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People’s Property 突围 Episode 23 Recap

Li Shundong sent a message to Shi Hongxing in the name of his son-in-law, and Qin Xiaochong complained about him shamelessly, but in Li Shundong’s eyes it was not important anymore. After receiving the news, Shi Hongxing immediately called Niu Shiyan to warn her against resurgence with Li Shundong. Of course, Niu Shiyan would not rekindle with this emotional liar. She carried the portrait of Fan Jiahui to the office, and saw Qi Ben’an also put down the portrait and left.

Qi Benan came to Fan Jiahui because he couldn’t make up his mind, so he told her about Lu Jianshe and asked her to advise her. Like Fan Jiahui said, Lin Manjiang always looked beyond doubt, she didn’t understand how Tong Gehua got along with him. But Tong Gehua didn’t think so, she didn’t feel aggrieved in her heart.

Fan Jiahui told Qi Benan that Lin Manjiang was showing off his rights with him, reminding him that the future is in his hands, and Qi Benan should pay more attention to the strategy of struggle. Fan Jiahui persuaded Qi Ben’an to find an excuse to take a long vacation and use the tactic of slowing down the army, but Qi Ben’an felt like a deserter like this.

Lin Manjiang called Dong Gao. Gao Dong heard that he gave way to the construction of the acting party committee and thought that it was something wrong, and that the construction of the road was difficult to convince the public. But Lin Manjiang opened his eyes and said nonsense that he is different now and cannot tolerate any doubt. .

Fan Jiahui quickly stepped forward to comfort Qi Benan when he saw Qi Benan staying in the study, and Qi Benan recalled history again. After the fall of Hong Kong, in order to understand and save cultural people from all walks of life, Zhu Changping gave all the money of Hong Kong Fu Ji to the organization for the transfer of more than 1,000 cultural people. Because of the urgent time, he did not have time to talk to Li George. .

The plans of Zhu Changping and Li Georgi were disrupted, but they can only explain to Li Georgi later when they have time. Zhu Changping’s son was named Dodge because he was born on a Dodge car. He wanted to save Dodge a sum of money for milk powder, but his wife disagreed, and no copper plate was left. In order to take care of Dodge, the wife fainted. Zhu Changping was shocked when she saw this scene when she returned home. She quickly bought everything she could buy milk powder to buy rice.

This is the Communists back then. They never compromised in implementing the party’s instructions. The original Communists could sacrifice everything for their beliefs, but now people join the party just to become officials and make a fortune. Lin Manjiang believes that Qi Benan is always aiming at himself, only stressing principles but not emotions, and he can’t help but guard against Qi Benan. Qi Ben’an was a little bookish, but he didn’t think it was a bad thing.

Fan Jiahui hoped that Qi Benan would think about it again. He still had a choice, but Qi Benan would never escape. Lu Jianshe wants to meet Li Xuexue, but Li Xuexue has no time to see him. Today, there is a democratic life meeting, and I don’t know when it will end. Lu Deguang is also preparing for the Democratic Life Conference. He printed fifteen copies of the shantytown news to do a self-examination, and listened to Mayor Wu’s opinions during the meeting.

Wang Pingan drowned and Wu Linglong was also arrested. Li Xuexue and Lu Deguang asked them to focus on 500 million funds. At the Democratic Life Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Wu saw that the newspaper was a little angry, thinking that Lu Deguang had not considered the difficulties of the government.

Li Xuexue suggested Lu Deguang to calm down and let Lu Deguang finish his words. Lu Deguang wanted to make a criticism and self-criticism. Jingzhou Zhongfu also convened a meeting to resolutely implement Lin Manjiang’s instructions. After announcing the appointment of Lu Jianshe, Qi Benan immediately announced the adjournment of the meeting and left the meeting room willfully.

Shi Hongxing was taken aback, and the news would soon reach Lin Manjiang’s ears. Lin Manjiang would never allow his subordinates to challenge his authority, and Lin Manjiang had no room for maneuver as soon as he took action. Lu Jianshe was so wronged and called to bully people. Zhang Jiying knows that the road construction ability is not good, but the ability of internal strife is not small. She and Qi Benan have a phone call, and Qi Benan will never make concessions on the issue of anti-corruption. Lu Jianshe must have an office as big as Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing, saying that they are all of the same rank.

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