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Wisher 致命愿望 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the school year, a wishing software called “Wisher” quietly invaded Lvvine University, like thunderstorms in the summer and autumn seasons. It is overwhelming and irresistible. It makes full use of the greed and needs of human nature to find those who are worthy of manipulation. “It claims to be able to satisfy any desire of the other party only by completing the task.

Although Qiu Wendong couldn’t predict the price he would pay, he had to take a risk in order to save the life of Lao Ma Lightning, and he immediately pleaded with the horse farm owner to give him a few days of grace to find a suitable buyer. After the boss left, Qiu Wendong made a wish to let Lightning find the new owner within a day on the mobile phone, and pressed to confirm. Then the screen lights up, and two lines of small characters are in sight, asking Qiu Wendong to go to the freshman registration office tomorrow to greet his classmates.

Many freshmen who came to the school chose Teacher Wang Meifen’s coursework for high credits, and were soon defeated by the boring content of the lectures. From loss of interest to self-defeating, it was just a blink of an eye. The only bright spot that can attract girls is Qiu Wendong, the vice president of the Student Union, who is handsome and has excellent grades. In fact, he is also the object of attention of female students.

Perhaps Qiu Wendong has forgotten, but at least Lu Li still remembers the scene of being injured at the Phoenix Bay Racecourse when he was young and was later rescued by Qiu Wendong. From then on, Lu Li gradually became interested in horses through contact with Qiu Wendong, and the first time she received Wisher, she hoped to see a horse galloping around the campus.

Lu Li followed the instructions of the Wisher software, followed Qiu Wendong all the way and was discovered by the other party, so he asked if he could ride a horse and mentioned a horse called Yinhe. Qiu Wendong negated it indifferently, and didn’t look good from beginning to end, so he could just find a reason to send her away.

In the Morning Star Daily, the editors of the many pairs of editors intend to publish a piece of news to expose the inside story of the dead pig case, because through the clues he has been looking for in recent days, it is concluded that the pig factory manager Liang Youhe has a great relationship with the gene pig. However, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper was unwilling to let Naduo continue to intervene in this matter, and directly rejected his proposal, hoping that he could follow the example of others and live a leisurely life.

If you see more than one plan, you can only do another plan, and simply publish an article as a “passing a thousand mountains” and point to Liang Youhe’s behavior. In addition, no one can think that the author of justice on the Internet is actually a shabby and poor reporter in private, but his article has already attracted the attention of many people.

Teacher Gu was bragging and picking up girls in the office. So Duo deliberately put on a few top hats for him, and successfully borrowed the car key from the other party, and then went to Luteng University to visit his sister on the road, and told Xi Lei to look after his sister, don’t let him The male classmates with all the words “courtship” approached her.

When passing by the underground parking lot, Naduo witnessed a bullying incident with his own eyes. The rich second-generation Liu Bo led by him was at the scene, so he took people away first. But based on what Liu Bo said, he vaguely guessed the identity of the boy who was bullied, so he called his assistant Xiaohuan to investigate Liang Youhe’s son.

Because of Wisher’s wide-ranging influence on the people around him, even Xi Lei has become a netizen with actress Luo Yiduo. Lu Li can’t figure out why he has not fulfilled the task of releasing the software for a long time. The girls discussed this in the dormitory. They wanted to use it but didn’t dare to use it. At the same time, they couldn’t delete it. They were very distressed.

As the voice just fell, there was a noise outside the dormitory, as well as the sound of horses neighing. Several people were shocked to check, and saw lightning appearing in the dormitory area, pouting hooves and running wildly. As his new master, Liu Bo didn’t know how to make lightning follow instructions, so that he was furious.

Fortunately, Qiu Wendong appeared in time and did not cause chaos again, and his eyes, movements, and even whistle can make Lightning quiet and obedient. Everyone watched Qiu Wendong ride on Lightning neatly and took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Liu Bo saw Qiu Wendong showing up in the limelight. Naturally, he was extremely dissatisfied. He was threatened by Qiu Wendong just about to attack Lightning, and he did not dare to act rashly.

After this incident, Lu Li confirmed that Qiu Wendong actually remembered himself, but he was deliberately alienating him, and he could not even understand why he became so cold and withdrawn in just a few years. Considering that Qiu Wendong himself has an unspeakable concealment, he no longer has too much entanglement in the road, and only thanked him for the things he had done in the past, and then turned and left.

On the way Naduo was driving home, he suddenly saw a figure in the middle of the road. He was so frightened that he slammed the steering wheel. It was not until the figure was sitting in the passenger seat that he could see that it was a boy who had been bullied during the day. The boy was called Liang Luo, who was Liang Youhe’s son. He believed that he had overcharged the factory manager Li Dahai’s money, so he issued an article to discredit his father.

Now that Liang Luo has all the information about Luli, including the identity information about Luli, he naturally doesn’t care about how he will counterattack, and even threatens him to give Liang You and an explanation, otherwise it will only be a mess. So Duo realized that something was wrong, and he found monitors in his residence and office.

Since the effective range of the monitor is within one hundred meters, the old friend, Lawyer Guo, agreed to help track down and remind him to always pay attention to suspicious people nearby. In the process of tracking down the mysterious person who installed the bug, Na Duo was kidnapped by the mysterious person. When he woke up, he was in an unfamiliar space with an intercom device in front of him.

The mysterious man called himself the old demon, took the initiative to introduce him to the Feeders Association, and asked him to cooperate with him to accomplish a major event. Naduo didn’t understand the real intention of the old demon, but it was fruitless to ask any more. As the signal was cut off and the whistle sounded, the fishing boat Naduo took quickly arrived at the pier.

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