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People’s Property 突围 Episode 25 Recap

Niu Junjie desperately praised Niu Shiyan’s boss Fan Jiahui, and Qi Benan kept them from drinking too much. Fu Changming and Pi Dan had dinner together, and Pi Dan pointedly said about the situation in Jingzhou Zhongfu. Shi Hongxing hoped that Cheng Duanyang would persuade Lin Manjiang. After all, Lin Manjiang listened to what Cheng Duanyang said the most in his life, not to mention that he was irresponsible to their three apprentices, but Cheng Duanyang had retired and she didn’t want to take care of it.

Shi Hongxing also said that Lin Manjiang wanted to divorce Niu Junjie, and Cheng Duanyang quickly expressed his support for her, and he absolutely cannot divorce. Niu Junjie is a good person. Cheng Duanyang promised to call Lin Manjiang when he was free, and Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing did not mean anything to him.

Lin Manjiang asked Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie to divorce. Tong Gehua said he was overbearing. Lin Manjiang also knew that Shi Hongxing’s clamor for divorce was not true, but just wanted to please him. As a leader, Lin Manjiang must employ loyalty more than ability, just like Shi Hongxing before. Qi Benan has strong ability, but he has his own ideas, which is a trouble for Lin Manjiang.

Niu Junjie was still clamoring for a divorce. Qi Benan gave in and agreed to go to Jingzhou Energy and chairman of the board. Niu Junjie did not agree. Now everyone in Jingzhou Energy walked around, and Qi Benan didn’t need to pounce on it. In front of Niu Junjie, Qi Ben’an was very tough, acting like the head of the family, but under the table he kept showing good wishes to Fan Jiahui. Niu Junjie let Qi Benan stop persuading himself, he and Lu Jianshe almost did it. Fan Jiahui said that Lin Manjiang could not cover the sky with one hand, but it could cover the Zhongfu Group and also determine his fate for Qi Benan. Niu Junjie and Fan Jiahui drank one drink after another like confidants, Qi Benan couldn’t stop them.

Pi Dan also wanted to return to Jingzhou to be the chairman of Jingzhou Zhongfu, and let Fu Changming help him. Fu Changming said he was a principled person and would not interfere in other people’s internal affairs. Pi Dan also said that Qi Ben’an had frozen Jingzhou Zhongfu’s account as soon as he took office. Isn’t Fu Changming afraid of what he will find? Fu Changming immediately cleared the relationship, he had nothing to find. Qian Rongcheng is a mad dog biting people, but Fu Changming will take care of it and make Pi Dan not always thinking about returning to Jingzhou. Pi Dan is also obedient.

Qian Rongcheng chased Shi Hongxing and went to the house, still in order to guarantee the matter, he also took two 500,000 cards to Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan. Shi Hongxing didn’t receive it, so he immediately called Qi Ben’an to report. Qian Rongcheng blatantly offered bribes, Qi Benan was very angry on the phone and asked Qian Rongcheng to come to him tomorrow. Qian Rongcheng was so frightened that he put away the card, as if he hadn’t been here today.

Fan Jiahui and Niu Junjie had already drunk too much and began to talk drunk, Qi Benan quickly got Fan Jiahui back to the bedroom and reluctantly talked to Niu Junjie about business. Niu Junjie said that the prince and the class that can take him, Qi Benan really can’t help but ask Niu Junjie to take two days off first, and then talk about it later.

Cheng Duanyang called Lin Manjiang after Shi Hongxing left. Lin Manjiang first said that her three apprentices were going to part ways, so she said Shi Hongxing, she didn’t talk about conscience. Cheng Duanyang advised him not to do things with his own temperament, just like Lu Jianshe, the people were very dissatisfied with his voice. Cheng Duanyang was about to cry as he talked, fearing that Lin Manjiang would be left behind like Shi Hongxing said. The defection between Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing also made Lin Manjiang feel the seriousness of the matter, but he was not reconciled and wanted to make the final struggle.

Qian Rongcheng came to Qi Benan to talk about the guarantee. Qi Benan said that he and Shi Hongxing didn’t count, and Qian Rongcheng didn’t even think about bribery, and it didn’t work. Qian Rongcheng said he was going to Beijing to find Lin Manjiang, but Qi Benan told him to go. Qian Rongcheng threatened to go to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in Beijing again. Qi Benan was very calm. Qian Rongcheng was already on the road of no return. Even if he broke the can, he could not fall on his head. Shi Hongxing flipped through his notebook in which Lin Manjiang’s words were recorded at home, and found Lin Manjiang’s speech about the Jingfeng Jingsheng two mines.

Lu Deguang and Li learn to drink at home, and also introduce Li Xue to Lu Jiajia and Lin Xiaowei. The two are just planning to go out to investigate the nail households in the shanty town. Chen Yingcheng was making trouble in the hospital. Lu Deguang knew it. He really wanted to conduct a review in a democratic life, but Mayor Wu didn’t want to hold office. He wanted to convene a standing committee to abolish Document 24.

Li Xuexue worried that if the abolition of the 24th document was passed, Lu Deguang’s punishment would be aggravated, but Lu Deguang felt that these were not important, it was just stepping down, but he wanted to do his best to help the shantytown residents solve their problems. Zhou Jieling said that Qin Xiaochong was ungrateful and almost messed up the first time she talked with her daughter, but Qin Xiaochong also has the right to visit Weiwei. Lu Jianshe ran to the shanty town and came to Qin for inspection with a letter from Beishan Prison. It was Qin Xiaochong who reported Niu Junjie.

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