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People’s Property 突围 Episode 22 Recap

Pi Dan made Qi Ben’an’s short report behind his back and told Lin Manjiang all the content of the meal with him last night. Zhang Jiying looked for Road Construction and talked about it. Road Construction has repeatedly violated the review regulations, and even the Jingzhou Procuratorate has come to the door. At this time, Lu Jianshe received a call from Pi Dan, and Zhang Jiying directly told him to shut down and not accept it. Pi Dan didn’t make a call for the construction of the access road, and quickly turned around and told Lin Manjiang that he was with Zhang Jiying.

Lin Manjiang asked Pi Dan to contact the Beijing Municipal Party Committee. Lu Deguang always acted in accordance with the law. He didn’t expect that the other party said it was Lin Manjiang’s meaning, so he told Zhongfu the truth. Li Xuejian supervised Lu Deguang, and Zhang Jiying could be regarded as Zhongfu’s Li Xuejian. He gave way for construction and returned to Jingzhou today. Lu Jianshe did not give up on reporting to Lin Manjiang, but was also interrupted by Zhang Jiying.

Niu Junjie and Shi Hongxing told Qi Ben’an that Qian Rongcheng had come to the door and let Shi Hongxing and Qi Ben’an talk first. Shi Hongxing always admired Lin Manjiang, but she knew better than anyone how Lin Manjiang came up in the first place, Qi Benan sighed, she should really break her fascination with him. Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie said they wanted to help Shi Hongxing recognize the reality. Niu Junjie was very excited, but Qi Ben’an was very calm. They had to come up with facts. Qi Benan could even explain Lin Manjiang clearly, and Niu Junjie became anxious when he heard this.

When Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie went to the mine together, Niu Junjie mentioned that this is better than trading, but there is a difference. What’s more, a one-billion-dollar transaction is not real. What if Fu Changming made it up? Niu Junjie said they couldn’t, and suggested reporting the case to the procuratorate, but this method simply didn’t work. Niu Junjie shouldn’t be so anxious to call Qi Ben’an back. If Lin Manjiang is really what Niu Junjie imagined, they would have been stunned by now. Qi Benan said that if Qian Rongcheng came to her again, he would let Shi Hongxing push the responsibility on him, and he might be able to shed more words through conversation.

Zhang Jiying came to Lin Manjiang to report and mentioned Qi Ben’an, but the two had different attitudes. Zhang Jiying said that Lu Jianshe’s goal of inducing confession by Li Gongquan was directed at Qi Ben’an, and that it was Lin Manjiang’s intention. She did not believe that this was Lin Manjiang’s original intention. Lin Manjiang sighed and said that Lu Jianshe was trying to figure out his own mind. He just hoped that everyone involved would be treated equally. However, he believes that Lu Jianshe is a good cadre who adheres to principles and is not afraid of tough times.

Zhang Jiying said that Li Xuexue called Li Gongquan yesterday, and Lin Manjiang also promised to let him go. Lin Manjiang told Zhang Jiying that the triangle is the most stable shape. What he meant was that Qi Benan would no longer be the chairman and party secretary of Jingzhou Zhongfu, and Lu Jianshe was appointed acting secretary of the Jingzhou Zhongfu party committee. Zhang Jiying hoped that Lin Manjiang would consider it carefully, but he was forced to agree.

Shi Hongxing still maintains Lin Manjiang’s meaning, while Qi Benan is all about helping Jingzhou Energy. He believes that Lin Manjiang will not be so persistent. He understands the market. Niu Junjie was anxious again, yelling that Lin Manjiang would resign and leave if he disagrees. Shi Hongxing received a call from the Guangming District Bureau again, saying that Wang Ping’an was likely to be assassinated and possibly committed suicide.

A corpse was found last night, and Shi Hongxing was asked to identify the corpse. Wang Ping’an died, Niu Junjie and Qi Ben’an were also very worried, and quickly called Shi Hongxing to identify them. Before Lu Jianshe returned to Jingzhou, he came to Lin Manjiang to say goodbye. Lin Manjiang asked him to go back to be the party secretary of Jingzhou Zhongfu. Lu Jianshe was so touched that he almost knelt down to be grateful.

Li Gongquan was detained on suspicion of duty crime, and the police took him away. Niu Junjie feels that Zhongfu Group and Changming Group are dealing with more than one mineral, so Qi Ben’an should pay more attention. As soon as Qi Benan was about to go back, he received a call from Lin Manjiang, saying that Lu Jianshe was appointed acting secretary of the Zhongfu Party Committee in Jingzhou, and his salary was the same as that of him and Shi Hongxing.

Qi Benan believes that Lu Jianshe does not have this ability at all, but obviously this cannot be changed. Qi Benan angrily said that he would resign. After hanging up the phone, Qi Ben’an scolded Lin Manjiang for doing whatever he wanted, and Zhongfu Group had become his voice. Qi Ben’an believed that there must be a problem with the 4.7 billion transaction. Lin Manjiang did it to restrict him and Shi Hongxing. The next step was to oust them, but there was no turning back.

Shi Hongxing went to identify the corpse. The corpse was very similar to Wang Ping’an, but it was darker and thinner than before. Shi Hongxing fell into a low mood and cried for a long time by herself.

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