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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 30 Recap

Empress Han begged Zhao Yi to escape from the palace with herself, but Zhao Yi refused because he was the emperor of Mu Anguo and could not give up his citizenship. Empress Han wanted to stay with him in the palace when she saw that Zhao Yi did not leave. However, Yi said that she was sorry that she could only look forward to being a husband and wife in the next life. When Zhao Yi said that, she spewed a mouthful of blood, and Empress Han hurried to seek an imperial doctor. At this time, Baoning came to the palace and saw the weak Zhao Yi was very sad. Zhao Yi asked Baoning to protect the people for himself. He consciously apologized to Baoning and the people. He asked Baoning to protect Zhao Xi. Then Then they passed away.

Queen Han rushed to see Bao Ning who was holding Zhao Yi very angry, but before she lost her temper, the enemy attacked in. She immediately took her maid and escaped from the palace. Baoning watched the enemy attack the palace, Jiang Lu and Cao Xuan led troops to rescue Baoning at the very moment. Qingtai led troops into the palace. Qing’an came to Qingtai with the edict of King Qin under the order of the winter solstice.

Qing’an lost his mind and was controlled by the old witch and became Qingtai’s sword, and let Qingtai trust him. At this time, Qing An took out the banner of King Qin, while Li Qian led the elite troops to seal the checkpoint and broke the rear wing of Yongqing State, and led his troops into the capital of Yongqing State. Li Qian wanted to come to a urn to catch turtles. Seeing this, Qingtai could only retreat and took Qing’an away. In the winter solstice, he blew his whistle and wanted Qing’an to stay, but Qing’an chose to leave with Qing’an.

Qingtai withdrew troops, Baoning’s uncle and aunt hurriedly came to see Baoning, she was relieved to see her safe, Baoning went to see the empress dowager, she saw Baoning hugged her tightly and wept loudly. Baoning summoned Cao Xuan and Jiang Lu and asked them to keep the deaths of the Queen Mother Cao and Zhao Yi secret. Li Lin and Gao Miaorong were outside doctors to save people. Li Lin got help from Liuhe when he went out to find medicinal materials.

After hearing that Gao Miaorong felt that she was so to Liuhe at the beginning, she was still willing to help herself. Gao Miaorong finally repented and decided to go. Stay with Li Lin. At this time, someone shouted that someone had fainted. Gao Miaorong went to heal her. He didn’t expect that the person was Queen Han. Han Tongxin recognized Gao Miaorong and asked her to enter the palace with him to be her own personal doctor, but Gao Miaorong did not want to enter.

Palace, the palace lady ran over to tell Han Tongxin that it was all right in the palace. Gao Miaorong told Li Lin that he had let go of the past and only wanted to be with him forever, even if the days were poor, he would be happy. Empress Han saw that Gao Miaorong didn’t want to follow her decision to return to the palace first, but she did not expect Gao Miaorong to tell her that she was pregnant. Empress Han immediately felt that she had a bargaining chip against Jiang Baoning.

Although Li Qian has won the battle, he has been frowning. It turns out that he has been worried about Baoning. Baoning was inconvenient to leave in the palace, so he wrote a letter to Li Qian. After receiving the letter, Li Qian was very angry and didn’t want to read it, but worried that Baoning would have to read it. Jin Xiao teased Li Qian, but he was worried but refused to read the letter.

On the second day, the ministers were waiting for the emperor to go to court, but they waited for the county lord of Jianan and the prince Zhao Xi, and Baoning asked Zhen Guogong to announce the death of the emperor and the empress Cao. Borin told the ministers that the emperor and the soldiers fought together to the last moment, and that he was worthy of his people and ancestors. Some ministers asked Baoning why the emperor died yesterday and only announced today.

Jiang Lu explained that if the announcement was made yesterday, the military will be shaken. The emperor’s personal eunuch also brought the emperor’s edict. Zhao Yili made Zhao Xi the crown prince, ordered Wang Jidao to lead Baiguan to assist the government, and ordered the head of Jianan County to assist Zhao Xi. At this time, Han Tongxin proclaimed herself the Queen Mother and entered the hall. She announced in front of the ministers that the eldest son she was pregnant was the prince.

At this time, the Queen Mother rushed to say that Mu Anguo has been a virtuous person since ancient times, and that the Queen Han is pregnant with the son of the first emperor to treat the child to be born. , The male was named Prince Gong, the female was the princess, and the queen was named Xiaoci empress dowager, Han Tongxin had to listen to it. The Empress Dowager felt that although Zhao Xi was young, she was diligent and kind, and she could be deceived with the help of the ministers in the future.

During the winter solstice, he rushed into the camp to search for Qing’an at night, and found that Qing’an was tied up in the stables. He was about to take Qing’an away but was ambushed by Qingtai. Qingtai treated Qing’an like a dog in front of the winter solstice, and blamed the defeat on Li Qian. He threatened to use the blood of the winter solstice to pay tribute to the dead soldiers. He ordered Qing’an to kill the winter solstice.

Winter Solstice looked desperately at Qing An trying to wake him up, Qing An expressionlessly raised the knife but only cut the rope on the Winter Solstice body. Qingtai saw that Qing’an didn’t let her control and ordered someone to kill Qing’an, and took Qing’an away by taking advantage of the chaos during the winter solstice. Qingtai was furious because he didn’t catch Qing’an, but the old witch persuaded him to leave Bingzhou and come back after recuperating.

A state funeral was held in the Mu’an State Palace and the edict was announced. Zhao Xi was appointed as the new emperor, and the reign was changed to Saint Zhen.

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