieling. Lu Jianshe couldn’t do Niu Junjie’s work, so Qi Benan invited him to eat at home, and Fan Jiahui was also there.

Shi Hongxing went to visit Cheng Duanyang, Cheng Duanyang deliberately gave Pi Dan a warning call in front of her, Pi Dan was busy eating with Fu Changming, and hung up without saying a few words.

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