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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 18 Recap

Ever since Song’s father gave his son how to tie a woman’s heart, Song Youyi has launched a fierce offensive against Lu Keying, looking for various reasons to please Lu Keying, and finally bluntly put forward the idea of ​​having a child. But Lu Keying found it unbelievable. Not to mention that both of them are relatively young now. There is no need to be so anxious. Moreover, with the current living conditions, let alone raising children, even their own food and clothing has become a problem.

Song Youyou is still dreaming about unrealistic daydreams, and under Xie Xiaofeng’s instigation, he intends to loan out books. However, the lending institution needs a stable source of income to borrow money, so Song Youyou finds Song Sining and hopes she can fake income for herself. Prove, or act as your own guarantor.

After learning about his younger brother’s thoughts, Song Sining firmly refused, and went home to complain to Li Junlong about the matter, always feeling that Song Youyi would have a big problem sooner or later if he continued like this. Because of Song’s only reason, Song Sining began to hesitate whether to give birth to a second child, but Li Junlong indicated that this was a two-size affair, and their family would never have another giant baby.

Recently, Chen Songying and Guan Zheng have rarely seen each other, especially Guan Zheng has recently been on a business trip, so Song Sining’s request for her help is put on hold. In order to make Song Sining feel at ease, Chen Songying promised that as long as Guan Zheng came back from a business trip, she would immediately mention Li Junlong to him, and she felt that Song Sining was so kind to her husband.

Zhao Yunshen invited Lu Keying to the party he organized and bought her a beautiful dress. After arriving at the party, Lu Keying knew that Zhao Yunshen was promoted to executive director. Looking at the high-class people present, Zhao Yunshen was chatting and laughing with everyone, Lu Keying felt that he was too incompatible with this place, and there was a gap in his heart.

When Zhao Yunshen’s entertainment was almost the same, he asked Lu Keying to go to the rooftop to breathe. By the way, he confessed to her that even if he knew that the other party already had a boyfriend, he was willing to wait patiently. Lu Keying can’t figure out why Zhao Yunshen likes herself. After all, the status and status of the two are far apart, but Zhao Yunshen talked about his last marriage. Because his wife was a famous daughter, the difference in values ​​became more and more in the end. Ended the marriage.

At the same time, Song Youyi followed Xie Xiaofeng to a private loan company. At first, he saw that the company had a business license hanging on, and he was a little relieved. However, when Mr. Li introduced the loan process and interest, he was alert, especially seeing The fierce looking man had just returned from collecting the money, and instantly realized that something was wrong.

Fortunately, this time Song Sole is still smart, knowing to find an excuse to go out and call Li Junlong. After Li Junlong’s questioning, it was confirmed that Song Only had almost fallen into loan sharking, so he asked Song Only to find a chance to slip away first, and then go to the police. After successfully picking up Song Youyi, Li Junlong kindly invited him to work in his company, but Song Youyi was unwilling and planned to consider it.

Lu Keying tactfully rejected Zhao Yunshen and returned to the basement. Just as she sorted out her emotions, she pretended to push the door and enter the house happily. When she saw Song Youyi watching anime in front of the computer, she completely broke down. She couldn’t stand the present day. . When the two agreed to go to Beijing to develop together, as a result, Lu Keying was advancing, and Song Only stayed in place.

Song Tongyi tried his best to soothe Lu Keying’s emotions and explained to her why he wanted to watch anime. It turned out that when I was walking home today, I suddenly received a call from Director Wu, who offered to introduce him to the boss of an animation company, so I wanted to invite him to serve as a screenwriter. Now I am watching anime to better understand the other company.

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