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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 28 Recap

Dong Shanhu came to Baoning and said that Mingyue Villa opened by Dong’s family was about to open. He wanted to invite Baoning to attend the ceremony. Baoning promised to join in three days later. Gao Miaorong had a close relationship with Mrs. Zhuang before. After the dealer’s accident, everyone was alienated from Gao Miaorong. Gao Miaorong’s maid complained that everyone was holding high and stepping on low, but Gao Miaorong didn’t care.

She heard about the opening of Dong’s Mingyue Villa and decided to go. have a look. Gao Miaorong told the maid Guanju to do something secretly. Gao Miaorong went to He Cuihua and talked about Mingyue Villa. He Cuihua was sulking because Dong Shanhu only sent invitations to Baoning and did not plan to attend. Gao Miaorong kept persuading He Cuihua to go there, and said that there is a singing group He Cuihua likes. He Cuihua immediately decided to participate.

Three days later, Baoning went to attend the opening ceremony but dozed off because he was busy with new weapons. Li Qian felt distressed and wanted her to go back to rest, but Baoning refused. Li Qian had to find Dong Shanhu to prepare a room for Baoning. The maids took Baoning to the Tianzi No. 1 room to rest. Baoning let his lover go to the theater without guarding himself, and Baoning fell asleep peacefully. Jin Xiao told Li Qian that his relatives went to Daxiangguo Temple to make a wish and begging for a child.

Li Qian was tempted to say that he had been to Daxiangguo Temple and was ridiculed by Jin Xiao. Zhao Xiao also came to Mingyue Villa but found that Cai Shuang was also here, and he immediately followed. The maids of Mingyue Villa heard that the boss of Lao Yongfu was throwing money to join in the fun, and the two maids who guarded Baoning also left their posts and ran out without authorization.

Zhao Xiao followed Cai Shuang all the way into the tea room, but found that there was only Gao Miaorong inside. Gao Miaorong said that no one came in at all, so Zhao Xiao had to leave. Li Qian found Zhao Xiao and apologized to him for the last time he did it in the street. Zhao Xiao stopped Li Qian and asked him if Gao Miaorong had a personal relationship with Cai Shuang and told Li Qian what he had just seen.

Li Qian felt that something was wrong. Wei Wei immediately walked out. Boring was confused and saw someone enter his room. He didn’t expect Cai Shuang to break in. Boring noticed that there was a problem with the aromatherapy and found that she couldn’t move. Cai Shuang was arrested because of Boring’s design and was interrupted by Li Qian. He wanted to retaliate against Baoning. Cai Shuang stepped forward to bully Baoning, Baoning calmed down and remembered how Li Qian had taught him to kick Cai Shuang away.

At this time, Li Qian came in time to fly Cai Shuang, and Baoning thought he had killed Cai. Shuang is very proud. At this time, Gao Miaorong deliberately brought He Cuihua to watch Baoning’s jokes. He didn’t expect to be stopped by Jin Xiao. Dong Shanhu also rushed to persuade He Cuihua to leave without worrying. Gao Miaorong was very unwilling. Dong Shanhu asked when Jin Xiao was exactly, so Jin Xiao had to ask Dong Shan to find out and give Li Qian an explanation.

At night, Li Qian sent someone to bring Gao Miaorong over, and in front of Li Changqing and his wife, he asked whether Gao Miaorong was involved in the distress of Baoning. Gao Miaorong certainly refused to admit it, but Li Qian showed no mercy. Gao Miaorong argued that he had been following He Cuihua at the banquet and had no time to do bad things.

Li Qian told what Zhao Xiao had said to him. Gao Miaorong wanted to quibble that Zhao Xiao was slandering him. He didn’t expect the Dong family to find a witness and send him to the Li Mansion. It turned out that Gao Miaorong bought the troupe and asked them to put Cai Shuang into Mingyue Villa and put a drug in Baoning’s room.

All the evidence and material evidence were torn in Gao Miaorong’s face and admitted. Gao Miaorong disliked He Cui’s chipmunk’s short-sightedness, and complained that Li Changqing had sent his uncle to jail mercilessly. She resented that Jiang Baoning had robbed her man. The Li family was also hers, but they were all taken away by Jiang Baoning. Li Qian couldn’t bear to yell at Gao Miaorong, but Gao Miaorong took the opportunity to drew out Li Qian’s sword and broke his finger. Li Qian was stunned on the spot.

Li Qian went back to the house and guarded Baoning. Baoning asked him if he was sad. After all, he was a childhood sweetheart. However, Li Qian said that he was sad because he did not protect Baoning again. Li Qian said that Gao Miaorong had left Li’s house overnight. Gao Miaorong walked down the street desperately, but was stared at by Cai Shuang, who resented Gao Miaorong for forcing her to defile her. Li Lin rushed to save Gao Miaorong and promised that he would not be harmed again in the future. Li Lin wanted to start again with Gao Miaorong.

Qingtai organized the army and wanted to show Zhao Yi a little bit of color. The old witch also dedicated Qing’an to Qingtai. On the winter solstice, he saw a caravan coming into the city on the wall. The guards at the gate found Qing’an to greet him immediately. When he saw that it was his goods, they didn’t check and let them into the city. It turned out that Qingtai sent Qing’an to bring people into the pass, and when the time comes, they will enter the capital together.

When Li Qian went home and saw Baoning’s face full of sadness, Baoning said that he always felt unreliable, as if something bad was about to happen. Li Qian also noticed that Yongqing State had suddenly sent troops. Li Qian asked the soldiers from Xuanjia Camp to fight and let the people in the city evacuate. The winter solstice led troops in the city fortification, but found a group of people with weapons and rushed over aggressively. Unexpectedly, the leader was Qing’an. Qing’an didn’t seem to know the winter solstice and knocked the winter solstice to the ground. Someone told Qing’an to go to the city. door. At this time, the army of Yongqing State was also approaching the city, and Li Qian led his troops to guard the city gate.

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