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People’s Property 突围 Episode 20 Recap

Cheng Duanyang hopes that the three brothers and sisters and the kind, also called Shi Hongxing, don’t think about it. Having said that, Cheng Duanyang is disturbed. Corrupt elements often appear. Will the next one be her apprentice? Can the three apprentices she brought out can resist the temptation of money, especially Lin Manjiang, he and Fu Changming? What is the relationship? Qian Rongcheng asked Fu Changming for help, hoping that he would guarantee his 500 million loan. Fu Changming would naturally not agree. Qian Rongcheng had to ask him to find Lin Manjiang or Shi Hongxing.

Fu Changming did not agree. Rongcheng Steel Group is now a burden. It’s not a good thing to involve anyone. Seeing that there was no hope, Qian Rongcheng threw up Erlang’s legs and talked about Fu Changming and Lin Manjiang’s 4.7 billion yuan. He heard that Fu Changming had cashed out one billion yuan in expenses. Fu Changming was immediately angry, and Qian Rongcheng hurriedly turned his face to apologize.

After leaving, Qian Rongcheng scolded Fu Changming for being a cannibal and not spitting out bones. The words he had just mentioned clearly threatened him. Li Shundong called again, and Qian Rongcheng cursed back.

Qi Benan recalled Fu Changming, who had only met a few times. His first business with Zhongfu was a piece of land. Lin Manjiang personally sold it. Fu Changming built the Changming Palace on that piece of land. Shanghai Zhongfu rented it. It is Zhongfu Palace. Inspection Qin and several neighbors came to see Cheng Duanyang again, saying that there is hope for the demolition of shanty towns, and Cheng Duanyang is also happy, and suggested that another petition be written to retain Lu Deguang, in case he is affected by the March 28th accident, the shanty towns will be demolished. There is no hope anymore.

Cheng Duanyang was also worried that the wall would fall down and everyone would push it. No one in the government department would listen to Lu Deguang’s words. Chen Yingcheng was yelling in the hospital all day.

Qian Rongcheng suddenly changed his face and ran to Li Shundong to sign a contract and said that as long as the loan was in place, he would pay off the money. Li Shundong felt that it went smoothly. Qi Ben’an and Fan Jiahui saw Lu Deguang’s news and said that he was a good leader to do practical things for the people. Lin Manjiang asked Qi Benan to go back at this time. Qi Benan couldn’t understand why.

Lin Manjiang’s work may have to change in the near future, and he may have to leave Zhongfu, so there is some subtlety within the group. Fan Jiahui heard that Qi Benan suspected Fu Changming, and quickly persuaded that he could not just stare at others. After all, Zhongfu did not make any money from Fu Changming, but Fan Jiahui didn’t know that the money Fu Changming started was brought to him by Lin Manjiang and Zhongfu, and Zhongfu was for Fu Changming.

Taking on a loan of 1.8 billion yuan, but only 10% of the equity, this is really abnormal. Compared with these, Fan Jiahui is more worried about Qi Ben’an, Li Gongquan is still in the hands of Lin Manjiang, and he is even more concerned about road construction. Think about it carefully, how does all this happen now? Lin Manjiang and Qi Benan were brothers, but they acted in different styles. Qi Benan was afraid that Lin Manjiang would ask him to protect him from corruption in the name of a brother. He was too upright. Five hundred million disappeared after the March 28th accident, Wang Ping’an ran away, and a 4.7 billion transaction was also targeted.

None of these problems can be avoided. Qi Benan has already prepared for a showdown with Lin Manjiang, even Framed. Qi Ben’an could retreat due to personal problems, but all these losses were the people’s property. He was forced to the battlefield and could not retreat. Qi Ben’an began to doubt himself again, or perhaps Shi Hongxing tricked Lin Manjiang into making him take the blame? After thinking about it, Shi Hongxing is not the kind of bold person, and he and Niu Junjie have the same views, Shi Hongxing is Lin Manjiang’s white gloves.

Lu Jianshe had been extorting confessions from Li Gongquan, Zhang Jiying was also very worried, and called to ask Lin Manjiang late at night. Lin Manjiang received the call and began to criticize Lu Jiancheng for inadequate success and more than failure. Lin Manjiang recalled Qi Benan’s past. Although he had not been a leader, he was very capable. When he arrived in Beijing, he became the chairman of the board. The entire group was committed to him.

Only Qi Benan had his own plans. Qi Benan is not Shi Hongxing, he has his own ideas and persistence too. Lin Manjiang also thought about putting Shi Hongxing on Qi Ben’an, but Qi Ben’an was a very capable cadre after all, so this idea was dispelled. After Qian Rongcheng returned home after signing the contract, he regretted it and asked Li Shundong to sue according to the law. They will see him in court. Li Shundong scolded him for being cunning, so he had to ask Qin Xiaochong to make another call.

Qi Ben’an didn’t sleep all night, so he cleaned up and hurried off to Beijing. Lin Manjiang was not in a hurry to see him, so Pi Dan arranged for Qi Ben’an to go to the exhibition hall to solve the China Fu 80th Anniversary Exhibition, and flew to Hong Kong by himself. Qi Benan didn’t see Lin Manjiang, so he could only wait for him to come back tomorrow to see himself. Fan Jiahui and Niu Shiyan took Lu Deguang’s recording to the City Party Committee Propaganda Department. Minister Liu confirmed it twice before agreeing. Mayor Wu called to stop them before they went, but Fan Jiahui and Shi Hongxing did not answer them cleverly.

The contract signed by Qian Rongcheng became empty again, and in turn accused them of violating their reputation. Qian Rongcheng was very smart and did not fight economic litigation, otherwise the litigation fees alone would cost several million. Qin Xiaochong wanted to take the opportunity to turn the litigation from the right of reputation to the right of debt, saving millions of litigation fees and fighting the lawsuit. Niu Shiyan came to Li Shundong and said that Qian Rongcheng was responsible for the affairs of Luzhou Court, so that he should not push Qian Rongcheng too hard, otherwise something big would happen.

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