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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 11 Recap

Wang Xiaoan win Feng Yi a , Lin Jin-Jin was poured vinegar. They play badminton, front Wangxiao An down to leeward, colleagues asked her if she was asleep yet their game when , Colleagues are still recording videos there. Finally, Wang Xiaoan fell. Ma Yi said that she was embarrassed, but when she thought of the game, her eagerness arose. Wang Xiaoan said that after graduating from elementary school, her skills that she had never played before could arouse Mr. Feng’s desire for victory and defeat, and she was already very contented.

Xiao Ke said that her face was funny. He thought she was good at skiing and her athletic cells must be good, but the badminton was not as good as her. Xiao An said that whoever says skiing is good must be able to play badminton, and they are not necessarily the kings of the game.

I forgot when I said that, Wang Xiaoan is a project team who is good at skiing. Then she asked Wang Xiaoan where they usually go skiing. They can make an appointment. He and He Feng also love skiing. Wang Xiaoan said that China Chongli. Feng Yiyi and neither of them have been to Chongli, and they can go to Chongli for the weekend team building.

Feng Yi asked if the intermediate circuit was okay. She and He Feng used to ski in the wild. Wang Xiaoan won, but Feng Yi fell.

He Feng asked them why they all came back. His fixer had just been adjusted. Xiao Ke said it was too cold outside. He fell a while ago and now his legs hurt but his butt hurts. Anyway, he can’t play anymore, he wants to play with them. . He Feng asked Wang Xiaoan, do you still want to ski? Xiao Ke said that the two of them went to play, and then He Feng took Wang Xiaoan to go skiing.

A lot of people came in the shop again. Lin Jinjin said, why are they so idle, coming here every day is like clocking in to work. Ye NanWatching the video, several girls clamored to make Lin Jinjin stay away from their Xiaoyun. Then he pulled Lin Jinjin out and asked her if she was looking for the person who was making trouble in the store today.

She just wanted to use this method of hurting herself to get attention. As a result, a girl really came and splashed something on her face, and Lin Jinjin was almost scared to death. When she woke up, Ye Nan told her that she was okay and was not disfigured. Lin Jinjin hugged Ye Nan and said that she really didn’t know her. She really felt wronged.

Ye Nan called today, but Wang Xiaoan told her not to answer. Wang Xiaoan said that he didn’t know how to say she was good. What if he encounters someone who retaliates against the society? Lin Jinjin said that Ye Nan would protect her. Wang Xiaoan told her that there is more than love in life, and asked her to delete the address of the ski shop.

Then Wang Xiaoan called Ye Nan again. She said that she gave Jinjinjin to him and asked him to protect Lin Jinjin’s safety, but she was thrown vinegar in public. Fortunately, she was vinegar. She was still a public figure, in case she was photographed. It would be ashamed to post it online.

In the morning, He Feng specially lined up to buy Wang Xiaoan’s favorite sesame seed cake. However, out of health concerns, he suggested that Wang Xiaoan only had two bites to enjoy, and then gave him a sandwich. He specially made her hand-ground coffee. Wang Xiaoan said it was good. He Feng said that he had made an appointment with Ye Nan for dinner.

Wang Xiaoan asked if she was idle, and it was a waste of time to talk to people like Ye Nan. He Feng asked him where he was going, but Wang Xiaoan pulled down the door handle directly. She said she went to the women’s bathroom, would he follow? He Feng wrapped his clothes tightly in fear.

He Feng called Lin Jinjin and said that Wang Xiaoan was a bit abnormal. He asked what happened today. Lin Jinjin said that she was menopausal and ignored her.

He Feng asked Wang Xiaoan if he was tired from skiing, so he should go home and take a rest? Wang Xiaoan said that without time, she had to make adjustments every day, and she didn’t even have time to sleep.

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