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People’s Property 突围 Episode 21 Recap

Qian Rongcheng ran to Shi Hongxing and begged her to help her as a guarantor. Of course, Shi Hongxing didn’t dare. Who doesn’t know how to prevent fire and theft and Rongcheng. Qian Rongcheng was really desperate and came up with another thing. The ugly thing came up to him and vowed to say that they must guarantee themselves. Qian Rongcheng closed the door of his office and told Shi Hongxing that five years ago, Jingfeng and Jingsheng’s 4.7 billion transaction volume generated a transaction fee of 1 billion.

This is not a trivial matter. This is more than the transaction between Qian Rongcheng and Huang Qingyuan. Although they only accounted for 10% of the shares, it is reasonable to read the accounts. The list of transactions is now in Qian Rongcheng’s hands. Qian Rongcheng had alleged that Shi Hongxing had taken one billion bribes, and Shi Hongxing was stunned immediately.

She remembered that Qian Rongcheng and Huang Qingyuan did not show up during the transaction. They just followed Fu Changming to make money, and of course they also made a lot of money. Qian Rongcheng had also thought about it before coming. Shi Hongxing didn’t have such a big appetite and could swallow a billion, but Shi Hongxing was still panicked, panicked completely.

Niu Shiyan didn’t have a good face for Li Shundong, but Li Shundong took her to the most expensive place in Jingzhou for dinner. He let down Niu Shiyan for one hundred thousand yuan, and he waited for this day. Li Shundong wants to go back with Shi Hongxing, break the contract, and return the 100,000 yuan to her with the profit. He asks Shi Hongxing for reconciliation, but Niu Shiyan’s attitude is very determined. She was hurt by Li Shundong very badly, let alone.

Li Shundong also knelt in front of Shi Hongxing and swore a blood oath that they would never come together again. In fact, Shi Hongxing went out and took half a million yuan that day. I didn’t expect that Li Shundong would compromise with only one hundred thousand yuan. Li Shundong regretted it, but Niu Shiyan was already discouraged. Even if she marries a dog, she won’t marry her in this life. To Li Shundong.

Niu Shiyan didn’t eat any rice, and left Li Shundong and the table of more than 5,000 dishes and left. Li Shundong didn’t waste it, and called Qin Xiaochong over. Niu Shiyan said that Qian Rongcheng had borrowed 80 million in loan sharks. It was obvious that Li Shundong was eager to jump over the wall. Li Shundong was afraid of accidents and decided to stop the parade.

After Shi Hongxing drove Qian Rongcheng out in a desperate manner, the whole person was anxious. The call she made to Lin Manjiang hung up before being connected. She didn’t even know what to say to Lin Manjiang, so she had to let Niu Junjie as soon as possible. Go home and say something to say. Shi Hongxing doesn’t know if what Qian Rongcheng said is true, is she really Lin Manjiang’s white glove? All this put him out of breath.

Beijing. Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe invited Qi Ben’an for dinner, and the atmosphere was very delicate. Qi Ben’an lamented that his life was not good. He encountered this kind of thing when he first arrived in Jingzhou, and he also tested whether the person who installed the camera in his room was Lu Jianshe. Lu Jianshe was wronged, Qi Benan joked and went to ask Pi Dan.

Qi Ben’an gave way to Jingzhou early to build the road, don’t hang around here all day, the road construction is not happy again. Qi Ben’an dropped the cup and left, and Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe did not care about him. Shi Hongxing took the initiative to cook for Niu Junjie, saying that something was in doubt. Shi Hongxing told Niu Junjie about Qian Rongcheng’s affairs. Niu Junjie was not surprised at all.

Shi Hongxing didn’t take the one-billion-dollar transaction fee. Didn’t Lin Manjiang take it either? But in Shi Hongxing’s heart, Lin Manjiang is the leader of a righteous brother with two sleeves and Qingfeng, how could he be so greedy! Niu Junjie became more and more excited, feeling that Shi Hongxing was sold by Lin Manjiang and counting the money for him, Shi Hongxing was a little sad to be hit.

Shi Hongxing said that Qian Rongcheng jumped over the wall to blackmail, but did not dare to report the crime as Niu Junjie said, because she was afraid that she would harm Lin Manjiang. Niu Junjie was a little speechless when she saw that she was still obsessed with it. After all, in Qian Rongcheng’s eyes, Shi Hongxing and Lin Manjiang were in the same group. Shi Hongxing realized that she should hold Qian Rongcheng steady and ask the matter clearly, and immediately called and said that the guarantee should be reported to Qi Ben’an.

Qian Rongcheng happened to be at President Hu’s house, so he just blocked the phone to President Hu and asked Shi Hongxing to talk about it. Shi Hongxing stabilized Qian Rongcheng, and Qian Rongcheng would also be sure that she had something to do with the one billion. She wanted to go to Beijing to report to Lin Manjiang in person. Niu Junjie reminded her that it would be a whistleblower in the past. Niu Junjie confirmed that Shi Hongxing has nothing to do with one billion, but she signed the word, and she has been killed by Lin Manjiang.

Niu Junjie quickly called Qi Benan. Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine was suspected of major corruption. Qi Benan immediately found an excuse to return to Jingzhou, which caused Lin Manjiang’s vigilance and asked Pi Dan to call Shi Hongxing to ask about the situation, but Shi Hongxing Hesitate.

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