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Wisher 致命愿望 Episode 3 Recap

Fifteen years ago, it was mostly to track down illegal products to offend the evil forces. The other party burned his hard-earned documents and threatened the lives of his family. Since then, Naduo has thoroughly felt the difficulty of the reporter trying to maintain justice. Not only is he often in danger, but he may also make big mistakes due to a short thought.

Today, fifteen years later, many articles with flaws were published from the perspective of critics, which intensified the contradictions. The Liang family and his son ended up miserably. Even Guo Bin believed that he was unshirkable in this matter. He was so guilty that he could only be speechless, especially when he saw the abuse from netizens at the bottom of the article, he suddenly felt that the name Guo Qianshan was full of irony.

After the incident, the existence of Wisher software was like a huge dark cloud, shrouded in the sky above Luteng University, and even the entire city. In order to wake up the classmates, Qiu Wendong once again called everyone together on the rooftop and held a memorial service for Liang Luo. He wanted to remind everyone that this event was only the beginning, not the end, and Liang Luo’s death was It was the evil result of Wisher.

At the memorial service, Liu Bo personally came to pay memorial service. His appearance made everyone dissatisfied, and they believed that Liang Luo’s death was related to him. Because of Liu Bo’s guilty conscience, the memorial process was always anxious, a little bit of trouble, thinking that it was Liang Luo’s death, and scared him into confusion.

The classmates attacked Liu Bo, and again accused Liu Bo from the perspective of critics, claiming that his wish to Wisher caused Liang Luo to disappear. For a time, the fierce language attack made Liu Bo lose his mind and started on the spot. Lu Li stepped forward to prevent him from being injured by mistake, Qiu Wendong shot Liu Bo when he saw this, and asked him to apologize to Lu Li. Forced by Qiu Wendong’s force, Liu Bo had to give in, and then left angrily.

The promotion of Wisher software is fast, and the number of users far exceeds the association’s budget. Adai is instructed to monitor the data at all times while looking for the old demon Qiu Kefan. As the head of the association, Wang Meifen, when she confirmed that the old demon had defected, immediately issued a killing order, and then locked the target to those who had never used Wisher.

Before long, the old demon went to the underground entertainment venue alone to trade, and was rounded up by Xiao Dai and others, but he was agile and used a fire extinguisher to get out of everyone’s sight. Although he was injured during the fight, the old demon was still very powerful and quickly defeated the opponent and fell out of the window to his death.

Xiao Dai witnessed the tragic death of his subordinates and did not dare to continue chasing the old demon, so he could only take the chips from his subordinates and bring them back to the base for destruction. When Wang Meifen learned that Xiao Dai’s operation had failed, she slapped her fiercely, warning her that she could not have another time, but also realized that if she wanted to catch the old monster, she needed to start with this person’s weakness.

On the way back to the nursing home, she was still not seen by her mother as usual, especially when she saw her cold eyes looking at her, she couldn’t help but think of the shadow of her childhood. Because Lu Li and Na Duo belong to half-brothers and sisters, the attitude of Na Duo’s mother towards Lu Li is more verbal and resentment, and it is difficult to calm down no matter how long it has been.

At the same time, Naduo learned from the nurse that the nursing home frequently increased prices. At this moment, he was ashamed of his pocket and couldn’t afford the extra spare money, so he had to ask the nurse to give him an extra day. Wang Meifen entered the nursing home as an attending brain doctor, and even recommended a new type of therapy to Naduo.

However, the expensive hospitalization and surgery costs made it a little cramped. After thinking about it again and again, forced by money, he took the initiative to contact the old demon and learned about the specific situation of the Feeders Association through the old demon’s narration. This group of people call themselves the Association, but they are doing heinous things.

In the eyes of the old demon, the Feeders Association shouldn’t have appeared, because when it gets smaller, the user is either dead or injured. When it grows up, this glorious city is likely to collapse overnight. Naduo promised to help the old demon investigate the identity of Scar Man, and jointly guard the green vine, provided that the old demon must pay the labor cost of 150,000.

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