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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 19 Recap

Under Song Only’s narration, Lu Keying realized that she had been too impulsive just now and had misunderstood before asking clearly. Especially under his various sweet words, she gradually calmed down and hoped that Song Only would not let herself down again. Little did she know that from the moment she forgave Song Sochi, she was destined to not change Song Sochi’s nature, and would continue to take the wrong path.

Seeing Guan Zheng came back from a business trip, Chen Songying immediately remembered what Song Sining had confessed, so she begged Guan Zheng to introduce some contacts or resources to Li Junlong. Guan Zheng readily agreed and was about to go upstairs to have a conference call. Chen Songying suddenly stopped him and asked him if he was satisfied with his current marriage. In fact, he wanted to find an excuse to propose a child.

However, Guan Zheng expressed satisfaction without hesitation, which made Chen Songying really do not know how to respond. That night, Chen Songying planned to send Guan Zheng back to the room to sleep, but when he saw Guan Zheng sleeping exhaustedly on the sofa, she couldn’t help but feel distressed. At the same time, she also imagined that if there is a child between the two, Guan Zheng would go home often. You don’t have to work so hard.

Zhao Yunshen took the initiative to send a message to Lu Keying, stating that the clothes will be sent to her next day. Lu Keying pretended to go to the bathroom, but in fact he sent back a message to Zhao Yun. After thinking for a long time, he finally replied with the word “not urgent”, and the next string of words to be typed was deleted.

Since Li Junlong and Song Sining both have work to do, they can’t go to the kindergarten to pick up Dora in person, so they can only trouble their parents to help. Song Siming went to her parents-in-law’s house after get off work. He didn’t expect Dora to have a temper, and shouted at her asking her father to pick him up. Song Siming’s self-willed behavior made Song Siming very angry.

Zhao Zixi wants to live abroad with his mother, so before leaving, he came to the company to say goodbye to Lu Keying. Although Lu Keying was a little bit reluctant, he still sent his blessings, but he was still struggling with conflicts in his heart. If the weekend class for Zhao Zixi is cancelled, I am afraid it will be difficult to see Zhao Yunshen in the future.

When Song Sining went to pick Dora from school again, she cried out in public and refused to go home with her, and even hid behind the teacher. Unless her father came, she would live in the kindergarten. Seeing Dora’s temper, Song Sining gradually lost his patience. Li Junlong received a call from Dora’s classmate’s grandmother and immediately rushed to pick Dora home.

Afterwards, Song Sining accused Li Junlong of appearing. He had already agreed on who would pick up Dora, but Li Junlong believed that Song Sining should change his education method and reflect on why he had trouble with his daughter. Song Sining decided to hand over her daughter’s affairs to Li Junlong and vaccinate him in advance to prevent him from getting angry like himself.

Sure enough, during the dance class the next day, Dora deliberately found an excuse to be uncomfortable and refused to attend class. Li Junlong finally convinced her, but Dora bargained again and asked to buy a new scooter. Song Sining didn’t make any speech beside him, just waiting for Li Junlong to be able to bear it. It wasn’t until the end of the afternoon English class that he saw Dora come back on a scooter, that Li Junlong had compromised with his daughter.

In the next few days, Dora and Li Junlong negotiated various conditions, and they all ended in victory. Song Sining learned through the teacher that Dora didn’t practice the piano seriously in class. It was all about Li Junlong’s connivance, and immediately realized the seriousness of the matter, so he went back to punish Li Junlong and accused him of being indistinguishable from Song’s father. Song’s only one today is Dora. Tomorrow.

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