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Wisher 致命愿望 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning, Qiu Wendong promised to find a good master for Lightning, but unexpectedly Liu Bo himself was a bastard. After an incident yesterday, Lightning eventually injured his knees and even nerves, causing irreversible consequences. Because of this, Qiu Wendong had to reluctantly make a choice, thereby euthanizing Lightning, and made a wish to Wisher that night.

It was almost midnight when he returned home exhausted, and suddenly thinking of what the old demon had said, he immediately called Luli to ask about the wishing software. However, the software user has to keep confidential in accordance with the agreement, so Luli pretended to be ignorant and did not disclose any information to him.

Wisher software complied with Qiu Wendong’s request and called all the feeding users in the school to participate in the meeting. Most people have no interest in the content of the meeting at all, but in order to be able to fulfill the wishes they have already made, they reluctantly went to participate, including the stinger Liu Bo.

At the meeting, Qiu Wendong made it clear that the intangible contract reached between Wisher and the user means that the user’s information is being collected by the Wisher software, and it is in a state of being monitored no matter when and where it is, not only can it record everyone’s thoughts , And even guide everyone’s behavior in turn.

After all, people have desires from birth, and when desires evolve into greed, kind thoughts have the possibility of evil, so Qiu Wendong hopes that all students who have used Wisher can stay awake and don’t let a software control human nature. It is a pity that every word he said has become a joke in the ears of everyone, and no one thinks that he can kill or be killed, except Luli agrees with Qiu Wendong’s point of view.

After the meeting was completely over, Liu Bo went to trouble Liang Luo again. This made Liang Luo, who had endured the humiliation for a long time, a terrible idea breed for the first time. At the same time, Qiu Wendong apologized to Lu Li for what happened last time, which is tantamount to admitting that he was the little boy who saved her before. As for why he concealed it, it is still a mystery.

Liang Luo knew that Liu Bo was suffering from claustrophobia. He dropped the switch while he was in the elevator, which caused him and the other students to be trapped in the elevator. Under Qiu Wendong’s various persuasion, Liang Luo’s resentment gradually subsided. As Liu Bo was rescued by everyone, a terrible curse came out of his mouth, vowing to let Liang Luo die.

Liang Youhe attempted to hang himself at home, and Naduo, Qiu Wendong, Lu Li and others received the news and rushed to Pupuzhou one after another. Naduo and the Criminal Police Team Qin were going to the pig factory to find out the situation, and happened to run into a scene where Li Dahai abused Liang Luo in public. On the other hand, Qiu Wendong found the address of Liang’s house in Luli and knocked on the door without any response.

The classmates couldn’t find Liang Luo, so they simply took pictures and clocked in in front of his house, which was regarded as an explanation to the school. In order to find Liang Luo, Liang Wendong made a wish to Wisher under Lu Li’s proposal. He did not realize that Liang Luo urgently needed one hundred thousand medical expenses to save his father, and once again pinned his hopes on Wisher.

Naduo found Liang Youhe’s cousin, and under his leadership saw Liang Yonghe, the man who had been honest and friendly before, has now become a comatose vegetable. The cousin was selling miserably beside him. He heard it more than he could bear. At the same time, he blamed himself for the report, so he took out a sum of money to his cousin, provided that he revealed the whereabouts of Liang Luo.

The cousin admitted that he did not know where Liang Luo is now, only that he suddenly offered to help drive the truck, but this kind of truck is different from others, it is specially loaded with various detonators. It was speculated that Liang Luo wanted to retaliate against Li Dahai and contacted the Qin team in time to set up barriers. He also went to the pig factory for the first time and found out that there was an oolong.

Qiu Wendong and Luli bought thirty bottles of paint and placed them in the red suitcase in Monet’s Square according to the mission issued by Wisher. After the mission was completed, they instructed them to arrive at Xianren Mountain before 4:30. At this time, Liang Luo also drove the truck from the explosive factory to the mining site around Provincial Highway 302 according to his mission, although he did not know why.

Taking advantage of time, Qiu Wendong carefully analyzed Wisher’s law and quickly associated two things together. That was when the elevator accident night, Liu Bo threatened to let Liang Luo disappear. If Wisher’s exchange mechanism exists, who will give the paint they get now, who is doing what with the paint, and how Liang Luo will appear, all these are unsolved mysteries.

Just to crack it, Qiu Wendong and Luli carefully observed the situation of the red suitcase. Sure enough, a group of cos fans flooded into the square from all directions. After dancing, the paint in the suitcase disappeared out of thin air. Realizing that the situation was not good, Qiu Wendong led the road to Xianren Mountain as quickly as possible, just to see Liang Luo driving by in a truck.

Thirty bottles of paint hung on the treetops not far away, attracting the attention of other drivers. Before the driver could react, the paint bottles fell on the front of the car unbiasedly and broke. Large patches of paint blocked the line of sight, the driver subconsciously slammed the brakes, and scattered cargo rolled off the carriage. This series of accidents caught Liang Luo off guard, and eventually caused the vehicle to roll over and down the cliff, not only exploded and died on the spot, but even burned down the entire power plant.

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